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HARD-FOUGHT MATCH. Swan Districts' Great Recovery. Outplayed in almost every position, soundly beaten in the air in the first two quarters and four goals behind at half-time, Swan Districts turned what looked like ignominious defeat into victory by a splendid rally in the second half of the match against South Frcmantle at Bassendean Oval on Saturday. The win ner held on grimly when in the last few minutes of play, with its forces spent from the great effort it had made, it had to withstand a last desperate chal lenge by South Fremantle. It was largely through the, inspiring play of its wing man. G. Krepp, that Swan Districts was able to rally as it did. He played superb football from start to finish, giving one of the finest individual performances seen in league matches in recent Years. South Fremantle was weakened by the absence of F. Jenkins and N. Lewington, who are under disqualification. The teams were: SOUTHa FREMANTLE.-Backs: Henfrey. arown. A. Richardson. Halt-backs: D). Dolt. Higham. Dodd. Centres: Western. J. Mills. Mathews. Half-forwards: Hart. Hurket. Poole. Forwards: H. Richardson. Chandler, R. Toll. Ruck: Haskell. Reilly. Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: Kenny (did not play). SWAN DISTRICTS.-Hacks: Zilko. Gray. Maynard. Half-hacks: Andrews. Sinclair. J. Williams. Centres: Kreop. Darmody. Mosey. Halt-forwards: Pearce. Park. J5. Clarke. For wards: Wicks, Rosewarne. Chester. Ruck: Mturray Ditchburn. Sweetapple 'rover). Nine teenth man: Chester (replaced Pithbborn. inuired leg, in last cuarter). UMPIRE: 0. Owens. South Fremantle's pace gave it an ad vantage early in the game. Swan Dis tricts' wingmen held the team together and enabled it to get into attack. but several players disposed of the ball badly and others held it too long. Brilliant play by Truscott and Chandler gave South Fremantle three quick goals. The Swan Districts half-backs. Andrews ex cepted. were outmarked and outpaced. South Fremantle ran away to a 29-point lead at the close of the quarter, with 7.3 to 2.4. Swan Districts won the ball a good deal in the second Quarter but made little use of it. The forwards were unable to find their feet although. like the rest of the team. they W_.ttled hard. After South Fremantle had scored three goals Swan Districts fought back and scored two. goals. Then its difficulties increased as its shooting at goal fell away and it scored six consecutive behinds. Half-time scores were:-South Fremantle, 10.5; Swan Districts. 5.11. Sinclair. who had been well below form at half-back. went to centre, and Darmody went into the ruck at the start of the third quarter. Again Swan Dis tricts won the ball a lot, but there was a good deal of muddling and crowding among the forwards. In contrast South Fremantle scored goals at every oppor tunity-it had kicked 12 goals from 17 shots. as against seven goals. from 23 shots by Swan Districts. Still Swan Dis tricts fought its way to the goals and Rosewarne twice kicked truly to reduce the lead to a goal. With a goal after a good mark Darmody made the scores

leveL and a forced point gave Swan Dis tricts the lead at three-quarter time with 10.18 to 12.5. Clapping on all its pace Swan Districts rammed home its advantage at the start of the last quarter. Sweetanule gvnwld twice to place the team 15 points ahead. Krepp was irrepressible at times, it seemed, beating South Fremantle lone handed. South Fremantle looked a beaten team when Sweetapple goaled (his fifth) 12 minutes from time. It fought back; Reilly goaled and Truscotts kick hit the post. Chandler goalad from a breakaway from the ruck and Swan Districts, with its pace slackening off. led by only eight points two minutes from time. Murray stopped South Fre mantle on the goal-line. M' hc" 3 into the open and goaled for South Fre mantle, but Swan Districts swept into att-ck as the bell rang. Final scores were: SWAN DISTRICTS .. .. 13.23 (101pts.). SOUTH FREMANTLE . 15.10 (100pts.). Scorers:-Swan Districts: Sweetapple, 5.2; Rosewarne, 3.5; Park, 2.2; Darmody. 1.3: Clarke, 12; Krepp, 1.1; Ditcouin, 0.3; Wicks, 0.2; Murray, 0.1; Sinclair, (i.1. (One behind forced through.) doutw Fremantle: Chandler, 7.1; Toll, 3.1; Trus cott, 2.3; Poole. 1.1; Reilly. 1.1: Mat hews, 1.0: Burkett, 0.1 (Two behinds forced through.) The ho::ours of the game fell to G. Krepp, who was the vital force in Swan Distracts rally. In every quarter he dominated the play, maintaining a ter raic pace. handling the ball deftly and beating opponents with, apparently. ridi culous ease. At half-back Andrews was a tower of strength in a didficuit rirst h.u± and a fine player in the rack and in de fence after half-time. Sweetapple roved very well and was a menace at full for ward. Mosey, the other winger, lacked Krepp's brilliance, but contributed a lot in courage, pace and sound team play. Da'rmody played strongly in every quar ter and Sinclair after a discouraging first I half, was a valuable player in the third I and final quarters. A notable return to form was made by Murray, after an un certain start. Credit is due to Wicks. the young rover, who was steady when things were going badly and whose clever handball and resourceful work in the open helped the team a lot in the last two quarters. For South Fremantle D. Doig was out standing at half-back. He hardly made a mistake and his marking and ground play were safe and effective. Reilly marked better than any player on the ground and gave pace and purpose to the team's play. Chandler was in excellent form in the first half and Truscott roved with his customary cleverness. Renfrey was splendid in defence and Toll and Poole did good work quietly in attack. Dodd was a useful player in every quar ter.