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SWAN DISTRICTS ANXIOUS. Plucky Effort by West Peril. Sta4Ing of a plucky and determined rally in the last few minutes, Swan Dis tricts recorded its third win for the season when it defted West Perth by four points at e Oval on Saturday. Though the standard of football was not high-in the first half, Inexcusable blun ders were made by both sides--he 'small crowd was kept interested by the comn parativt closeness of the scores through out, and by four stirring fight-backs by West Perth when on each occasion Swan Districts had appeared likely to, take charge. Poor goal-front Work cost West Perth dearly in the first half, only a three-point leaki resulting from eight more scoring shots; then Swan 4Dstcts lapsed into inaccuracy, and WesTPerth's forward work improved, and' the lead ?alternated with the ascendancy of the respective sides in the ruck. Swan Districts ap peared likely to run out an easy winner in the last quarter, but West Perth fought back well to take the lead. A goal put Swan Districts in front again, but in the last few minutes West Perth launched another determined rally and was a little unlucky not to win. The teams were: WEST PERTE.-Backs: Caplln, Tetler. Bunt ing. Half-banis: Sampson. P. Walsh. Daviem Centres: Heal W. Kingsbury. Bridges. Hal forwards: McDiarmid. Moran, Shuttleworth. Forwards: W. Golding, Tyson. Pola. Ruck: Marinko. O'Keefe, Ralnoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: James (replaced Kingsbury, corked leg., at end of first quarter). SWAN DnsTRcISI?TS sck: Maynard. Zllko, Beastow. Half-bank: Gray. Andrews, J. WE llama Centres: Krep. Sinclair. Mosey. Halr forwards: Jones. Rosewarne, J. Clarke. For wards: H. White, Darmody, Pearce. Ruck: Murrar. Chester. Sweetapple. (rover). Nine teenth man: Park (did not play). UImPImE-w. collins. Back ,men on both sides, aided by scrambling forward play, were prominent in the early stages, but Swan Districts was showing more dash, and goal-front accuracy enabled it to lead by 4.1 to 2.5 at quarter-time. Two quick goals to Swan Districts lengthened its lead, but West Perth steadied itself in the rack, where previously it had been beaten, and gradually wore down the leeway. Krepp Mnd Heal were winning on their respec tive wings, and Sinclair was dominating the centre, but the' Swan Districts for wards were finding Tetley a tough propo sition and were unable to break through. Towards the end of the quarter West Perth gained the lead, and at half-time had scored 6.11 to 7.2. Swan Districts began the third quarter with two goals. Play was now faster and more vigorous, with Sinclair and Heal amidfield and Tetley in defence still out standing. Strong ruck work enabled West Perth to level the scores half-way through the quarter, and though a beautiful run ning drop kick for goal by Krepp regained the lead for Swan Districts, West Perth's forwards were making full use of their opportunities, and two goals gave it the lead by 11.11 to 11.8 at three-quarter time. Krepp was transferred to watch seal, and Swan Districts again began the quarter with an electrical burst, scoring two goals in less than two minutes. An drews now struck his best form at centre half-back for Swan Districts and repeat edly checked West Perth. A further goal to Swan Districts gave it a 17-point lead: Then West Perth threw everything into a determined rally, three goals giving it the lead by a point with ten minutes to go. From the bounce, a long shot by Darmody bounced several timbs and then rolled through for a goal. Andrews was a source of worry to West Perth, butin the last minutes that : 'e made another vigorous rally; one shot was touched right on the line and another went out of bounds, and in an exciting finish Swan Districts won by four points, the final scores being: SWAN DISTRICTS . 15.12 (102 pts.) WEST PERTH .... 14.14 (98 pta.) Scorers.-Swan Districts: Rosewarne, 4.2; Darmody, 4.2; White, 2.1; Sweet apple, 2.0; Clarke, 12; Pearce, 11; Krepp, 1.0 (four behinds forced through). West Perth: Tyson, 53; Rainoldi, 2.4; Golding, 2.3; Pola, 2.1; O'Keefe, 1.1; Heal, 1.0; Shuttleworth, 1.0; Moran, 0.1 (one behind forced through). Sinclair was the best of the winning side; playing in the centre, he made posi tion well, marked safely and made many openings with long, accurate kicks. An drews was always solid at half-back and proved a match-winner in the last Quar ter, Murray's strong ruck work started 4

many scoring moves, and Rosewarne and Darmody were the -most useful in the forward division, each kicking four goals. White did well in a forward pocket. Krepp won on his wing, and Williams (who marked well) and Maynard were promin ent in defence. Tetley's display in goal was reminis cent of his form of two seasons ago; he was cool throughout, handled the ball well and cleared safely. Heal again won on his wing, his great pace frequently put ting West Perth into attack, Walsh marked well on the half-back line, Gold ing and Shuttleworth did best of the rucks, Marinko showed signs of returning form in attack, where Tyson was also prominent, and of the others, Sampson, Caplin and Bridges showed to advan tage.