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PERTH WINS AGAIN. " Ten Goals to Gook. Playing at a fast pace throughout and combining well in attack. Perth be-t Swan Districts by 34 points at the WCA.CA ground on Saturday. Perth's

high marking, strong, accurate kicking and brilliant defence were the vital fac tors in its success. As a result of clever co-operation with the racks and half forwards, and of his own phenomenal marking Gook scored 10 goals. Swan Districts did not make the most of its opportunities; its forwards were out classed by the Perth backmen. Its kick ing was, for the most part. poor and generally its football, although not lack ing vigour and courage was without sys tem. The team fought on doggedly un til the end but its task was rendered hope less by its defeat in several key posi tions. The teams were: PEaRT.--Backs: P. Fitzgerald. Robertson, W. Williams. Half-backs: Ell.. Balley. Hat ton. Centres: Davey. Puddey. Lewis. Half forwards: Ransom. Henfry, McKenzie. For wards: Love, Cook. Grigg. tuck: Oliphant. Haddleton. Kelghtley (rover). Nineteenth man: Randell (did not play). SWAN DISTRIC'S.--Backs: Zilko. Murray. Bastow. Half-backs: J. Williams. Sincladr. Maynard. Centres: Krepp, Darmody. Mosey. Half-forwards: Wicks. Rosewarne, Jones. For wards: Ditchburn. Pearce. Moiler. Ruck: Gray, Chester. Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: O'Neill (did not play). UMPIRE.-W. Collins. Perth took command of the game at the start, scoring two goals in two min utes. Swan Districts' work in the for ward line was ragged; in contrast Perth sent the ball directly to Gook and he scored four goals in the first half of the quarter. Perth's ruck was superior and its kicking much stronger and more ac curate than that of Swan Districts. Robertson, Fitzgerald and Bailey kept the Swan Districts' forwards in subjection, but Moiler managed to "socer" a goal through to make the quarter-time scores: Perth, 5.0; Swan Districts, 1.3. Kicking with the wind and playing through Krepp down the right wing, Swan Districts quickly recovered in the second quarter and was soon within two points of Perth. The forwards, notably Moiler and Wicks, played with more purpose and system and Ditchburn's re solute .play stiffened the ruck. Brilliant goal-keeping by Robertson stopped Swan Districts and Ransom, at half-forward, led Perth into attack. Two valuable goals resulted. Sinclair. at centre half back, did the work of two men for Swan Districts,; but Perth's pace and marking enabled it to play the game to its liking.i Mosey was brilliant on Swan Districts', left wing but the forwards did not seize the numerous opportunities he created. Half-time scores were:-Perth, 82; Swan Districts, 4.5. Ditchburn went to goalsneak in the third quarter but the Swan Districts' at tack was still ragged and uncertain. Its wingmen, Krepp and Mosey beat their opponents and Sinclair overwhelmed Henfry, but Perth was by far the better in marking, pace and disposal of the ball. Although crowded, Gook was a con stant menace to the Swan Districts' de fences. Murray, in goal for Swan Dis tricts, appeared to be far from well, and he was unusually quiet. Perth ran to a 47-point lead at the close of the quarter with 12.7 to 4.8. With the entry of Murray into the ruck Swan Districts fared better at the start of the final term but Perth maintained its fast, steady game and retained its grip on the match. Swan Districts' poor kicking again told against it. Gook, in good form, scored a phenomenal goal by kicking the ball off the ground near the boundary line. The final scores were: PERTH ........ 18.10 (118 pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS 12.12. (84 pts.) Scorers:--Perth: Gook, 10.4; Grigg, 4.1; Ransom, 1.1; Haddleton, 1.0; Hen fry, 1.0; Love, 1.0; Kelghtley, 0.2; Oli phant, 0.1. One behind forced through. Swan Districts: Sweetapple, 3.0; Rose warne, 23; Ditchburn, 22; Wicks, 1.2; Murray, 1.1; Moiler, 1.1: Chester, 1.1; Darmody, 1.0; Gray, 0.1. One behind forced through. In an even side, E. Ransom, the young half-forward, was Perth's best player. He made position well, marked surely and drove the ball well into the goal-mouth. In goal Robertson was always safe, and at times brilliant and he kept the team under constant direction. Fitzgerald, Bailey and Bilsz played sound, effective football in defence and Oliphant, fol lowing or placed, did a lot of hard work and did it well. Gook's display in front of goal was the most spectacular feature of the game. His marking was flaw less and his late leading left the op posing backs standing. His kicking was accurate, although once or twice he failed with fairly easy shots. Grigg was a valuable player on the ball and at full forward and Haddleton followed strongly. Puddey showed satisfactory form at centre. For Swan Districts Sinclair, at centre half-back, played high-class football. He beat Henfry--a considerable feat in itself--and in every quarter buttressed the rest of the harried Swan Districts

defence. Krepp, the winger, was in his best form and was the main avenue of attack for the team. Mosey won the honours on the other wing and at times he dominated the game. Ditchburn played resolutely and effectively and Sweetapple was a tireless rover. Zilko, Gray (a pro mising follower), Bastow and Wicks (in patches) were also prominent.