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SURPRISE AT BASSENDEAN. Swan Districts Beats Perth. There was a surprise result at Bassea dean on Saturday, when Syan Districts, with five men out of the side, including the entire normal centre-line, soundly beat Perth by 17 points. In the first quarter of an hour, before rain fell, it looked like a comfortable win for Perth, which played attractive football against the breeze. However, when the rain came Perth fell away 'and Swan 'Districts te came more effective. In tle second half Swan Districts, fast and vigorous, played excellent wet-weather football and had a firm grip on the game long before the final whistle went. The teams were: SWAN DISTRICTS.-Backs: Maynard, Mose. Basrow'. Half-backs: Lambert, Zilko. Williams. Centres: J. Jones, J. Clarke, H. White. Half forwards: Greene, Sinclair, Rosearne. For wards: Wicks, Ditchburn. Pearce. Ruck: Chester, Murray. Annesley rover). Nine teenth man: Gray (replaced Maynard. injured ankle, in last quarter). PERTH.-Backs: Fitzgerald. Robertson. Hetherington. Half-backs: Hllsz. Bailey, Rat ton. Centres: Davey, Puddey. Ransom. Half forwards: Lewis, Henfry. McKenzie. Forwards: Coleman. Gook. Baird. Ruck: Haddleton. Oliphant, Grigg (rover). Nineteenth man: Dewar (replaced Baird, injured foot, in last quarter). UMPIIRE.-V. Sparrow. Swan Districts began with the advan tage of a cross-breeze, but Perth took the initiative. Oliphant and Grigg showed good understanding on the ball, and Puddey was prominent in the centre. In contrast to Perth's accurate kicking and neat andling of the ball, Swan Districts was playing a slogging game, with very poor -dispoal. Rain fell and there was scrambling play, in which Swan Districts managed to hold its own, leaving the first-quarter scores at :-Perth, 3-1; Swan Districts, 1.3. Driving rain of great force developed, causing great difficulty to the players. Perth managed to increase its score, but the conditions upset its foot-passing. Swan Districts showed to greater advan tage in the heavy work. Handling the ball more surely and setting a fast pace, it had more of the play than Perth, but its forwards were patchy and a solid defence kept its score down. At half time Perth led with 5.2 to 2.5. The rain stopped soon after play was resumed, but Perth did not regain its first-quarter form. Stronger in mid field, Swan Districts remained the more aggressive side. It was faster to the ball and, lifting it with the breeze, was able to make use of its opportunities with stronger iparking. After Perth scored a behind when the quarter began, Swvan Districts made a run which gave it an 11-point lead before Perth moved forward again. More \'igorous and back ing up better, Swan Districts threw Perth off its balance and was in attack when the quarter ended with the home team leading 6.9 to 5.5. Winning in the ruck and first to the ball, Swan Districts kept pressing for ward and increased its lead to 18 points before Puddey turned the play,. a behind

for Perth resulting. However, Swan Dis tricts was on top, having drive that Perth lacked and, its forward co-ordin ating well in a short game, it increased its lead. Henfry changed places with Gook and goaled, as did Hetherington, who replaced Baird, but Swan Districts was playing the winning game, fast and forceful. Final scores: SWAN DISTRICTS - 9.13 (67pts.) Perth .... . . . 7.8 (50pts.) Scorers:-Swan Districts: Ditchburn, 4.7; Pearce, 2.0; Sinclair, 1.1; Jones, 1.0; Annesley, 1.0; Chester, 0.2; Wicks, 0.1; two behinds forced through. Perth: Gook, 3.3; Grigg, 1.2; Hetherington, 1.0; Baird, 1.0; Henfry, 1.0; Puddey, 0.1; Coleman,1 0.1; one behind forced through. For Swan Districts, Murray was chaired off the ground for the most ef fective contribution from both sides. Ches ter helped him strongly in ruck. Sin clair did well at centre-half-forward, and Ditchburn played position well as centre forward. White played strongly on a centre-wing, and Lambert, Zilko and Williams were a steady half-back line, Mose, in goal, kept Gook quiet. Clarke and Jones played commendably on the centre-line in the second half, and Wicks and Annesley roved alertly, with Greene taking a good hand in attack. For Perth, Puddey did beit with a strong performance at centre. Davey was under notice on a centre-wing, and Grigg did well roving. Oliphant was prominent in the first half. Robert son's strong goal-keeping added merit to Ditchburn's performance. Hetherington played well in a back pocket and then in a forward pocket in the closing stage. Bailey and Hilsz were strong half-backs, and Henfry and (Baird did best of the forwards.