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WEST PERTH OUTCLASSED. Swan Districts' Heavy Scoring. Building up a big lead in the second quarter, when it scored 11.7 to 1.2, Swan Districts easily defeated West Perth by 89 points at Bassendean Oval on Satur day. It was an uninspiring game which failed to arouse any enthusiasm among the few hundred people who saw it, and even the supporters of the winning team were so bored that they could scarcely raise a cheer at the end. Almost from the first bounce, Swan Districts seemed to be playing comparatively comfortably, and after having gained a lead of 17 points against the breeze, promptly in creased it to one of 82 points at half time. All interest, if there had been any earlier, had now gone, and the game dragged on to desultbry-finish, with the few remaining -pectators occasionally laughing at elementary mistakes. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Maynard. Mose, Lambert. Half-backs: Moiler. Zilko. J. Wil liams. Centres: Jones, Sinclair, Mosey. Half forwards: J. Clarke. Andrews, Todd. For wards: Greene, Ditchburn, Rosewarne. Ruck: Murray. Chester. Sweetapple (rover). Nine teenth man: Oakley (replaced Lambert, groin injury, at three-quarter time). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Caplin. Tetley. Sampson. Half-backs: Moran, P. Walsh, Da vies. Centres: Bridges. Glese. . creaigh. Half-forwards: Cook. W. Kingsbury. Shuttle worth. Forwards: McDlarmid. Tyson. Lemon. Ruck: O'Keefe. W. Golding. Pola (rover). Nineteenth man: James (did not play). UMPIRE.-C. Black. The game opened as It was destined to finish-with scrambling disjointed play. West Perth had the advantage of the breeze, but was not making use of its chances, and Swan Districts, by sounder methods, was able to lead with 5.4 to 2.5 at quarter-time. Murray was domi nating the ruck, his display being the one bright feature of the match, and in the second term the Swan Districts forwards had a picnic; the team did at times play quite good football, and with some of the West Perth men wandering out of position (almost disinterestedly, it seemed) goals were scored at will, and Swan Districts led by 16.11 to 3.7 at half time. Heavy rain and the the big margin in the scores deprived the-match of all in terest in the second half. . Swan Dis tricts's play had now degenerated almost to the standard of that of West Perth, and some spectators left and forgot to return. Swan Districts led by 18.14 to 7.9 at three-quarter time, and went on to win by 89 points, the final scores being: SWAN_ DISTRICTS 2320 (158 pts.) WEST PERTH . .. 10.9 (69 pts.) Scorers.-Swan Districts:, Rosewarne 8.5; Sweetapple, 4.1; Ditchburn, 33; Andrews, 3.1; Greene, 2.4; Clarke, 2.1; Todd, 1.0; Murray and Chester 0.1; three behinds forced through. West Perth: Tyson,- 5.3; Cook and Shuttleworth, 2.0; Lemon, 1.0; O'Keefe, 0.2; Kingsbury. Gliese, Pola and McDiarmid, 0.1. Murray had a field day in the ruck, and stood out as the best man on the ground. Rosewarne had an easy task in a forward pocket and made the most of it, Moiler played strongly at half-back, and Sinclair won in the centre. Andrews did well at centre half-forward and -of the others the most useful were Chester, bMose, Ditchburn, Mosey and Zilko. A tigerish display was given at centre half-forward by Kingsbury, who was one of the few who did not let up. There was no harder trier afield than Tetley, who was the best of the backs, and Tyson, faced with a heart-breaking task, battled hard for his five goals. O'Keefe marked well, Caplin effected some good clear ances, and Giese and Cook were seen at times.