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WEST PERTH OUTPLAYED. Victory for South Fremantle. South Fremantle was too strong for West Perth at the Leederville Oval on Saturday. West Perth was in the lead at the frst and second changes, but the difference was largely a result of more accurate kicking which enabled advantage to be takeb of fewer chances. South Fre mantle did most of the attacking, with a steadier rush and Jenkins a dominant influence in midfield Wretched disposal of the ball and muddled forward work kept it back in the first half, but the for wards improved as the game progressed and a powerful fnishing effort enabled the team to take charge in the last part of the last quarter, the score then mount ing rapidly. The teams were: BOUTH REANTL.--Backs: A. Richard son. Kenny. Renfrey. Half-backs: D. DolI Higham. Dodd. Centres: N. Lewingtona. Jen kins. Matthews. Half-forwards: J. Mills. Bar kett. Hart. Forwards: Poole. Chandler. R. Toll. Rack: Reilly. Haskell. Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: P. Brown (did not play). WEST PESTH..-acks: Caplin, Tetley. L. V. Walsh. Half-backs: Jeavona. P. Walsh. Davies. Centres: Heal. W. Klngsbury. Bridges. Sfforwards: arlnko, O'Keefe. Campbell. ards: W. Golalng. Tmon. Pola. McDiarmid, Shuttleworth, Hal noldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Cook (re placed Jeavons, leg injury, in last quarter). UMPIE.--T-J. Chapman. With Jenkldns and Mills strong in mid field, South Fremantle went into attack at the start of play, setting a fast pace, but its kicking, both to the man and for goal, was badly astray. West Perth pre sented a solid defence and, while match ing South Fremantle for pace, provided a strong contrast in foot-passing, long, low and true. With Heal's wing its best ave nue of attack, it made a number of vigor ous drives which found Tyson in position and led with 4.3 to South Fremantle's 2.4 at quarter-time. South Fremantle advanced from the centre again in the second quarter. There was now surer combination among its forwards and it obtained a two-point lead. Its ruck and Jenkins making a solid core, it held the initiative, but the West Perth defence was tenacious enough to hold an attack that was far from smooth and it needed only two forward moves by Heal to result in two goals by Tyson and return West Perth the lead. Not let ting up for a moment, South Fremantle kept up its trial-and-error method of at tack and managed to get within a point of West Perth, but the heavy going told its tale and West Perth gained the upper hand in the ruck towards the end, a goal resulting. As a result, West Perth led at half-time with 7.4 to 52. West Perth, which now had Marinko in the ruck, lapsed temporarily with faulty hand-passing and made no headway. Jen kins gave South Fremantle the initiative and, with Burkett more prominent at centre-half-forward, that team took the lead by seven points. West Perth, how ever, had become stronger in midfield and a strong offensive put it six points in front. Kingsbury went down from a kick in the leg and the players crowded in on the ball with tempers frayed, some raw work resulting. West Perth was put off its balance and South Fremantle regained the ascendancy with 9.11 to West Perth's 9.5 at three-quarter time. South Fremantle went away strongly and, it pocket forwards backing up well, it increased its lead to 18 points. A determined West Perth effort yielded seven points, but South Fremantle was the steadier team and it pressed forward Irre sistibly, although not moving commensur ately with its chances. In the closing stages it.had West Perth worn down and well beaten and it scored freely. Final scores: SOUTH FREMANTLE . 16.16 (112 ptl.) WEST PERTH .... 11.7 ( 73 pts.) Scorers.-South Premantle: Chandler, 53; Poole, 4.2; Toll, 3.2; Burkett, 3.1; Has kell, 1.0; Mills, 0.3; Truscott, 03: Mat thews, 0.1; Reilly, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 8.3; O'Keefe, 3.0; Pola, 0.2; Mc Diarmid, 0.1; Shuttleworth, 0.1. Jenkins was a match-winner with the constant leverage he gave South Fre mantle from the centre. Mills was a strong forcae o the ball-and athalr-forward and

Higham distinguished pmself at centre half-back. Poole was very useful in a forward pocket and A. Richardson and Reilly did well in the ruck, with Tol and Haskell giving good support and Trus cott prominent roving. For West Perth, Heal.attracted notice with an excellent centre-wing display. He was the most effective medium of attack and might have been made use of more. McDiarmid was strong in the ruck. Bridges did well on a centre-wing, with Davies pzrominent on the same wing at half-back and L. V. Walsh solid behind him. O'Keefe was always useful and Ralnoldi and Pola roved well. Tyson made good use of few opportunities.