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SUBIACO BEATEN AGAIN. Perth Too Strong in Second Half. After frittering away many chances in the early stages of the game at the Subi aco Oval on Saturday Subiaco was un able to match Perth's pace, marking and vigour in the second half and was beaten easily. Miserable weather and a high, variable wind made the game difficult, and the winning team adapted itself more readily to the poor conditions, even to the extent of kicking in from goal with place-kicks, which were used by the Perth goalkeeper, A. Robertson, throughout two quarters. A pronounced advantage in the ruck, safer defence, much stronger kicking and more "direct. and effective passinggagve Perth victory. Subisco played well spasmodically but many of its at tacks collapsed through weak leading and its kicking at goal was not good. The teams were:- PERTES-Backs: Fitzaerald. Robertson, Run delL Roalf-backs: Hatton. Bailey, iIsz. Centres: Daver. Puddey. Ransom. Halfl forwards: Lewis, Henfry, MScKenie. For wards: Coleman. Gook, Retherington. Ruck: Olifhant. Haddieton. Grlgg (rover). Nine teenth man: Dewar (replaced Rundell, injured leg. in second auarter). SUBiACO.-Backs: Cobb7y. . Toll. Strack. Half-backs: Cunmmsn. I. wMils. McCallum. Centres: Bennett, Peers, Bow. Hall-!owards: Shea Brewer. B. Smith. Forwards: HsRardiman. Cartledge. Allen. Buck: Roe, Beresford. Bun ton (rover). Nineteenth man: Leitch (did not Dlai). UMPIR.-R.. Donoghue. Subtaco failed to take advantage of the strong wind which favoured it in the first quarter, and Perth, working forward with short kicks, was first to goal. Rob ertson adopted with great success the poly of kicking in from the goal with a place kick. Grigg roved briliantly. and Ransom played splendidly on the left wing. Subiaco's kicking was wild and, at times, feeble. In addition, several play era failed to keep up with the play and allowed their marksmen far too much liberty. Sublaco failed badly at goal, scor ing 1.6 in eight shots. Quarter-time scores were:--Sublaco, 2.8; Perth, 1.2. Oliphant dominated the ruck when Perth went into attack in the second quarter. Perth went round the correct

C. Lewington (South Fremantle) and N. Hunt and H. Lovegrne (Clare mont) misjudging a mark in the match at Fremantle on Saturday.

wing and scored three quick goals to take the lead. It was the faster and surer in the air, but like Sublaco, its kick ing at goal was indifferent. Subiaco, by dint of hard work, forced the ball from the ruck and Shea, scouting near the goal, kicked truly. McKenzie gave steadi ness to the Perth half-forward line, but Perth could have scored more rapidly. Ransom and Gook both hit the post. The quarter ended with the scores at. Perth, 6.9; Subiaco, 3.10. Gook, the Perth goalsneak, was played as a loose man at the start of the third quarter, Perth playing one forward short. Hardiman was an extra forward for Subiaco. The wind had decreased in strength. Perth lost two valuable chances of goaling, as a result of hurried kicking and Subiaco's foolish short leading in the forward line robbed it of at least two goals. In this, and the first quarter, Bowe should have been moved on to the right wing, which was Subiaco's correct, and only attacking, wing, with the wind. Hatton played excellent football to beat Shea, and Oliphant performed S hercu lean task in the ruck and in open play. Late in the quarter Subiaco steadied and, by strong and effective kicking, backed by clever play by Bowe, retained the offen sive, Strack and Cartledge goaling. but Perth still led at the close of the quarter with 7.13 to 5.14. Shea went to centre, Brewer and Har diman to half-back, and Peers to half forward at the start of the last quarter. Aided by a light breeze Perth swung the ball about, Oliphant winning continually in the ruck, Ransom outpacing everybody on the wing and Grigg, roving and at forward, outpointing the opposition with

speed and clever handling of the ball. Perth led by 26 points half-way through the quarter, and, maintaining the press ure, went on to win with ease. The final scores were: PERTH ...... .. 12.1L (89 pts.) SUBIACO ..... .. .16 (58 pts.) Scorers:-Perth. Gook, 4.4; Grigg, 4.3; Hetherington, 2.2; Coleman, 1.3; McKen zie, 1.1; Henfry, 0.2; Oliphant, 0.1; Ran som, 0.1. Subiaco: Bunton, 2.2; Roe, 1.1; Cartledge, 1.1; Cumming, 1.0; Shea, 1.0; Strack, 1.0; Brewer, 0.3; Hardiman, 0.2; Beresford, 0.2: Allen, 0.2; Peers, 0.1; two behinds forced through. Perth's best player was the first rover, A. Grigg, who worked cleverly with the strong ruck and was an invaluable for ward, when off the ball. Oliphant, who dominated the ruck, Hatton, the flank half-back. who kept Shea in subjection and Ransom, the young wing player who was the source of several forward moves were almost as good as Grigg. In goal Robertson was very safe; he cleared well, marked surely and kicked over long dis tances. Davey was prominent in every quarter on his wing, and McKenzie. who was on the awkward left wing at half-for ward did good work throughout. Henfry, Dewar (who marked surely) and Lewis were others who stood out in an even team. Many Subiaco players were below form. For three quarters Peers was prominent in the centre and was then placed at half-forward. In defence Strack played soundly under solid pressure. Roe and Beresford played strongly, and Allen did some clever things. On the left wing Bowe played artistic, effective football; he could, with advantage have been moved to the other wing when the team was kicking with the wind. Hardiman played fairly well with a doubtful leg and 2. Smith took some good marks.