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THRILLING LAST QUARTER. East Fremantle Finishes Strongly. Showing superior pace in the closing stages of the game, East Fremantle beat Perth at Fremantle Oval on Saturday before a fairly large crowd. There was little to choose between the two sides for the first three quarters and when the final term began East Fremantle had only a point lead. However, the home team finished strongly and although at one stage It looked as though Perth might make up the leeway East Fremantle, with an exhilarating burst, went further ahead In the last few minutes, Both teams pro duced a high standard of football and at times the play was brilliant. East Pre mantle included Donegan, Clark and Little (a newcomer from Collie), while Perth played Hetherington in place of Williams. The teams were: EAST PREMANTLE.--Backs: Briggs. Hun ter. Donegan. Hal-backs: Gabrlelson. Hut ebinson, Clark. Centres: Taylor. Seubert. Storer. Half-forwards: Migro, Little. Bec caria. Forwards: G. Dol. C. Dole. Prince. Ruck: Ebbs, Strang. McGlinn (rover). Nige teenth man: McKay (did not play). PERTH.--Backs: Fitzgerald. Robertson. Love. Half-backs: Hilsz. Bailey. Hatton. Cen tres: Daver. Puddey. Lewis. Half-forwards: Ransom, Henfry, McKenzie. Forwards: Hether ington. Gook. Grigg. Ruck: Oliphant, Haddle ton. Keightle, (rover). Nineteenth man: Run deli (replaced Keightley. injured knee. in the first quarter). UTMPItRE: 0. Owens. Perth's defence was soon tested, but with Robertson setting a fine example in goal East Fremantle's attacks were nullified. The pace was fast and the play exciting. Puddey set Perth In motion and Gook goaled. Play see-sawed from one end of the ground to the other with neither side claiming an advantage. It was noticeable that when Strang and McGllnn were on the ball for East Fre mantle they infused more dash Into the side. One of the features of the quarter was a brilliant left foot goal kicked by Henfry. At quarter-time each side had scored 3.5. McGlinn and Gook goaled for their respective sides early in the second quar ter. A brilliant passage of play in which Grigg figured prominently was capped by a goal. Grigg extricated himself from a difficult position by handballing to a team mate; he then carried on with the play, and, receiving a hand pass, kicked a nice goaL G. Doig took over the goalsneak's position, while C. Doig went to centre half-forward, where Bailey had had the call over Little. The play was still fast, and although East Fremantle led 8.9 to 7.8 at half-time it was still difficult to pick the ultimate winner. Both sides played dashing football in the third quarter, with Perth having slightly the better of the play. Perth at tacked strongly and a goal from Grigg made the difference a point. Robertson was still playing well for Perth, while McGlinn was continually putting his team into action. Puddey and Oliphant were doing many fine things. for Perth and goals from Gook and Haddleton made the three-quarter time scores: East Fre mantle, 10.16; Perth, 11.9. East Fremantle started the final quar ter at a great pace and a handy goal from Beccaria gave the side a seven-point lead. Perth could not match East Fre mantle's speed and some of its players were guilty of not watching their men closely. Seubert and McGlinn main tained the fast rate of play oad with ten minutes to go East Fremantle had a lead of 11 points. G. Doig then goaled and Perth's chance of success dwindled. East Fremantle, well served on the half back line by Hutchinson and Gabrielson, maintained its pressure and goals from McGlinn and Beccaria in the closing stages further emphasised the home team's superiority. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE 1521 (111 pt.) PERTH .. .. .. . 12.10 (82 pts.) Scorers:--McGlinn, 5.4; G. Doig, 43; Beccaria, 33; Prince, 1.3; Ebbs, 1.2; C. Doig, 1.1; Migro, 0.2; Strang, 0.1; two points forced through. Perth: Gook, 5.1; Grigg, 3.2; Henfry, 1.3; Rundell, O11 phant, Haddleton, each 1.1; Hethering ton, 0.1. For East Fremantle none did better than McGlinn. Whether roving or In a forward pocket he made the most of his opportunities and maintained his speed throughout the game. Little behind him in efficiency was Hutchinson, who was often responsible for breaking down Perth's attacks. He received strong sup port from Gabrielson and Donegan. Strang and Ebbs, played strongly in the ruck. whileHunter, G. Doig, Beccara, Seubert and Taylor were often under notice. Perth was a well-balanced side. Oll phant was called upon to do a great deal of work and he stuck to his task well. But for Robertson's fine work in goal East Fremantle must have scored more heavily. His kicking-in was a feature of the game. Puddey played dashingly at centre, while Grigg roved intelligently. The half-back line, Hatton. Bailey and HBlsz, was solid while others to do well were Henfry. Gook and Haddleton.