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TEN GOALS IN A QUARTER. South Fremantle Ovenrwhlms SUbiaeo South Pr?inantle overwhelmed Sublaco at Subiaco Oral on Saturday, when, after an even first half, the Premantle team found excellent form in the third quar ter and scored 68 points to its oppon ents's two points. South Premantle played fast, stmng, systematic football, driv ing hard towards the goal at every op portunity. Sublaco played cleverly in the open at times and its marking was good. but It broke down several times In attempting to lead too short and too wide when inattack. The teams were: soOUTH - F rL. l -acks: Renfrer. Higham. L Golding. Hall-backs: Haskell, D., Do?, Dodd. Centres: Hart, Jenkins, at thews. Half-forwards: Barr. Burkett, C. ieu Ington. Forwards: a. Toll. Chsandler Deane. Rauc: Rellym. A. Richardson, tt (rover). Nineteenth san: LGor (tepq ruscoat, in bared ankle, in the laust an )so ed .SUICO.-n-Backs: Heffemnan. Toll trBack. Hall-hacks: Stuart; Hardiman, MG Calum. Centres: Bennett. F. Williams, owe. Hall-forwards: Shea. Leitchl Ciamng For Beresford. Bunton (rover). Nineteenth man: N. Smith (did not play). i'-iMPma: C. Black. Subiaco's superior marking was offset by south Fremantle's greater pace and precision on the half-forward line. Su biaco was in error in leading too short to the half-forwards and South Fre mantles more direct methods took it. to a 15-point lead. Late In the quarter lu biaco opened the play up and scored a goal but the South Fremantle ruck, well served by Reilly, held a solid advantage. Subaco fought. an uphill fight through out the quarter which ended with the scores at:--South Fremantle, 5.7; su blaoo, 3.3. Poor kicking at goal prevented Subiaco from establishing a big lead at the open ing of the second quarter. Sublaco goaled through' a superb passage of play in which Bunton calmly turned away from three opposing playes and punched the ball to Shea who s cored from 50 yards out. Subiaco pressed forward, Smith winning in the ruck and Bunton demor alising the opposing defence with swift handball and uncanny foot-passing to Shea. Sublaco's kicking at goal was in accurate until Shea goaled twice--once with the "wrong" foot-to give the team the lead for the first time and at the close of the quarter it was a goal in front with 8.9 to 7.9. Jenkins went to centre half-forward and Hardiman to centre at the star of the third quarter, Matthews replacing Jenkins and Williams remaining on Jenkins. South Fremantle quickly estab lished superiority in the ruck. Sublaco, outpaced and kicking aimlessly, could not get the ball past the centre line; mean while South Fremantle playing hard fast football added five goals. g s moved into the centre, but still SoMth Premante's progress was maintained. The South Fremantle half-back, D. Dolg only once allowed Subiaco through and South Fremantle led by 60 points at the end of the quarter, with 17.17 tod 8.11. With Hardiman as goal-sneak Su biaco's attack immediately stiffened. Bowe was placed at half-forward and Hadley went on the wing. After some fiddling about Subiaco found its feet and Hardiman kicked two goals. Jenkins re turned to the centre and held a slight advantage over Shea. Subiaco stuck toits

task, with Roe's brilliant marking help ing it immensely. Bunton and Shea oc casionally combined cleverly but south Fremantle continued to score and held a big lead without great difficulty. The final scores were: , . FREMANTLE . . 22.21 (153pts.) SUBIACO ....... 13.14 (92pts.) scorers.---outh Fremantle: Chandler. 5.8; Jenkins, 4.0; Truscott, 3.4; Dearle, 2.2; R. Toll, 22; Gorn, 2.0; Relly, J.2; Matthews, 1.1; Hart, 1.0; C. Lewington, 1.0; Burkett, 0.1; Barr, 0.1. Subiaco: shea, 3.4; Allen, 31; Bunton, 8.0; Har diman, 2.2; Cumming, 20; Leitch, 03; Roe, 0.3. (One behind forced through). On the South Frerqantle side Reilly. who followed strongly and marked well and D. Doig, who scarcely made a mis take at half-back, were outstanding. Jenkins was a valuable player through out and Truscott roved excellently. In an even team A. Richardson, Dearle (an acquisition to the team), Dodd, Mat thews (in patches), Chandler and Ren frey were prominent. Subiaco's young rover Allen acquitted himself with distinction an the ball and at full forward. He played cleverly in the open and was tenacious when in difficul ties. L. Hardiman marked brilliantly, kicked well and did a lot of hard work. Bunton was highly effective in every thing he did, particularly his handball. Shea, although kept in check, scored three goals, and made position well. In a battered defence Strack shonelike alone star. Roe's marking was the best on the ground and B. Smith gave another not able performance in the ruck. Bennett did a workmanlike job on a wing and Bowe and McCallum were prominent in each quarter.