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A STRONG FINISH. South Fremantle's Success. Playing with better judgment in the forward lines, South Fremantle had little difficulty in beating Subiaco at Fremantle Oval on Saturday. Subiaco played good fc Lt'all in the first quarter and deserved its lead, but after that South Fremantle took charge and playing forceful football soon assxnmed a match-winning lead. Showers which fell during the game made the handling of the ball difficult and there were few passages of good football. South Fremantle owed much of its suc cess'to its strong centre line and its effi cient full back line. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Renfrey. Chandler, Higham. Half-backs: D. Doig. Dodd. Haskell. Centres: Hart. Jenkins. N. Lewington. Half-forwards: Burkett. R. Toll, c. Lewington. Forwards: Dearie. Poole. Gorn. Ruck: Reilly. A. Rlchardson.,Truscott (rover).. Nineteenth man: Reynolds (replaced Haskell. injured hip, in third quarter). SUBIACO.-Backs: Strack. Roberts. N. Smith. Half-backs: Cumming. Hardiman. Allen. Centres: Bennett. Peers. Bowe. Half forwards: Brewer. MeIntyre. Stewart. For wards: Shea. L. Mills. B. Smith. Ruck: Roe. Leitch. Bunton (rover). Nineteenth man: Fisher (replaced Roberts. injured leg. In last quarter). UMPIRE: V. Sparrow. With the forwards handling the ball well and the backs defending stoutly Subiaco had an advantage early. The visitors were faster to the ball and clever play by Bowe on his wing paved the way for several goals. South Fremantle was uncertain in attack and clever play by Bowe and Bunton yielded a goal from the latter. At quarter-time Subiaco led 4-5 to 2.3. Shea shifted himself from a

forward pocket to the half-forward flank in the second quarter and D. Doig re sumed the task of watching him. Chandler went to a forward pocket, with Higham and Gorn relieving in goals. With Jenkins winning in the centre and Toll scouting well at centre-half-forward South Fremantle soon made up the lee way. Chandler kicked a phenomenal goal. The ball landed near the behind post and bounced almost at right angles through the goals. At half-time South Fremantle was in front, the scores being 7.9 to 4.6. Hardiman went to the centre-half-for ward position in the third quarter, but South Fremantle had most of the play and goals came readily. The ball was heavy and greasy and apart from Bowe, Bunton, Jenkins and a few others, play ers found difficulty in handling it. South Fremantle showed plenty of determina tion in attack, whereas Subiaco's spas modic attacks lacked fire. South Fre mantle had the game in its keeping at three-quarter time, when the scores were 11.12 to 6.8. The conditions were against a good standard of football in the last quarter and play generally was of a scrambling nature. South Fremantle finished strongly and ran out an easy winner. Final scores were: SOUTH FREMANTLE . 15.14 (104pts.) SUBIACO ...... .. 9.10 (64pts.) Scorers:-South Fremantle: Truscott, 3.3; R. Toll, 3.2; Chandler, 2.2; Poole, 2.1; Higham and Burkett, each 2.0; Reilly, 1.0; C. Lewington. 0.2; Gorn, Jenkins and Dearle, each 0.1. One point forced through. Subiaco: Bunton. 3.4; L. Mills. 2.1; Shea, 1.2; Roe, 1.1: Brewer and Leitch, each 1.0; B. Smith, 0.1. One point forced through. Jenkins probably handled the ball more than any other player on the ground and he was mainly responsible for South Fremantle breaking away from the centre. C. and N. Lewington were pro minent throughout, while D. Doig and Renfrey rarely made a mistake in de fence., Truscott roved cleverly and Higham was often under notice for good ruck play. Reilly, Burkett. Chandler, Dearle and Dodd were others to do well. Handling the wet ball surely and dis posing of it to advantage almost invar iably Bowe proved Sublaco's best player. Bunton, too, handled the ball adroitly and was often instrumental in putting Sublaco in attack. N. Smith and Strack had plenty of work to do in defence and they both battled hard. Bennett, Peers, Mills and Allen were best of the re mainder.