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GOAL FRONT ACCURACY. East Fremantle's Big Score. When Subiaco led East Fremantle, 33 to 1.2, at the end of the first quarter at the Fremantle Oval on Saturday, it ap peared that the teams would provide a close finish. However, East Fremantle took charge of the game in the second quarter and ran out an easy winner, the final scores being 25.9 to 9.13. After the first quarter East Fremantle's forward lines were in fine form and few goal scoring opportunities were missed. Play ing a fast, short passing game the home team riddled Subiaco's defence and ac curate shooting for goal gave East Fre mantle its best winning score for about six years. G. Doig struck his best form and his success went a long way to wards East Fremantle's supremacy. He kicked six goals in the second quarter and finished with 11 for the match. Sublaco showed good form in the first quarter but after that could not match East Fremantle's pace and precision. The teams were: EAST FRE2MANTLE.-Backs: BriEas. Hun ter. McKay. Halftbacks: Ebbs. Hutchinson. Gabrielson. Centres: Taylor. Seubert. Storer. Half-forwards: Misaro. Sanford. Beccarla. For wards: G. Dolt. C. Doig, Prince. Rucks: Wendt. Strang. McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Donegan (replaced Wendt. Injured jaw. in the last quarter.) StTrIACO.-Backs: Fisher. L. Tol. Stre?k Half-backs: Williams? Roe, Stuart. Centres: Brewer. Bowe. Bennett. Half-forwards: Mc Callum. Hardiman. Letch. Forwards: Peers. Mills, Hambleton. Rucks: Bunton, B. Smith, Allen (rover). Nineteenth man: N. Smith (did not play). UMPIRE: J. Chapman. Sublaco was first into its stride and after a point had been scored Bunton kicked a beautiful goal. East Fremantle tried a short passing game but its play ers were out of position and many moves broke down. Hardiman was in good form at centre-half-forward and he made many opportunities. East Fremantle's goal-keeper, Hunter, showed plenty of dash and but for him and Briggs Sublaco might have had a larger lead than 3.3 to 1.2 at quarter-time. East Fremantle persisted in its short passing game in the second quarter and it proved successful. With Seubert in command at the centre, McGlinn roving cleverly and Taylor and Storer winning on .their wings, East Fremantle took charge of the game and goals came quickly. G. Doig goaled twice and when C. Doig received a knock, G. Doig went to the centre full-forward position. It was noticeable that when Strang was following East Fremantle appeared to gather pace. Subiaco was sadly outplayed and at half-time East Fremantle had a good hold on the game, the scores being 10.4 to 5.3. Bowe went on to a wing in the third quarter and Williams took his place in the centre. Seubert, however, could not be checked and he soon put his side into attack. Sanford, at centre-half-forward, had been overshadowed by Roe, but he struck form and East Fremantle's attack worked like a well-oiled combination. Compared with East Fremantle Subilaco seemed listless and there was little co hesion in its attacks. Each side scored two goals for the quarter, the scores at three-quarter time being East Fremantle, 12.6; Sublaco, 7B.8 East Fremantle added l3 goals to Subiaco's two in the last quarter. Scoring goals was an easy matter for the home team but Sublaco still found the way to the goal paved with difficulties. Wendt had to leave the field with an injured jaw and Donegan, who took his place, infused further dash into the team. He went into the ruck and his presence was soon felt. During the last quarter of an hour it was merely a matter of by how many goals East Fremantle would win. The final scores were: EAST FREMANTLE .. 25.9 (159 points) SUBIACO .. .. .. 9.13 (67 points) Scorers: East Premantle: G. Doig, 11.1; C. Doig, 4.2; McGlinn, 4.1; Prince, 2.0; Beccarla, 1.2; Donegan, 1.1; Migro, San ford, 1.0 each; Ebbs, 0.2. Sublaco: Bun ton, 4.2; Mills, 3.1; Hambleton, 1.1; Peers, 13; Hardiman, 0.3; B. Smith, 0.2; Roe, 0.1. Each East Fremantle player contribu ted to the team's success. Seubert, at the centre, gave a polished display and was rarely beaten for the ball. He maintained his dash throughout. G. Doig, with his goal front accuracy, McGllnn and Bec caria, with intelligent roving, and Strang, who played ruggedly both in the ruck and on the half-back line, were above the average. Wendt and Ebbs both took many fine high marks while Gabrielson re lieved frequently on the half-back line. Hunter played solidly in goals and others to do well were Taylor, Briggs, Migro (second half) and Storer. Whether playing on the ball or at centre-half-forward, Hardiman was Sublaco's best player. His clever knock ing-out to the rover, his brilliant high marks and long kicking were highlights in a dull Subiaco display. little behind him was L. Mills, who worked tirelessly throughout. Toll and Strack were called upon to do plenty of work and they did it well with little support. Fisher made several fine saves, but most of the others were below form,