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EAST PERTH'S SYSTEM. Brilliant Win From Claremont. Playing football of the calibre which swept it to its greatest post-war heights some years ago East Perth scored a 20 point win over Claremont at Perth Oval on Saturday. The winner outmarked and outpaced its opponent, kicked immeasur ably better than last year's premier and maintained flawless cohesion in its foot ball in every quarter. It checked the crack Claremont ruck and its backs over whelmed Claremont's forwards. In con trast with its play in earlier games Clare mont's football was aimless, its kicking was generally poor; it persisted in engag ing in useless short-passing and cross kicking, instead of direct attacking and too many of its players dropped marks or fumbled the ball in ground-play. Drastic changes of placings by Claremont in the second half failed to check the irresist ible East Perth machine and Claremont was a beaten team long before the close of play. The teams were; CLAREMONT.-Sacks: S. Moloney. Grieve Sutherland. Half-backs: Headon. B. Clarke Edmeades. Centres: Lovegrove, G. Moloney Reid. Half-forwards: Heusler. Berminsham. Gibson. Forwards: SerJeant. Compton. Bora Rack: Reeves. Hunt. Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Guthrie (did not play). EAST PERTH.-Backs: Thomas, Ward Musanan. Half-backs: Smith. Starr. L Graham. Centres: Miller. Croni, Skahill Half-forwards: Broom. Neeson. Rowland. For wards: Lockyer. Gardiner. P. Patterson. Ruck: B. Ryan. Fogarty. H. Scresigh (rover). Nine tsenth man: R. Graham (did not play). UMPIRE: V. Sparrow. Claremont was sluggish at the start and East Perth's marking was by far the better. The East Perth defence, led by Starr, beat the Claremont forwards Kicking against a fresh breeze East Perth continually forced the ball forward and kept its score within a few points of Claremont, whose kicking was poor. Late in the quarter Claremont suddenly found form, scoring three quick goals but it had only a meagre advantage at quarter time with 5.3 to 3.1. Claremont's marking and kicking was again faulty in the second quarter and its ruck was by- no means as, effective as usual. With Neeson dominating the play at half-forward East Perth drei level. Gardiner's leading and ticking was invaluable to East Perth. Clare mont's pace fell away, its" backs were caught frequently out of position and it played wildly in the open. With Reeves on the ball Claremont reduced the lead from 27 points to 15 points, but it was in difculties throughout the quarter which ended with the score at--East Perth. 10.7; Claremont, 73. Grieve, the Claremont goal-keeper, was placed on Neeson at the start of the third quarter, S. Moloney going into goal and Clarke on to a half-back flank Heusler replaced Bermingham at centre half-forward. Claremont, however, lost many chances through futile short lead ing and by kicking across the ground in stead of directly towards the goal. S1 consecutive Claremont assaults on the goal were stopped by Ward and Thomas and two bad mistakes in marking by Claremont enabled East Perth to break through and smart handball by East Perth demoralised Claremont which was 33 points down at three-quarter time, with 8.8 to East Perth's 13.11. In an effort to stem the tide Claremont placed G. Moloney at goalsneak, Reid at centre. Compton at centre half-forward and Edmeades on the wing in the last quarter. Each team goaled but then East Perth again took control of the game, with Cronin outstanding at centre. Claremont fought on and played spas modically with thrust and system but the East Perth backs were the masters of the opposing forwards. When G. Moloney goaled eight minutes from the end Claremont had a fighting chance, but with 31 minutes to play East Perth led by 20 points and it held a command ing lead until the end. The final scores were: EAST PERTH . .. 15.13 (103 pts.) CLAREMONT . . 12.11 (83 pta.) Scorers.-East Perth: Gardiner, 8.3; Neeson, 3.1; Patterson, 2.5; Lockyer, 2.0; Scresgh, 0.1; 'Miller, 0.1 (two behinds forced through). Claremont: Compton 5.2; G. Moloney, 2.2; SerJeant, 1.3; Boys, 1.1; Hooper, 1.0; Reeves, 1.1; Gibson, 1.0; Heusler, 0.2. With one or two exceptions, every man in the East Perth team was outstanding. Because he was the rock on which Clare mont's hopes were so frequently broken Starr might well be chosen as the lead ing player. His markiiig was brilliant and his success wrecked Claremont's attack early in the game. All the other defend ers were splendid, Thomas and Muss man being somewhat more brilliant than their fellow back-men. After the first quarter Cronin's penetrating kicking and sure marking were devastating. Fogarty gave a notable performance in checking the Claremont ruck and in carrying on the play in the open. Gardiner, the young goalsneak, led cleverly, marked well and kicked excellently. Making his first appearance Neeson gave opponent and team-mate alike a lesson in half orward play. Several times he took control of the play and his marking, str~ng kicking and smart handLall were big factors in many of East Perth's drives. Broom followed strongly and was sound at half-forward. Great pace, sure handling of the ball and considerable courage characterised the play of H. Lovegrove, the Claremont winger who, although still feeling the efects of an attack of influenza, beat D. Miller and gave Claremont a marked ad vantage on the wing. He was Clare nont's best player. The other winger, J. Reid, was little behind Lovegrove, play ng solidly in every quarter. S. Moloney was outstanding in a sorely tried defence and Serjeant roved energetiqally and effectively. Although subject to close at tention Reeves carried a big burden with success, both in the rack and at half orward. Compton fought hard to get

goals. Clarke ahowed gllmpses of form but, with Headon, was in error in allow ing the half-forwards far too much lati tude.