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SOUTH FREVANTLE FAILS. Fierce Game Against East Perth. In a fierce game at Fremantle Oval on Saturday East Perth, after playing un certainly and with little system in the first half, steadied in the third quarter and finished brilliantly in the last term to defeat South Fremantle by 43 points. South Fremantle failed at the vital stage of the game-at the opening of the last quarter-whereas East Perth then played at a greater pace than at any time dur ing the game, took control in the ruck, kicked powerfully and was accurate in at tack. It was a rough, "dirty" game. In the second half some players of both sides resorted to vicious tactics; many blows were struck,. elbows were used, players kicked and hacked at each other, and there were several wild scrimmages in which any means of stopping an opponent were apparently regaided as legitimate. South Fremantle was without its first rover, W. Truscott. who had not recovered from an injury, and Skahill was not in eluded in the East Perth side. The teams were: . Lewitngton. Half-forwards: Go. Jenkins Mathews. Forwards: L. Golding, . Toll. Poole. Ruck: Reilly, A. Richardson, DeUrtle (rover). Ninteenth mn: Hart (did not play). i EAST PERTL--Backs: J. Sweet, Starr. tMusman, Half-backs: H. Smith. Thomas, Rowland. Centres: Mller. Cronin. H. Sweet Half-forwar'ds: Broom. Neeson. B. Ryan. Nor wards: Gardiner, Lockyer. A. Campbel. Ruck: L. Graham. Fogarty. H. Scresgh (rover). Nineteenth man: Stent (did not play). UMPIRE: G. Owens. . Fast and vigorous, South ?remantle started well, Poole and Dearne hgoalng within five minutes of the opening of play. South Fremantle won in the ruck and its attack wmss ore lively and re sourceful. East Perth's moving of Starr to full-back and of Thomas on to Jenkins had little effect; in fact it reduced the efficiencg of the defence. The taim's leading, particularly on and near the half forward line was short, frequently ipacu

;ate and nearly always Ineffective, Neeson alone playing soundly in attack. South Fremantle led at quarter-time with 4.1 to 2.1. Brilliant play by Jeqkins enabled South Fremantle to increase its lead by two goals early in the second quarter. Neeson strove hard to pull East Perths' attack together and., favoured by a austy wind, it worked forward twice to goal. South Fremantle was the faster and its pass ing was accurate. In addifon it fared well in the many rugged passages. But for a long period it held a lead of only 11 points. Jenkins played havoc with the1 East Perth defence, but other forwards did not seize their chances. In the sec ond half of the quarterEast Perth, aud denly overcoming its tendency to aimless, wild alay, outclassed South Fremantle, but South Fremantle still. led at half-time with 7.5 to 6.7. Miller, Cronin and Lockyer continued brilliantly to goal and give East Perth the lead in the first few minutes of the third quarter. Chandler went to centre ball-back and Reilly was placed in goal. Play became tough and feet and fists were used. Jenkins brilliantly ran through a1 scrimmage to goal and regain the lead for South Fremantle. Then Chandler went into the forward line and goaled. Lockrer was sent into the East Perth ruck. B. Ryan going to goalsneak. Smash ing its way through South Fremantle went further ahead and a fight started at the South Fremantle half-forward line. With a good kick after a brilliant mark over a pack Neeson goaled. Again there were fisticuffs, this time near -the East Perth goal, and several players joined in. When order was restored East Perth twice goaled to lead by a point at the close of the quarter with 11.8 to 11.7. Jenkins returned to centre half-forward, Chandler to goal, White went to centre half-back and D. Doig to centre in the last quarter. East Perth lost two scoring chances: then Lockyer, stopping a poor kick-in by Chandler, goaled to give East Perth a lead of 10 points. Over-indul gence in handball cost South Fremantle a goal, and East Perth. in a, brilliant phase of fast, match-winning Ilay, with Neeson dominating the game, scored three goals to make the game safe. South Fre mantle went to pieces under the pressure and was unable to recover. Final scores were: EAST PERTH .. .. 19.16 (130 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 13.9 (87 pts. Scorers.-East Perth: Lockyer, 8.2; Campbell, 5.0; Neeson, 2.5; Screaigh, 2.1; Gardiner, 1.5; Broom, 1.0; Graham, 0.2; Ryan, 0.1. South Fremantle: Jenkins, 4.2; Dearle, 2.2; Poole. 2.2; Gorn. 2.0; Reilly, 1.1: Toll, 1.0: Chandler, 1.0; Mathews, 0.2. In Neeson East Perth had the best player in the game. With clever position play. fine marking and good kicking he made the team's attack the winning factor in the match. By scoring eight goals Lockyer gave the team great service. Graham did excellent work in the ruck and was prominent in the open play, his marking being particularly good. Roving

or at forward, Campbell was outstanding throughout the game; he is a vastly im proved player. Although he might have been used to greater effect; -tarr in goal did much good work, and Screaigh did well, particularly when the team required steadiness and resource under difficulties. Not a little of the credit for the team's success can be given to D. Miller, the wingman, who was skilful, steady and effective in every quarter; he carried the play forward; avoided congestion and, at times, marked brilliantly. Cronin gave a brilliant exhibition in the later stages of the game and took a leading part in East Perth's winning drive. In a beaten defence D. Doig played high-class football for South Fremantle. He handced the ball surely, marked well and cleared strongly. On a wing C. Lew ington. one, of the younger players, ac quitted himself with great credit. play ing the position well and sending the for wards into action with intelligent passing. Although he had quiet periods, Jenkins played well. often beating the opposing defence with his great pace. He scored four goals and worked hard to get the ball to an unresponsive full-forward line. Richardson was prominent in the ruck and his kicking was good. Gorn and Dearle played soundly, and Renfrey was safe and cool in a back pocket. Reilly and Mathews were prominent at times.