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BRILLIANT? FIRST QUARTER. South Fremantle's Success. Faster to the ball and more business like in attack, South Fremantle beat East Fremantle at Fremantle Oval on Saturday before a large crowd. South Fremantle established a lead of seven goals in the first quarter and another goal soon after the second quarter started put it further ahead. Whereas East Fre mantle found the way to the goalmouth strewn with obstacles its opponent seemed to score with ease once the ball was placed among the forwards. Towards the end of the second quarter East Fremantle improved and at half-time was only 33 behind. East Fremantle made a splendid rally in the third quarter. Kicking into the wind the players showed more deter mination than earlier in the game and at one stage East Fremantle took the lead for the first time since the. early part of the game. South Fremantle steadied, however, and at three-quarter time still led by 3.2. East Fremantle's effort in the third quarter told on the players in the final term and although a bold bid was made early in the quarter South Fremantle was able to consolidate its position and win by 3.2. South 're mantle's play was of a high standard and there were few veak links in the team. J. Reilly was outstanding in a solid ruck, while Jenkins played dashingly at the centre. East Fremantle must get credit for its magnificent recovery after being eight goals behind. Some of its players, however, lacked their usual dash and there was little combination between the forwards. The teams were: SOUTH FREMANTLE.-Barr, Higham. Ren frey. Half-backs: D. Doig, Dodd, HaskelL Centres: N. Lewington. Jenkins, Hart. Half forwards: Matthews, Burkett, C. Lewington. Forwards: Gorn. Chandler, L. Golding. Ruck: A. Richardson, Reilly. Dearie (rover). Nine teenth man: R. Toll Idid not play). EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: Mackay. A. Kingsbury. Skeahan. Half-backs: Gabrielson, Hutchinson. Brlggs. Centres: Migro, Seubert, Storer. Half-forwards: Sanford. Prince. Done gan. Forwards: Beccaria, G. Doig, Ebbs. Ruck: Wendt. Strang, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Hunter (did not play). UMPIRE: G. Owens. East Fremantle's backs were guilty of not watching thdir men closely in the early part of the first quarter and within ten minutes South Fremantle had four goals on the board. When East Fre mantle did attack it was only to find Renfrey in fine form. The South Fre mantle players were faster to the ball and cool, intelligent play gave them the lead. 7.4 to 0.3 at the first change. In the second quarter East. Frrmantle at tacked hotly but six minutes elapsed before G. Doit kicked a phenomenal angle goal. East Fremantle drew closer to South Fremantle's score but at half time South iremrantle was in a handy position. leading by 9.6 to 5.9. McGlinn secured the ball from the first bounce in the third quarter and shot the ball to G. Doig, who kicked truly. It was a smart move. Chandler left the

goalsneak position and went into goals to keep G. Doig quiet. The pace was fast and East Fremantle, playing more deter minedly than in the first quarter, gradu ally overhauled South Fremantle. Wendt goaled from a scramble in front and put East Fremantle in the lead. South Fre mantle, however, remained unruffled and goals came from Golding and C. Lewing ton. At three-quarter time South Fre mantle led 13.12 to 10.10. Poor shooting for goal early in the last quarter spoilt East Fremantle's chance of success. It got within two goals of its opponents but goals to A. Richardson and Reilly made the game safe for South Fremantle. The final scores were: SOUTH FREMANTLE .. 18.14 (122 pts.) EAST FREMANTLE. .. 14.18 (102pts.) Scorers.-South Fremantle: Chandler, 3.1; Reilly, 3.0: C. Lewington, 2.4: Bur kett, Golding, Barr, each 2.1; Gorn. 1.r; Matthews, 1.2; A. Richardson, Dearle, each 1.0 (one point forced through). East Fremantle: G. Doig, 7.4; Wendt, 3.0; Prince, 1.4; McGlinn, 1.3; Ebbs, 1.2. Migro, 1.0; Beccaria, Sanford. each 0.2; Hutchnson, 0.1. For South Fremantle none did better than Reilly. He marked surely and was a driving force in the ruck. Renfrey gave excellent service in a back pocket and rarely made a mistake. Jenkins. although at times, a long ray from the centre, played in dashing style while D. Doig, Dodd, Golding, Barr and Haskell were above the average. Seubert struggled hard at the pivot for East Fremantle. He was out of touch early but when he settled down he played a fast determined game, although his dis posal of the ball was, at times, aimless. G. Doig earned each of his seven goals and marked brilliantly and Kingsbury shone out in a weak defence. Gabrielson battled hard on a half-back flank, while others to do well were Hutchinson, Done gan, Briggsa Ebbs and Wendt.