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A CONVINCING PERFORMANCE. East Perth Fails at Claremont. A big crowd at the Claremont Oval on Saturday saw fast, spectacular foot ball, in which Claremont had a convinc ing win over East Perth by 26 points. Claremont set a fast pace and combined smartly, solid in all parts of the field and creating the llusion of a loose man with its persistent backing up. East Perth was more uneven, with some of its players very ponderous. Where it broke down chiefly was through aimless kick ing in attack. Brilliant play by Clarke at centre-half-back for Claremont dis organised East Perth. It relied on long kicking but could not achieve accuracy and with the ball falling wide of them the forwards showed to disadvantage against a fast and sure defence. On the other hand, Claretont had an incisive attacking division, with G. Moloney the spearhead, and its systematic teamwork was such as to make it the more aggres ive side throughout. The teams were: CLAREMOiT-.Backs:: S. Maloney. Grieve, O'Neill. Half-backs: Hedon. S. Clarke. Hunt. Centres: Reid, Iovegrove. Edmeaes. Half forwards. Baker. Conmpton. Berminham. For wards: SerJeant, G. Moloney. JulIan. Rack: Reeves. Hensler. Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Gath (replaced Baker. leg injury. in third quarter). EAST PERTH--Backs: J. Sweet, Ward. huomas. Hlf-baek H. emit Stert, 1. Graham. COntres:a Miner. Cronin, SkahilL Half-forwards: Posarty. Neeson. Rowland. For wards: Gardiner. Lockyer. A. CampbelL Ruck: Ryan. L. Graham. H. Screaigh (rover). Nine teenth man: J. Campbell (replsed Screalgh. lea InJry. In third quarter). IwinJ .--C. Black. La. Graham and Rowland helped East Perth to attack from the start of play. Claremont's defence, headed by Clarke, was in good form, but this team took a while to settle down, Its men being low In getting rid of the ball and failing with a short game. Kicking long and marking truly, East Perth scored seven points. clapping on pace and lengthening its passing, Claremont was sent away by its centre-men and, Its forwards scouting well asemned the lead by seven points. When East Perth moved forward, st at tack was disconcerted by fast, reliable defenders and Claremont, combining bet ter, took the honours of the quarter, lead ing with 4.6 to 33. Still the more aggressive side, Clare mont continued to attack, but was kept out by Thomas and Starr. Going through the centre better, with Cronin taking a stronger hand, East Perth acquired greater thrust, but Claremont still led in pace and did better in teamwork with stronger backing up. Continuing to solidify its game, its rauck and centre driving it, East Perth was enabled to go ahead when Neeson managed to break away from Clarke, who had been doing great dam age. East Perth took -the lead by two points, but its advantage was only mo mentary. Claremont rattled on quick goals, disorganising the opposing backs with its smart breasaways in attack. East I Perth put Thomas on G. Moloney, Ward 1 going to a back pocket. With a little luck, East Perth goled twice just before half-time, making its score 9.4 to Clare mont's 10.9. East Perth changed Rowland to a half back wing, R. Graham going to one half forward wing and Gardiner to the other. with Fogarty in a forward pocket. East Perth could not overcome its fault of In accurate kicking to the forwards, the Claremont backs almost Invariably being in position to get the ball. leading smartly, Claremont riddled East Perth with loose-man tactics and increased its lead to 29 points before Miller (now in the centre, with Cronin on a centre-wing) put system into East Perth and several goals resulted. East Perth swung Neeson into rack, Ryan changing with, him at centre-half-forward, and Cronin and Skahilm changed wings, Cronin marking Reid. Baker and Screaigh left the field. East Perth put its utmost into a vigorous rally, relying on a long game with high marking, and pulled up with 13.5 to Claremont's 14.10 at three-quarter time. East Perth now had J. Campbell, the 19th man, at centre-half-forward, with Neeson on a half-forward wing and Cronin back In the centre. Miller (again an the right wing) helped it forward for a goal which made the difference five points. Claremont steadied and the in fluence of Lovegrove and Beeves in mid field produced quick goals. East Perth could not keep up the pace. The more solid and systematic sike, Claremont had the game in its keeping when only half the quarter was gone, with East Parth plugging away vigorously but without In spiration. and did not relax its grip. Final scores: CL-AREMONT .. 18.11 (119 points) EAST PERTH .. 14.9 (93 points) Scorers--Claremont: G. Maloney, .3; Compton. 4.2; Julian, 4.0; Bermingham, 2.0; Serjesat, 1.; ReId, 1.; Hooper, 02; Reeves, 01; Heusler, 0.1; Gath, 0.1. East Perth: Lockyer, 4.1; Neeson, 3.0; J. Sweet, 1.2; Screalg), 1.1; A. Campbell, Li; Gar diner, 11; Miller, .9; Fogarty, Lo; Cronin, 1.0; Ryan 0.1; SkaIll 0.1; Row land, O.L For Claremont, Clarke played a cham pion's game, badly upsetting East Path. 0. Maloney was superlative as centre forward and Lovegrove played a fine centre game, with Relid damaging on his right wing. Serjernt roved strongly and Hunt did well In defence, where Headon and S. Moloney also were prominent. Compton was effective at centre-baalf forward, with Julian alert in a pocket, and Reeves and Hooper were solid on the ball. Par East Perth, Miller was of Immense value in midfield. A. Campbell did an excellent job of roving and L. Graham was the strength of the ract, with Ryan giving solid support and Screagh a work manlike rover. N. Smith was very effec tive at half-back and Bowlal made a Sshowing, chiefly at half-forward. arr and Thomas were strong defenders and Lockyer and Cronin showed out at times.