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VICTORY BY 99 P91NTS. Claamoat's All-Rounu Strength. Profiting by its one 's haphazard forward work earlier and dominating the ga sin te last quarter, Claremont had litiJ.difculty In eattWest P h y99 points at Leedeill~ Oval on Surda- 21.11 to 4.14. Until three-quarter time, West Perth had almost as much of the play at 'Claremont, although it had seemed at times that Claremont was con tent merely to. hold a useful lead and was ready to answer any score. Poor forward work, however, handicapped West Perth; players stra'ed out of position, and the shooting for goal! wak at times hope less. In one period, extending from five minutes before the end of the first quar ,ter to 15 minutes after the start of the third quarter, the score advanced from 1.6 to L13. Claremont crossed the centre only twice in the third term, and on each occasion a goal was scored, and in the last quarter its players indulged in an orgy of goal-kicking. Clatemont showed strength in every department. The teams were: EST PERT.---Backs: Caplin. Tetler. Sampson. Half-backs: Dickson. P. Walsh, Davies. Centres: R. crealgh. W. Kingsbury. Bridges. Half-forwards: Shuttleworth. Ma -rink Oi~e Porwards: Lemon, Tyson. Pola. Rocek: O'Keefe. W. Golding. Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Cook (did not play). CLAREMONT.--Backs: . Moloney. Grieve. funt. Half-backs: Headon. S. Clarke. O'NeilL Centres: Kemp, Lovegrove. Edmeades. Half fords: Heusler. Compton. Bermrngtham. Srwards: erleant, G. Moloney, Gath. Rtck: Reeves. Gbson., Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Baker (didwnot play). UMPIsR.-J. Chapman. West Perth started brightly with two behinds, but a number of its haphazard attacks were easily beaten off by the Claremont backs, who were co-operating well, and among whom Clarke was out standing. Good forward work resulted in Claremont scoring three goals, and it led at quarter time with 3.2 to 1.6. The second term was played in continuous heavy rain, and Compton, G. Moloney, Reeves, and Golding and Ralnoldi for their respective sides stood out. Clare mont was handling the wet ball better and finishing off its work well, and led at half-time by 8.5 to 1.8. The transfer of Giese to the centre and Kingsbury to half-forward, and the continued good form of Bridges on a wing, enabled West Perth to show improvement in the third ctuarter, when it had practically all the play. Only behinds or nothing at all came, however, and it was not until a quarter of an hour had passed that Kingsbury goaled. Claremont had a lead of 39 points at three-quarter time, and after Tyson had goaled twice for West Perth at the start of the last term, the Claremont players settled down to serious goalkicking, obviously with the intention of improving their percentage. The game dragged on to a tame finish, the final scores being: CLAREMONT . .. 21.11 (137 pts.). WEST PERTH .. 4.14 (38 pts.). Scorers:--Claremont: G. Moloney, 6.3; Hooper, 4.0; Reeves, 3.1; Heusler. 2.3; Gath, 2.1; Serjeant, 2.0; Gibson, Comp ton, 1.1; Bermingham, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 2.1; -Kingsbury, 1.4; Pola, 1.0; Rainoldi, 0.4; Marinko, 0.3; O'Keefe, Lemon, 0.1; Each man on the winning side did his share, and for consistent effectiveness none was better than G. Moloney. He did everything a good forward should do, kicked six goals, and was directly re sponsible for at least seven others. Love grove gave a polished display in the centre, Compton marked beautifully at centre half-forward and opened up many moves, and Reeves was the best of a strong ruck. Kemp was useful on a wing, Clarke, Headon and Grieve were outtstanding in a solid back 'ine. and of a very useful remainder Serjeant, Hooper and Heusler were most promin ent. - Handling the wet ball well and dis posing to good advantage. Bridges played dashingly on the left wing for West Perth. Golding did a good job in the

ruck, especially in the first half, and Rainoldi was a tireless worker through out. Giese made an impressive debut. Marinko's passing was a feature, Kings bury did better when used at half-for ward in the second half, and Caplin and Pola were useful.