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EAST PERTH'S FIRST LOSS. Perth's Outstanding Ruck Work. Admirably served by its rucks, and with the side as a whole playing with more vim in the second half, Perth defeated East Perth by 11 noints at Perth Oval on Saturday, thus spoiling that team's hopes of seven successive wins. The standard of football was disappointing to the large crowd, which was compen sated to a great extent, however, by the closeness of the scores practically throughout. East Perth looked the bet ter side to half-time: it was beaten in the ruck, but played with more cer tainty and made better use of its chances than Perth, whose forwards were at times sluggish and frequently out of position. Perth revealed more dash and system in the second half, its rucks and centre line players giving it an advantage, and gradually took charge. The teams were: EAST PERTH.-Backs: Thomas. Ward, Muesman. Half-hacks: H. Smith. Starr. L. Graham. Centres: 34filcr. Cronin. Skablill. Half-forwards: Broom. Neeson. Rowlands. Forwards: Lockyer. Gardiner, P. Pattersono Ruck: B. Ryan. Fogarty, Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Argent (replaced Patter son, corked leg, at haff-time). OlPERha(2): Fi tageraheled. Roberton Rundeiso Half-hacks: H mes tBaey Hatttoon. Centres: Diavey, Puddey. Hansom. Half-for wards: Lewis, Henfry. McKenzie. Forwards: Hetherington, Cook. Coleman. Ruck: 0g-t Shaun. Haddleton. Grist (rover).a Nineteenth man: Love (replaced Haddieton, bruised thigh. In third quarter). UMPfltE: C. Black. Perth's backs were inclined to fumble, and with Cronin showing form early in the centre, East Perth soon had a goal on the board. Perth, with Oliphant and Grogg giving it an advantage on the ball, then scored goals from Coleman and Oliphant (2) to take the lead. Davey was winning on his wing, but inaccurate disposal spoisevere al moa e mthree ktcks insuessiere fredoingant TEoast Prthealf edlk Puddey wasshaping better against Cronin, but Perth was not making the best use of its opportunities. East Perth' uas following up the plap better, at times using handball judiciously, and Neeson twice goaled with long drop-kicks to put it in front (4.4 to 3.2) at quarter time. Patchy forward work hampered Perth in the second quarter, Cook being out of touch, Grlgg was roving cleverly, and after bumping an opponent clear, brought Perth to within two points of East Perth with a soccered goal. Back men on both sides were predominant, Thomas repeat edly checking Perth, and from one of his clearances the ball travelled down field through Neeson, who was leading out well, for Lockyer to snap a goal. After Gook had kicked his first goal, Lockyer twice marked in the pack and goaled to give East Perth a 14-point lead. To wards the end of the quarter, Henfry cleverly beat Starr, to pick out Gookt. whose goal left East Perth six points in front at half-time-7.5 to c.5. Coleman levelled the scores soon after the start of the third quarter, and the game then gathered speed and vigour, several good passages of play being seep. A speedy dash by Skahill enabled Neeson to regain the lead for East Perth, but Pertho with Puddey and gavey promin ent, was playing well and three goals In quick succesaion were scored. East Perth transferred Miller to watch Davey. and with Thomas very solid in a back pocket, further Perth mores were stopned. A perfectly-judged angle shot by Gardiner heartened East Perth, but another promising move broke down when Neeson foolishly hand-passed, and a goal by Hetherington gave Perth a use ful lead with 11.8 to 9.8 at three-quarter time. East Perth found RobertPert, Hilsb and Fitzgerald a tough proposition when it attemnted to break through, and a goal from Coleman, after Cook (now at half forward) had sent down, lengthened Perth's lead. Robertson was now almost unbeatable at full-back, and East Perth 'Rao making the task of the obeo-ind backs easier through faulty kic Perth. still winning in the nick, was play-; ine with superior dash, a goal by Grige I giving it a 23-point lead. Goardiner and Broom both goslrd for East Perth, but the ~'fie was not revealincr its usual cer taitve and Perth had no trouble in staring off further attacks, the final scores being: PERTH .... .......13.11 (89 pts.) EAST PERTH .. .. 11.12 (:8 pta.) Scorers.-Perth: Oliphant, 3.3; Cole man. 3.3: Cook, 2.3: Griteg. 2.1: Lewis, 1.1; Hetherington, 1.0: McKenzie, 1.0. 1 East Perth: Neeson, 3.1: Lockyer, 3.1; Gardiner. 2.1;. Scresigh, 12: Broom. 1.1; Rowland. 1.1: Patterson, 0.3; two behinds I forced through. Giving his beat display for the season, 1 Oliphant was easily Perth's best player; I

he dominated the ruck practically throughout, marked well and kicked ac curately, scoring three goals. Grigg, rov ing, assisted Oliphant admirably and also did well when placed, while Robertson, after an uncertain start, played better in goal as the game progressed, revealing his best form in the last quarter. Fitz gerald was always solid in a back pocket, and Hilsz showed dash on a half-back flank. Puddey (centre) and Davey (wing) won in their positions, though much of the latter's good work was un done through inaccurate kicking. Cole man. Bailey and Hetherington did best of the others. East Perth again received excellent service in a back pocket from Thomas, who played tigerishly all through. giving his opponent no latitude, and clearing well. Fogarty battled hard in a beaten ruck and made openings with good handball, while Scresigh was useful roving and placed. Broom was handy at half-forward, and Ward did well in gcal. Starr marked well but kicked aimlessly, and Cronin, though beaten in the centre, always dis posed of the ball to advantage. Lockyer and Mussman were prominent at times.