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WEST PERTH OUTCLASSED. East Fremantle's Big Score. There was little interest in the match between East Fremantle and West Perth at Fremantle Oval on Saturday. A small crowd saw East Fremantle secure a com nanding lead in the first quarter and improve on it during the game. There were occasional flashes of good football, but for the most part the play was dull and ordinary. From East Fremantle's point of view the redeeming features were the fine play by R. McPharlin and J. Clark, both of whom showed greatly im proved form. East Fremantle's forward play was not as good as might have been expected. The half-forwards and pocket players were too keen to kick goals, and G. Doig, the goalsneak, had few oppor tunities. At times West Perth displayed clever system, but those spasms were few and far between. In the last quarter West Perth added only one point to its score. The teams were: EAST F?EMANTLE.-Backs: Louthean. A. Kingsbury. Skeahan. Half-backs: Gsbrielson, Hutchinson. J. Clark. Centres: Migro. C. Doig, Storer. Half-forwards: Ebbs, McPharlin, Briggs Forwards: Beccaria. G. Doig, Prince. Ruck: Wendt. Strang. McGlinn (rover). Nine teenth man: Mackay (did not play). WEST PERTH.-Backs: Jeavons, Tetley, Caplin. Half-backs: Sampson. P. Walsh, Davies. Centres: Bridges, W. Kingsbury, R. Screaigh. Half-forwards: Marinko. McDlar mid. Shuttleworth. Forwards: Pole. Tyson, Lemon. Ruck; O'Keefe. W. Golding, Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: G. Campbell (did not play). TUMPIRE: R. Donoghue. East Fremantle goaled within 30 seconds of the start of the game, and before the first minute had gone by West Perth had equalised. The play was of a scrambling nature, and although West Perth had op portunities it failed to score. East Fre mantle found goal-kicking easy, and four goals were on the board before eight min utes had elapsed. A feature of the quar ter wasa clever piece of play by McPhar lin, who passed to Briggs, and that player's pass found G. Doig, who goaled. At quarter-time East Fremantle led, 8.3 to 3.6. Play was listless in the second quarter. An angle goal by O'Keefe gave 4

West Perth some hope, but Beccarla, scouting well in the forward line, added two goals for East Fremantle. The home team led. 12.11 to 5.7, at half-time. West Perth made several changes after half-time, but East Fremantle continued to score regularly. The best passage of play for the match occurred when Strang knocked the all to Migro. Migro passed to McPharlin, who, picking up on the run, scored a nice goal. East Fremantle's forward play was not strong, and the kick ing for goal was poor. At three-quarter time the score was 16.19 to 7.10 in East Fremantle's favour. There was little in terest in the final quarter, people starting to leave the ground after five minutes of play. Goals to G. Doig and McPharlin made the game safe for East Fremantle. The final scores were: E. FREMANTLE .. .. 22.26 (158pts.) WEST PERTH .... 7.11 ( 53pts.) Scorers: East Fremantle, Beccaria, 5.8; G. Doig, 4.4; McGlinn, 3.3; McPharlin, Ebbs, Wendt, each 23; Prince, 2.1; Strang, 1.1; Briggs, 1.0. West Perth, Tyson, 2.0; W. Golding, Marinko, O'Keefe, Shuttle worth, each 1I; R. Scresigh, 1.0; Rai noldi, 0.4; W. Kingsbury, 0.2; McDiarmid, 0.1. For East Fremantle none did better than C. Doig. He gave a dashing display at the centre and invariably disposed of the ball to advantage. Gabrielson was a strong player on the half-back flank, while Ebbs and Wendt, although their ruck work was not forceful, took many fine marks. McGlinn and Beccaria roved capably, while McPharlin and Clark were two of the strongest players. Briggs had the distinction of kicking his first goal for the season. Louthean did not have much to do in a back pocket, but when called upon he rarely failed. Hut chinson showed plenty of dash, and Kings bury played well in goals. Few of the West Perth players struck form. In the first half Kingsbury was the team's best player, but he was very quiet in the second half. P. Walsh played resolutely on the half-back line, and al though he had plenty of work to do he maintained his dash until the finish. Shuttleworth was a clever half-forward, while Pola proved a capable rover. Tet ley did well to keep G. DoIg down to four goals, and received good support from Caplin. The best of the others were O'Keefe and W. Golding.