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EAST PERTH BEATEN. East Fremantle's Fine Display. Winning across the centre and in the ruck, East Fremantle gave a splendid display of non-stop football to defeat East rth by nearly six goals at Fremantle on Saturday. East Fremantle set a fast pace early and the players main tained it throughout. East Perth was able to match East Fremantle's pace un til half-time but in the second half, and particularly in the last qurter, the visi tors were outpaced. Seubert had charge at centre and with East Fremantle's ruckmen in good" form many attacks wvre initiated from the bounce. East Fre mantle included A. Kingsbury, who played in goals, and Mackay, instead of Bec carla and Taylor. East Perth played R. Graham, A. Campbell and J. Sweet in place of Skahill, B. Ryan and Mussman The teams were: Kingsbury Hunter. Half-backs: Gabrlelson, Hutchinson. Bries. Centres: Micro. Sen bert. Stormer. Half-fiorwards: Sanford, C. Dais Ebbs. Forwardi: Doneean. 0. Dole. Prince. Ruck: Wendt. Strans. McGllnn (rover). Nineteenth man: Soltoggio (re Dlaced Strang, ,injured him at half time). EAST PERTH.-Backs: ootkyer, Ward. Tho mas. Half-backs: H. Smith, Starr, R. Gra ham. Centres: Miller, Cronia, J. Sweet. Half forwards: Broom, Neeson, Rowland. For wards: F. Patterson. Gardiner. A. Campbell. Ruck: Pogarty. I.. Graham. H. Screataigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Hull (did not play). UMPIRE: V. Sparrow. East Fremantle soon settled into stride and from a free kick G. Doig goaledc Play swung quickly from one end of the ground to the other and neither side could claim an advantage. Seubert dom inated the centre and it ..was not long before Cronin went into the forward line, placing Broom at the pivot. East Perth scored three goals- with smooth, efficient play. East Premantle's persistent at tacks kept the East Perth half-back line busy and just before the end of the first quarter G. Doig goaled to make the quarter-time scores:-East Fremantle. 43; East Perth, 3.8. East Fremantle attacked strongly in the second quarter and but for splendid defence work by Thomas, Ward and Starr might have scored heavily. I Play was still fast and exciting, with the ball flashing between the players. East Fre nantle was having the better of most of the exchanges, -maiply- because their ruckmen and rovers were keeping well up with the play. McGlinn cleverly scored a goal on the run. Hutchinson was in fine form for East Fremantle and Rowlan replaced Neesgn at centre half forward in an effort to stop the East Ire mantle captain. There was little to choose between the tqams at half-time wehen the scores were 650 to 6.8 in favour of East Perth., Faster pad more determined in its at tacks, East mantle soon regained the lead in :the third -quarter. East Perth frequently got the ball among its for wards but Hutchinson, Gabrielson and Briggs formed a strong half-back Une. East Fremantles control across the centre began to take.eft and the home team wept further ahead, East Perth was not lacking in vigour aid sevenal spirlted at tacks yielded goals but on the play East Premantle deserved its lead of 2.12 to 8.12 at three-quarter time. Prince goaled soon after the start of the last quarter, -givihg East Fremantle a lead of five goals. 'Cronin oaled after a fine piece of individual play but Sol toggio offset that score by goaing from an acute angle. The fast rate of play was maintAined but East Fremantle fin Ished much better to run out an easy winner, the final scores being: EAST FREMAINEfLZ 13. (128 p6( ) t EAST PBBBT .. .. 13.15 (93 pts.) Scorers:-Iast ,Fremantle: aG 7.2: Prince, 5:2; McGllan, .3; Soltoggio. 2.0; Wendt. 1.2;. Donegan, c. Doig, each 1.0: 0.3 (one point forced through). East er: r Gardinerl 1; F. Patterson, 21; . Graham, U.; Campbell, Cronin, each 12; Bowland, 1; Neeson, 0.4; Screagh, 0.2; Miller, J. Sweet, 0.1. There was scarcely a weak link in East Premantle's side. The players wo?ked to gether smoothly and at timks the hand passing as of a high standard. In a very e side Donegan. H hlnaon.Se bert, and Garelsn were outstanding. All four wpre prommne throughout and were raely faulted. McG?Inn roved In his usual determined style, while Kings bury played well in goals. Strang was prominent until he had to leave the ground at half-time, while Ebbs and Wendt were forces in'the rack. G. DoIg made the most of his op in tront of goal while Brggs, o and Mackay were more than useaful. For East Perth none did better than Thomas. He was called upon to do a lot of work and he stuck to his .task well. His clearing dashes were features of the game. Smith was prominent on a .hard worked half-back line, while Miller clayed with- dash on his wing. Campbell did many fine things sadothers to frequently come under notice were ,Wa , Ora ham and scoreah.