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STRONG DEFENCE WORK. Claremont Defeats Swan Districts. Faster to the ball, more decisive in its methods in attack, and with the backs at times playing almost faultless foot ball, Claremont comfortably defeated Swan Districts by 20 points at Claremont Oval on Saturday. Te losing team fought courageously, especially In the rack, but did not handle the ball with the sure nesr that marked Claremont's play, and

its forward work was often marred by inaccurate disposal; this was particularly noticeable in the first and last quarters when :ve points and eight points, respec tively, were kicked in succession. Clare mont several times gave the impression that it was playing within itself. The teams were: CLAREMONT.--Raeks: S. aMoloney. Grieve. Sutherland. Half-backs: Headon. S. Clarke. Guthrie. Centres: Reid, Lovegfova Edmeades. Half-forwards: Heusler, Compton. Gibsn. Forwardr Serleant. G. Moloney. Bemng ham. Buck: Reeves. Hunt, Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Boys (replaced Hoorper, re currence of leg trouble, at half-time). SWAN DISBTRICT.---Backs: Maynard, ZM~ll ._as-w. Half-backs: Moiler. Sinclair. J_ u .? Centres: Jones, Kreps, Mosey. gl frwars Pearce. Darmod?. J. CIarke rwards: Whilte. Rosewarne, Ditchburn. uck: Murray. Chester Sweetaple (rovarer). Nieteenth man: Gray (replaced williams. postble 'plintered collarbone, at half-timne. UMPISE.---C. Black. With Krepp shaping well in the centre, Swan Districts had several chances to score in the opening stages, but the for wards were straying out of position and not making full use of their opportunities. The Claremont backs were co-operating well, S. Clarke and Guthrie being out standing. Following neat combined play G. Moloney goaled twice for Claremont. which was winning in the ruck and get ting good servcle from Reid on the wing and Serjeant roving. Claremont had scored 4.2 to 0.5 at quarter-time, and quickly increased its lead with three goals. Rosewarne, at centre half-forward, was now doing better against Clarke than Darmody had done, but Swan Districts was unable to score a goal until eight minutes had passed, when White's snap bounced throiugh. Murray's improved showing in the ruck was heartening to Swan Districts, which now played with more dash, and sounder forward work enabled it to draw to within 14 points of Claremont---6. to 8.7. Reeves and G. Molorey, however, were seen to advan tage in two Claremont moves which brought goals, and made Claremont's lead 10.7 to 6.6 at half-time. Swan Districts used Darmody in the centre and Krepp on Edmeades's wing after half-time. Giving what was almost a perfect exhibition of forward play, G. Moloney goaled three times, and when heavy rain fell, added another with a long punt. Tempers became frayed twice during the quarter. Claremont's play ers, especially Reid and G. Moloney. were handling the greasy ball well, and had it not been for Sinclair's reliability at half back, would have gone further ahead. Swan Districts, with Murray a driving force in the ruck. rallied towards the end of the quarter, goals from Ditchburn. J. Clarke and Pearce reducing Claremont's lead to 31 points-15.10 to 10.9--at three quarter time. Swan Districts showed its best form in the last quarter, but was handicapped by inaccuracy in front of the goals, eight behinds being kicked

before White goaled. Claremont was still steady, and won easily by 20 points, the final scores being: CLAREMONT .. .. 16.13 (189 pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS . 12.17 (89 pts.) Scorers:-Claremont: G. Moloney. 8.3; Serjeant, 3.2; Reeves, 2.2; Bermingham, 1.1; Compton. 1.1; Gibson, 1.0: Hunt, 0.1; Reid, 0.1; two behinds forced through. Swan Districts: Clarke, 3.3; White, 2.3; Ditchburn. 2.1; Darmody, 2.0; Rosewarne, L1: Pearce, 1.0; Sweetapple, 1.0: May nard, 0.3; Chester, 0.2: Murray, 0.1; three behinds forced through. Scarcely a man on the winning side failed to do his rhare, and in a powerful back division Guthrie stood out for his skilful marking and strong clearances G. Moloney, with his clever position play, neat handling of the ball and accurate kicking for goal, was an inspiration in the forward lines, while Reid's great pace and long kicks started many moves from the wing. With extra work thrown on his shoulders through an injury to Hooper, Serjeant roved tenaciously, and S. Clarke and Grieve were always safe in defence. Reeves was the best of the ruck men, and of a very useful remainder, Compton, Edmeades, Lovegrove and Headon did best. Sinclair was again outstanding for Swan Districts. At half-back, his mark ing was always reliable, and he cleared well. Murray followed strongly all through and was brilliant at times, J. Clarke shaped attractively on a half-for ward flank, and Krepp was the best of the centre line, whether at the pivot or on a wing. Rosewarne did well when trans ferred to centre half-forward, Bastow was solid in defence, and Chester helped Murray well in the ruck. Of the others, White, Darmody and Sweetapple were most prominent.