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EST PERTH SUCCESSFUL. South Fremantle's Belated Rally. After being in an unfavourable posi tion at three-quarter time, when it was 38 points behind, South Fremantle made a brilliant though belated rally that almost carried it to victory in the match against East Perth at Perth Oval on Saturday. For three quarters South Fremantle, with a marked ascendancy in the centre and with the side as a whole showing a little more dash, had not made the most of its opportunities, and had allowed East Perth gradually to go further ahead. East Perth had at times appeared lumbering, and in the early stages fumbled badly, but its back lines were always solid, and periodically there were flashes of excel lent combined footiall; its rucks and small men collaborated well, and in the forward lines its work was more sure than that of South Fremantle. Alterations in the placings of the South Fremantle team resulted in a burst of scoring at the start of the last quarter, but the side had left its rally too late and paid the penalty of its goalfront mistakes earlier, East' Perth winning by 14 points. The teams were: EAST PERTH.--acks.: B. Graham. Thomas, Mussman. Half-backs: H. Smith. Starr. Ar gent. Centres: Miller, Cronin. Sweet. Half forwards: Broom. J. Campbell, Skabil. For wards: Lockyer. Oardiner. P. Patterson. Ruck: B. Bran. Pogarty. Screaigh (rover). Nine teenth man: Hull (did not play). SOUTH OFEMANTL.-Backs: Benfry. Chandler, Coleman. Half-backs: D. Doigt Higham. Dodd. Centres: N. Lewington. Jen kins, Mathews. aalf-forwards: Western. Bur kett, J. Mills. Forwards: Kenny Poole, R. Richardson. Ruck: Reilly, A. Ric~ardson. Truscott (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Toll (did not play). UMPIRE.--G. Owens. South Fremantle started well against the breeze, Jenkins beating Cronin point less in the centre and the side showing: plenty of dash, and quickly had two goals on the board to East Perth's one. A number of the East Perth men were in clined to fumble badly, and chances were missed through a tendency to overdo the short pass, but half-way through the quarter the side rallied and with Miller transferred to the scoring wing, it goaled twice to give it the lead by 3.6 to 2.2 at quarter-time. East Perth infused more dash into its work in the second quarter. with most of the moves coming through Miller's wing. Starr and Smith were playing brilliantly at half-back with Thomas very solid in goal, and patchy forward work further prevented South Fremantle from making best use of the wind. East Perth led by 6.11 to 4.3 at half-time. Ryan struck his best form in the ruck in the third quarter, and with the small men assisting him well, East Perth was able to maintain the offensive, despite Jenkins's brilliant work in the centre. East Perth led by 38 points (9.14 to 4.6) at three-quarter time, and South Fre mantle then made several alterations in placings, Chandler going to full-forward. An electrical burst, in which three goals were scored in three minutes, gave rise to hopes of a keen finish. Two East A,

Perth moves broke down through slow ness in getting rid of the ball, and then South Fremantle (which had fallen into the error of resorting to handball when within range) missed a chance when two forwards flew and just touched a long shot by Mills. However, goals from Chandler and Mathews, the latter the result of a brilliant run and a long kick, left East Perth only nine points in front with five minutes to go. Striving for the goal which would make the game safe, East Perth was unable to break through till Scresigh snapped truly from close in. Thomas marked well when South Fre mantle started another move, and the game ended with the final scores: EAST PERTH .. .. 10.17 (77 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 9.9 (63 pts.) Scorers:---East Perth: Gardiner, 3.3; Patterson, 2.4; Screagh, 1.3; Skahill, 12; Ryan, 1.1; Campbell, 1.0; Lockyer, 1.0; Broom, 0.1; three behinds forced through. South Fremantle: Poole, 3.1; Chandler. 2.1; Mills, 1.1; Western, 1.1; Mathews. 1.0; Reilly, 1.0; R. Richardson, 0.2; Trus cott, 0.1; Kenny, 0.1; one behind forced through. East Perth received good service from Starr and Smith in the back lines: Starr's marking was brilliant throughoutt and Smith, although inclined to fumble early, was dashing on the ground, this pair co-operating well. Miller was easily the best of the centre line, most of the side's moves coming through him, Thomas was always solid in goal and at times revealed unsuspected marking ability, while Ryan, whose knocking-out was a feature, held the rock together and made many openings. Screalgh roved well, and of the others the most useful were Camp bell, Gardiner and Lockyer. Jenkins played an inspired game in the centre for South Fremantle, marking? brilliantly and driving the ball down the centre of the ground with long, accurate' kicks; his dash at times left his opponent standing. A. Richardson battled hard in the ruck, but showed his best form when spelling in defence, while Lewing ton shaped attractively on a wing, except for brief spells when Miller was shifted across to watch him. Mills was useful, whether roving or at half-forward, Dolt was solid at half-back, and Mathews?, Poole, Truscott and Relly did wel at times.