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SUBIACO'S STRONG FINISH. 29-Poiut Win from Swan Districts. Finishing brilliantly and scoring 6. in the last quarter, Sublaco beat Swan Dis triets by 29 points at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. Sublaco played greatly Im proved football when solid, purposeful team-work was needed moast, and, In the second half, its attacklog and kicking at goal was strong, direct and accurate. Well served by its recent recruits, swan Dis tricts had at least an equal share of the play In three quarters bat it lost its chance of amassing a winning score be cause of poor picking at goal. It scored oply nine goals in 28 direct shots. The team was below full strength, three lead ing players in Krepp. Darmody and An drews being unavailable because of in Juries. The teams were: SWAN DuIBDCT cks: Mamnard. Mose. Bestow. Half-backs: J. Willsms. Zilko. Lam bert. Centres: Jonea J. Clarke, Mosey. Rail forwards: Sinclair. Todd. Forwards: weetpple Dthbrn. Oakley. Ruck: sur rar, Cheater. nnese (rover). Nineteenth man: Pearce (replaced Maynard. injured stomach, in third quarter). ICO.-Back: Lke. Robertr. Straci? Half-backs= Cmnminsn Hardman. Stuart. Centres: Bennett, Peers Boae half-forwards: Shea, L. Mills. . Smith. Forwards: B. mith. CarUe led Allen. Rck Roe, Iaiit Littne (rover). Nineteenth man: Fisher (did not p7si). UMPIRE: J. Chapman. Swan Districts, by forceful rack play and steady play In the 'forward lines quickly scred four goal. Although t accustmed to the position, Sinclair was a powerful factor at centre half-forwrd. Clever leading and sccurate panssing by Bunton enabled Sublaco to recover. Bun ton twice goaled and, with ea and Allen, bhe was responsible for a Sulaco rally which made the acores level, at 42, at quarter-time. Sublaco played with more system and drive in the second quarter and won gained the lead, but for a long period Swan Districts rack aided by Sincldaid bombarded the goal, although with Jittle effect. Roe's marking and Luke's solid play In defence held Sublaw together. but the team was bard put to it to re tain the lead. as Williams bad Shea in checi and Murray wa?n the ball fr quently in. the ruck and in open play. Swan Districts failed in the air and did not finish off its play in the forward ines. Sublaon led at half-tnme'w/th 7.4 to 5.8. Erratic kicking nullified much of Swan District fast, purposeful play early in the third quarter. With a brilliant indi vidual effort Shea goaled for Sublaco. Swan Districts, well served by its racks and half-forwards, gained a lead of s point but Buton, combining cleverly with Shea was respnsible for a goa- to Subi ae. Sinclair had been sent to lcentre end Clarke went to centre half-forward. Still the Swan Districts attack lacked ef cldency and the total of behinds mounted, but, by peristent effort the team gained the upper hand to lead by ten points at three-quarter time with 914 to 9.4. With rapid thrasts from the rnck Subs aco sccored two quir goals at the open tug of the last term to lead by a paint. Fighting back, Swan Districts swept into attack, only to score further behinds. In contrast Subiace went forward once and Shea goaled wlh a perfect running kick. That was the beginning of the and for Swan Districts. Two further gos, aned from fast, direct attacks from the centre, gave Spblaco a lead of 19 points six min utes from time and a goal, "snapped" from a scaummage made the game safe for Sublado. The final scores were:- sUBIACO ....... 15.10 (10e pts). SWAN DISTy ICTS 917 (71 pi.) Scorers--Sualaco: Sheao, 5: Bunton. 3.1; Cartledge, 3D; Roe, 13; $. Smith. 11: Leitcb, LI; Alien, LO: Stuart, 1.0. Two behinds forced through. Swan Dis tricts: Ditchburn, 2.4; Chester, 2.1; Todd 1.2: reen, 1,2: Sweelalple., 1.2: Oakley. 1.0; murray. 1.0; Annealey 0.; S?nclair. 0.2. One behind forced thrugb. Because be initiated many Sublaco at tacks and in every quater kept the play open and "lalve" Bunton, with Roe was 8ubiaco's best player. Roe did very good work In the rack and marked splendidly. In the seoeend half Shea with astute pods tion play, brilliant coambnation with Bumn ton and excellent klcking took a leading part in the team's winhing effort. B. Smith was almost as good as Roe but hbe was nclined to give away free kicks un necessarily. In defence Shack was very safe and he was well supported by Luke. a sound young player and Cm , who was one of the best men an the ground in the first bat Hardiman took soame good marks. Bemeet was prominent in lnashes. In a depleted Swan Districts rack J. Murray played fine football and his speed. safe marking and vlg?r made him out standing in the open play. Sinclair played at top foarm throughout and 7lko did much good work in defence. Mose. In goal, was safe and steady throughout the game and Chester and Sweetapple were vigorous and tenacius. Two young1 players, reene and Todd, occupied the half-forward flanks and played very well Greene in parteilar setting the team in attack to good pmurpose. Special mention is due to Williams, the left half-back who was a fine player throughout. In the first hlf he turned back several at tacks made through Shea's flank and in the third quarter he was ?t? outstandtn, although Sublaco's system had begum to undermine the Swan Districts defence. In the final quarter he was not promin ent but he continued to play a sound game till the end. Annesley and Oakley (a young player new to league ranks) played creditably.