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SUBIACO'S EXPERIMENTS. Good Victory Over West Perth. Subiaco defeated West Perth in an interesting game at the Subiaco Oval on Saturday by 19 points. In the early part of the game, Subiaco appeared to have the more powerful material, but it was ill-balanced and atrocious kicking em phasised its weakness in attack, with a result that Bunton, used experimentally as centre-forward, was wasted there West Perth, with a keen defence, Kings bury shining in the centre and Tyson fed in front of goal. built up a good lead by half-time--a lead that might have been a lot more if Tyson had not ex perienced one of his rare days of inaccu rate kicking. Subiaco was set the problem of juggling its players to find an effective combination. In the process, it tried four different men as centre-forward and five as centre-half-forward. At various times Bunton played at centre-forward, in ruck and at half-forward; Hardiman at centre-half-back, in the rack and at centre-forward and centre-half-forward; and Shea at half-forward, centre-half forward and centre. Finally, Subiaco had Shea. Hardiman and Bunton in a straight line to goal and was able to keep the ball among them. With Smith finding form in the ruck and other players giv ing sufficient support, the team took on an appearance of strength and hammered home a good victory with a strong finish ing effort. The teams were: SUBIAC-Bascks: Stuart, L. Toll. Strack. Half-backs: Brewer, Hardinan. Fisher. Centres: Bennett. F. Williams. Bowe. Half forwards: Shea. Leitch. Beresiord. Forwards: Mclallumn. Bunton, Badlise. Rucl: B. Smith, ee. mAen (rheave. Nineteenth man: Heifer nan (did not play). WEST PERiTH.-Backs: Caplin, Tetley. Campbell. Half-backs: Hil. P. Walsh. Davies. Centres: Bridges, W. Kingsbury, Heal. Half forwards: Marinko. Moran. Robinson. For wards- Shuttleworthe Tyson. Pola. t uck: OKeefr.oW. Goldin. tainoidi (raven). Nine teenth man: Conk (replaced BilL lea in lury. in third ouarter). UMPIRE: V., Sparrow. Subiaco showed an advantage in the iuck at the start of play and, although the knocking out was erratic, it had an aiert rover in Allen. As a result, it did most of the attacking from midPfeld, but it made heavy work of the attack and could not reach Bunion, as goal-sneak. its kicking being very poor. Shea had to put a very liberal interpretation on wing-half-forward play in order to put some force into the attack. In the mean time, West Perth made a number of ad vances from the defence lines- the centre players, notably Kingsbury, back big up well, and it was able to get the ball to Tyson to good effect. After 16 minutes of play, Bunion went into unck. changing with Smith (Shea had moved to centre-half-forward), and Subiaco ad vanced to 3.4r against West Perth's 2.3 at quarter-time. West Perth did better in the nick in the second h uarter and Kingsbury's strong centre play turned the scales in its favour. With better understanding than Subiaco showed, empalsised, by better kicking, it maintained a strong attack and took the lead. Shea moved to the centre and Roe to centre-half forward, but Kingsbury was not to be denied. When West Perth's lead had in creased to 25 points, Sublaco moved Har diman into the nick. It now had Bunion and Hardiman in the nick and Shea at centre and scored its first and only goal for the quarter. West Perth quickly re plied with seven points, making its score 8.7 to Sublaco's 4.5 at half-time. After half-time, Subiaco had Hardi man as centre-forward, with Bunion and [toe on half-forward wings (changing in nick). Williams as centre-half-forward and Brewer as centre-half-back, Shea re maining in the centre. The attack was now much more effective and, speeding up its game. Subiaco was able to keep pressing forward. It was still too patchy to take full advantage of its opportuhi ties, but it gradually reduced the mar gin. With three scoring shots West Perth received three goals and held the lead with 11.7 to 8.11 at three-quarter time. For the final quarter, Subiaco re turned Bunion to centre-forward, plac ing Hardiman at centre-half-forward, with Brewer roving. The team had gained confidence and strong play by Shea and Smith in midfield took the ball down to Hardiman and Bunion. Subiaco looked much more solid than earlier in the game and, in control for the first ten minutes, it gained a seven-point lead. West Perth fought back strenuously, and alternate goals by Tyson, Bunton, Tyson and Leitch. kept excitement at a high pitch. In the pinch, Subiaco kept position better and handled the ball more surely. It finished powerfully and two goals by Bunion sealed the issue five minutes be fore time. Final scores: SUBIACO.. .......15.16 (1 6fpis.) WEST PERTH .. 13.9 (S7pis.) Scorers.-Subiaco: Bunton. 4.4; Shea, 2.3; Smith, 2.2; Allen, 2.1; Leritch, 2.0: Hardiman. 1.3: -7illiams. 1.0: Hadley. 1 ,c.0; Roe, 0.2; Beresford, 0.1, West Perth: Tyson. 5.6; Golding. 3.1: Pola, 2.0: Shuttleworth, 1.1: Kingsbury, 1.0: Bniond was rch airdf the viatgroun byw "froest'e henowas of hin calclabevalueind thlenickoand at haf-orwardle andlthen, weith, Better support wheneresumedg ahe centre-frward iproved a aftch-wtinne daodimandTl gave stelin service throgh-l. outllethcnte game. Shahen his worrciesfa catin-cobach ocetased, became prominen atomcentre inphelat quartetr-partibcu-ol lrly.d Smiethe afte being eratic domi natale i the nick atd th vitwalrsng Bowe tookge thel hoorao i centre-wing.n asnd wAllen rovedtinvoo style-owr. Willams. LethutBrewerh and RO'Ke were amongbthe exelno cnrfam.H a the chiefs