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GOAL-SCORING MADE EASY. East Perth Overwhelms Subiaco. A weakened Subiaco side offered feeble resistance to East Perth at Perth Oval on Saturday, and the game dragged on to a 78-point victory for East Perth. Some of East Perth's football was brilliant, but when it moved forward it had so little opposition that the merit in its play could not be fully appreciated. Even before Bardiman, Subiaco's centre-half-back, was injured East Perth was able to score easily by attacking along the flanks or by drawing him from his opponent; after his retirement the back lines were torn to ribbons and East Perth acored apparently at will. East Perth was evenly balanced; Sublaco had a fair centre-line and at times its rauck and forward lines looked efficient. Following were the teams: EAST PIRTHB ck Thomas. Ward. Mussman. Half-backs: H. Smith, Start, R. Graham. Centres: Miller. Cronian J. Sweet Half-forwards: Broom. Neeson. Rowland. For wards: B. Ryan. Gardiner. A. Cabell. Ruck: L. Graham. Fogarty. H Screaigh 'rover). Nineteenth man: Lockyer (replaced Fosarty. injured leg. in last quarter): 6UBIACo.-Backs: Leslie. L. Toll. Strack. Half-backs: Fisher. HardLman. McCallum. Centres: Bennett. F. Williams, Cuming. Half forwards: Leitch. Shea. N. Smith. Forwards: McNaughton. Cartledge. Bunton. Ruek: B. Smith. Beresford. Allen (rover). Nineteenth man: Peers (replaced ardiman. injured leg. at half-time). UMPIRE.--R. Donoghue. East Perth took six marks before Strack, in the goal-mouth, held the first for Subiaco. Although Williams was play ing well in the centre for Subeaco and McNaughton was a lively rover, East Perth was on top. Broom, B. Ryan and L. Graham were playing well and the East Perth half-back line was very sure. Har diman found his best form and East Perth could not score as quickly as before. Subiacoa's kickin did not help it but at last it scored a goal, mainly as a result of B. Smith's efforts In the rack. At quarter-time East Perth led with 7.4 to 12. Shea's ability to get the ball led to en couraging goals to Subiaco but Starr kept a close watch on him. Subiaco fought hard on its right wing and here Row land (who had changed with B. Graham) blocked almost every move. Williams was still Sublaco's bestplayer and Bunmton was doing useful work. Hardiman received a second injury and he limped down to a forward pocket. Then, advancing along Miler's wing and concentrating on Nee son at centre-half-forward, East Perth took almost complete control, though oc caslonally Subiaco got the ball to Cart ledge. At half-time the scores were 11.9 to 6.3 n East Perthes favour. Strack was centre-half-back for SubL?aco after hal-time with N. Smith on his left. Peers having replaced Hardiman. East Perth had H. Smith at the centre and Cronin on the hall-back line. Bennett had shifted on to Mller's wing. Before long the East Perth ruck dictated the; tend of the play. A goal from Bunton Interrupted East Perth's free scoring. Futile handball led Sublaco's defenders repeatedly Into trouble alld, but for in accurate shooting, East Perth would have built up a huge score. As It was, it added 85 to 2.3 during the quarter. Subiaco played.a loose man in the last term without success. There was no In terest in the play now and goals were added In quick succession. Final scores: EAST PESTH ... 251 (168 pta.) SUBJACO ...... ..1Uf (90 peu) Scoreueastst Perth: Neeson 6.1; Campbell, S.; L. Graham, 5.1;: Gardtner, 4.3; Broom, 2.1; Ryan, 2.0; Screalgh, 1.2; Rowland and R. Graham, each O.L ubi aco: Bunton, 3.2; Cartledge, 3.1; Beres ford, 2.3; Leitch, 2.0; Shea and B. Smith, each 11; McNaughton, 1.0; Peers, Allen and N. Smith each 0.I. (One behind forced through). For three quarters East Perth had no better player than Broom and for the whole of the match had none more effective than Ward. Similarly, N. Smith was outstanding as a half-back in the first half. Broom marked and handled the ball repeatedly and East Perth attacked through him effectively. Ward's judgment was sound and some of his dashes were brilliant, while H. Smith' pace and good kicking made a valuable player. Miller gave one of his best displays on the wing. Neeson was a dependable half-forward, making position cleverly and at times kicking strongly. B. Ryan and L. Graham were hard workers in the rock and at tack and Starr's marking worried Subiaco. Rowland, Screaigh, Campbell, Mussman, Thomas and Fogarty were the best of the others. Subiaco bad an outstanding player in Williams, who dominated the play in the centre in the first half and still won there in a quieter second half. His handling of the ball was skilful and he manoeuvred into position for a good kick. B. Smith. though he lacked balance, worked deter minedly in the ruck, and marked nicely. In spite of excessive short passing, Ben nett played well on a centre-wing. When ever Subiaco's play opened up Bunton was usually responsible. McNaughton was a hard trier. Strack and Toll did some fair work in a beaten defence. Now and then Shea did something nice, mainly in the first half. Allen covered a lot of ground but was uncertain. Cumming ie proved in the second half and Cartledge, the young full forward, showed distinct promise. Of course, before he was hurt, Hardiman was outstanding. Peers led out weil.