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BRILLIANT RALLY FAILS. South Fremantle's Three-point Win Recovering well in the third quarter after a poor first lalf, Perth had victory within its grasp against South Fre mantle at the W.A.C.A. ground on Sat urday but the Fremantle team, playing with determination, dash and steadiness, scored a vital goal a few minutes before the close of play to win an exciting game by three points. Perth was below full strength--several players had influenza, among them Oliphant, the leading fol lower who took his place in the side, and Keightley, the first rover had to leave the ground early in the first quarter with a recurrence of a knee injury-and it had to call on Lucas, a former State player, who had been out of the league game for several seasons. South Fremantle played the winning game--fast, vigorous and direct-and kept Perth's formidable at tack in subjection, while it fully exploited an advantage in the ruck which was ap parent from the start. There was an ugly demonstration against the umpire by a crowd of spectators at the end of the game and blows were struck, but a small, truculent section of the crowd heeded wiser counsels and soon dispersed The teams were: PERTH--Backs: P. Fitzgerald, Robertson, RundelL Hall-backs: Hilsz. Bailey. atton. Centres: H. Davey. Puddey. R. Ransom. Half forwards: Lewis, Hentry. Dewar. Porwards: Coleman, Oook, Reightley. Ruck: Oliphant, Haddleton. Grigg (rover). Nineteenth man: Lucas (replaced reightlycr, injured knee. in first quarter). SOUTH FREMArLE.--Backs: Renfrey, Chandler, Barr. Half-backs: D. Dol Dodd Haskell. Centres: Hart. G. 0White. . eIwlng ton. Half-forwards: R. Toll, Jenkina Mat thews. Forwards: LI Gelding. C. Lewineton. Gorn. Ruck: ReIlly A. Richardson, Dearle (rover). Nineteenth man: Burkett (did not play). - Umpire' W. Collins. But for inaccurate kicking South Fre mantle might have established a big lead in the first quarter. It scored only one goal from six shots. Although favoured by the wind Perth lacked pace, and by subduing Cook, Chandler did South Fre mantle an excellent service. In con trast Jenkins at centre half-forward gave South Premantle great power in attack. His pace and marking were too much for Bailey. Perth led at quarter time with 2.2 to 1.5. With a brilliant kick Jenkins goaled early in the second quarter 'to give South Premantle the lead. Perth picked up pace and became more vigorous and its kicking was stronger and more direct but it encmuntered trouble in the half-for ward line. Its ruck did well for a time, Grigg's roving being excellent and the backs did solid work, but Jenkins could not be checked. South Fremantle ran to a 25-point lead when Jenkins. Matt hews and Gorn combined to leave the Perth defence standing. Perth was in clined to lead too wide to the wings and to kick its leads too high. Half-time scores were:-South Fremantle. 5.12; Perth, 3.4. Standing up well to the rugged play of South Fremantle, which had badly harassed it in the first half, Perth ral lied brilliantly early in the third quarter to score three quick goals and reduce South Fremantle's lead to seven points. With Oliphant brilliant Perth maintained the pressure. South Fremantle was out marked and outpaced and Jenkins went to the centre. Perth regained the lead when Dewar and then Grigg fought through scrimmages to goal. South Fre mantle was still unable to score goals and its total of behinds steadily rose. Even when the team, with great deter minatibn, again wrested the lead from Perth its proportion of goals was small and it hit the post twice during the quar ter which ended with the scores at South Fremantle, 7.17; Perth, 8.8. The lead was lost and won twice in the first few minutes of the last quarter. Jen kins returned to half-forward. He ;ap peared tired, but was still a danger. A goal by Gorn placed South Fremantle nine points ahead with 12 minutes to play but Perth found its pace again and Haddleton fought his way through to goal. With five minutes to play Coleman. making position cleverly, accepted a lead and goaled to put Perth ahead. But again South Fremantle rallied and Jenkins with a characteristic: fast burst ran t~rough tqgo4--Sppth Fremantle. three points ahdad..With every player hurling himself into the game Perth failed with a drive when a mark went through Gook's hands and South Fremantle held on to win. The final scores were: SOUTH FREMANTLE 1018 (8pta.) PERTH .... ....11.9 (5pts.). Scorers.-South Premantle, Gorn, 3.4; Jenkins, 3.3; Toll, 21; Reilly, 1.3; Lew ington, 1.1; Matthews, 0.4; Golding, 0.1 One point forced through. Perth: Grigg, 3.2; Coleman, 2.2; Lucas, 2.0; Gook, 12; Oliphant, 1.0; Dewar, 1.0; Haddleton, 1.0; Henfry, 0.2. One point forced through. D. Doig, on a half-back flank and F. Jenkins, at half-forward and centre, were the winner's best players. Doig was remarkably sure and his clearanceir (seve ral of them carried out with great cwour age) were clean and strong. Jenkins's pace was too much for his opponents and he dominated the play. Richardson fol lowed splendidly and kicked welt while Matthews did good work on the half forward line. Chandler registered an other notable performance in goal by checking Gook and generally stiffening the defence near the goal. He had an excellent lieutenant l6 enfrey, who was the perfect back pocket player on the day. Gorn was prominent at various stages. None worked harder for the team than Dodd, who at half-back was always doing something useful. Relly was below form. Grigg's tireless roving to a beaten ruck kept Perth in acton at many diffcult stages of the game. He was an out standing player, too, in attack. The wingmen, Ransom and Davey, played good football. They won for the teim on the wings and launched, many at taclks with great pace and good kicking at a time when Perth badly needed speed and drive. South Fremantle seldom passed Pitzgerald, who was a formidable sentinel in the full-back pocket. The young half-back Hflsz did very good work in every quarter under pressure and Bat ton played a notable part in holding off South Fremantle in the second half. After half-time Oliphant, although not well played soundly and Henfry, while by no means at his best, played more than an average game. In goal Robertson over whelmed the opposing goalsneak and did much good work, although once or twice he faltered. The team might well have followed his example in kicking. Cole man made position well and kicked ac curately, and Lucas. although a "vete ran," played creditably.