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BEATEN BY 12 POINTS. W?est Perth Outclassed by Perth. Outplayed in every phase of the game, West Perth was beaten by 72 points by Perth at the W.A.C.A. ground on Sat urday. The winning team played sound football throughout, handling the wet ball skilfully, }cking strongly and (par ticularly in the full-orward and half back lines) marking unusually well in such unfavourable conditions. The Perth forward, A. Gook, had a field day. scor nlg 10 goals himself and having a hand in the scoring of several others. West Perth struggled manfully in a hopeless cause and it was greatly handicapped in

attack by the absence of its goalsneak E Tyson, who was unable to play because of an injury. The teams were: PERT?a--Backs: P. FitPerald. Robertson. Hetherington. Half-backs: Hms? Bailer. Hat ton. Centres: Davey, Padder. Ransom. Half forwards: Lewis. Hcnfry. Mcenz oe. Forwards: Coleman. Goook. MIntosh. Ruck: Oliphant. Haddleton. A. Grigg rover). Nineeentth man: Dewar (did not play). WEST PERTH.--Backs: Jeavons, Tetley. Cappit. Hilf-backs: Sampson. P. rWalsh. Davies. Centres: .l Screaigh. Bridges, Hea alf-forwards: C. Campbell. M Dlarmid. Moran. Forwards: Lemon. Bunting. Pola. Ruck: O'Keefe. W. Golding. Ralnoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: L. James (did not play). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. After a ragged start, Perth settled down to a direct, long-kicking game and scored three goals-one from a brilliant kick by Gook. West Perth was the faster but the forwards were weak. Too often attacks were driven back at the half-for ward line. In contrast Perth turned every opportunity to good account. From the centre the players drove the ball over long distances, while West Perth was in clined to pass too short. In the closing stages of the quarter Perth was well in the ascendancy and held a 27-point lead at quarter-time with 5.9 to 2.0. Excellent marking and kicking by Cook, solid goalkeeping by Robertson and super iority in the ruck enabled Perth to add 12 points to its lead soon after the start of the second quarter. Lemon kicked a good goal, but West Perth would not kick the ball deep into the forward lines. Perth held a big advantage in the ruck, but the brilliant roving of Pola offset it to a large extent. Puddey dominated the centre and Henfry was outstanding at half-forward. Perth gradually for?d fur ther ahead and the scores at the close of the quarter were:-Perth. 12.10; West Perth, 6.2. • Perth took charge of the game in the third quarter. With Oliphant on the ball, the centre line winning easily (with Pud dey outstanding) and Gook in superb form. the ?. ?m played with machine-like prccision to score four goals and run to a lead of 70 points. West Perth played well in brief spasms,. but it made little pro gress largely because of lack of cohesion in attack. It scored only seven points dur ing the quarter which ended with the

scores at:-Perth, 17.13; West Perth, 7.2. After the first few minutes of the last quarter it was obvious that West Perth's task was hopeless. Perth maintained good form and increased its lead. The main interest was in Gook's goal-getting. He continued to make position cleverly and to mark the wet ball well, adding to his own total and at times feeding other for wards. The final scores were: PERTH ........ 21.16 (142 pts.) WEST PERTH .. . 11.4 (70 pts.) Scorers.-Perth: Gook, 10.4: Oliphant, 4.0; Grigg, 3.1; McIntosh, 2.0; Coleman, 1.4; McKenzie, 1.1: Henfry. 0.3; Hatton, 0.2. One behind forced through. West Perth: Bunting, 5.0; Golding, 2.1; Lemon, 2.1; Pola, 2.0; Campbell, 0.1. One behind forced through. The Perth centre-man, F. Puddey, was the best man on the ground. He handled the ball more than any other player and his pace and long kicking were invalu able. H. Davey and E. Ransom were dash ing wingers who, with Puddey, formed a winning centre-line. Oliphant's vigorous and skilful following and clever open play were the base of Perth's match-win ning game and Gook was a faultless full forward. Henfry played effectively at centre half-forward, with Lewis. giving good support on the flank, and Grigg was a resourceful and tireless rover. Robert son gave a polished display in goal, his strong clearances and excellent kicking frequently being the starting point of attacks. West Perth's small men were outstand ing and of them Ralnoldi was the best. His tenacious roving (often to a beaten ruck) was the dominant feature of the team's play. The second rover, Pola, too, was prominent throughout the game, at all times doing something effective. In a badly battered defence Davies played coolly and strongly and Lemon, following or placed, worked hard, marked well and was dangerous in attack. With limited op portunities Bunting did good work in front of goal and Heal, the young winger, although beaten, showed himself to be a player of considerable talent. Golding came Into prominence occasionally. ..1