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TYSON'S ELEVEN GOALS. West Perth Easily Beaten. Although West Perth held South Fre mantle for a time at Fremantle Oval on Saturday. the home team finished strongly and in the second half scored goals almost at will. West Perth was only three goals behind at half-time but South Fremantle scored 8.4 to West Perth's 4.1 in the third quarter and had a com manding lead at three-quarter time. A feature of West Perth's play was the fine performance of the goalaneak. E. Tyson. In kicking 11 goals. One of his goals was the finest seen on the ground for some time. He was in a forward poc ket ann facing away from the goal but kicked the ball over his head and it went through far a goal He scouted cleverly and had to earn each of his goals. He now needs 21 goals for his 1,000 In league games. The teams were as follows: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Backs: Renfre,. Chandler. Barr. Half-backs: D. Dols Dodd. Raskell. Centres: Hart, Jenkins, N. Lewing ton Half-forwards: C. Lewington. . Toll L. Goldting. Forwards: Trascott. Gorr Poole. Ruck: A. Richardson.. Rely. Dearle (rover). Nineteenth man: Higham (did not play). WEST PERTH--Backs: Caplin. Tetler. Sampson: Half-backs: Moran. P. Waeh. Davies. Centres: B. Screah. Glese. Bridges. Half-forwards: Cook. W. Kingsbury. Dickson. Forwards: Shuttleworth, Tyson. Pola. uack: O'Keefe. W. Golding. Rainold (rover). Nine teenth man: Lemon (replaced Sampson. in lured ankle, at three-quarter time). UMPIRE: V. Sparrow. South Fremantle broke away early and two goals were soon on the board but then the players lapsed into errors and West Perth took charge. The pace was fast and the standard of play good, with West Perth showing more dash. Tyson was In hne form and he kicked each of West Perth's five goals for the quarter. Towards the end of the quarter South Fremantle stirred itself and was able to snatch the lead from West Perth. At quarter time South Fremantle led. 5.7 to 5.4. In the second quarter Chandler went to centre-half-forward with D. Doing in goals end Toll as goalsneak. The move was successful and goals soon came from Chandler and Toll. West Perth, however, battled hard and would not let South Fremantle get too far in front. Jenkins' struck form in the centre and West

Perth found it hard to get the ball past him. Although South Fremantle had a three-goal lead at half-time, when the scores were 12.9 to 9.9, the honours Of the match at that stage were equally divided. South Fremantle played its best foot ball in the third quarter. Winning in the ruck and across the centre the ball was repeatedly among the forwards and In telligent play yielded goals regularly. Toll was m good kicking form and his shots rarely went astray. West Perth had lost some of its dash but was fortunate in that Tyson maiitained his accuracy. At three quarter time South Fremantle had the game in its keeping, the scores being 20.13 to 13.10. Sampson had to leave the field at three-quarter time and Lemon replaced him. Before the quarter was finished Dickson also had to leave the ground with a dislocated collar-bone. With a com manding lead, South Fremantle was con tent to hold West Perth in the last quar ter. The final scores were: SOUTI FREMANTILE 23.18 (156pts.) WEST PERTH . . . . 17.12 (114pts.) Scoers:a--South Fremantle: R. Toll, 7.0; Chandler, 5.3: Poole, 4.1; C. Lewing ton, 2.3; Truscott, 14; L. Golding, 1.2; A. Richardson and Reilly, each 1.1; Dearle, 1.0; Jenkins, 0.3. West Perth: Ty son, 11.3; Rainoldi and W. Golding each 22; O'Keefe and W. Kingsbury, each 1.2; Dickson, 0.L South Fremantle was well served in all departments. Haskell was prominent in a strong half-back line, while Jenkins and Chandler were often under notice for brilliant work. Toll proved an astute full forward, while at the other end of the field Doig and Renfrey played solidly. C. and N. Lewington, Richardson, Dearle and Reilly were above the average. Tyson was West Perth's best player. He showed plenty of determination in get ting the ball and his kicking for goal could hardly be faulted. Ralnoldi and Pola were capable rovers, while Kings bury showed good form at centre-half-! forward. O'Keefe battled hard while others to do well were P. Walsh, Gold% lug, Caplin and Tetley.