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WEST PERTH'S FINE SHOWING. Claremont Hard Pressed. A handful of spectators expecting a one-sided match at the Claremont Oval on Saturday saw exciting play In which the home team was pressed to the nar row margin of five points by a solid West Perth side. It was no fluke by West Perth. It had no obvious weak link in the team, but, winning In the air, in front of its marksmen and taking the honours In the ruck, it won appreciation for a valiant effort for which it would not have been grudged victory. It matched Claremont in fast, open foot ball and lost points chiefly through un reliable kicking and a lack of precision in attack that might be expected in a reorganised side and might be overcome with further improvement. Claremont had form without fire in the first half. As a result of its lacka daisical approach to the game, it helped West Perth to gain, confidence. West Perth was a goal ahead at half-time and, scenting victory, it practically held Clare mont in the third quarter when that team had covered its previous weaknesses in ruck and at centre-half-forward. The lead changed four times in the last quar ter, but Claremont was scoring more readily than West Perth and it held the lead at the end. Claremont gained the reward of a well-drilled side in a tight finish. It owed victory to the capacity of each of its men to rise 'to the occa sion and produce concerted movements from all parts of the field, movements

capable of quick penetration of a strenu ous defence for rapid scoring when it was needed. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland, Grieve, S. Moloney. Half-backs: Headon, S. Clarke, Guthrie. Centres: Reid. G. Moloney. - Love grove. Half-forwards: Gibson. Bermingham. Heusler. Forwards: Serjeant, Compton. Boys. Ruck: Reeves. Hunt. Hooper (rover). Nine teenth man: Baker (did not play). WEST PERTH: Backs: Coplin. Tetley. L. V. Walsh. Hsalf-bscks: Jeavons. P. Walsh, Davies. Centres: Bridges. W. K?ngsbury. Heal al-forwards Robinson. MScDiarmid. C. CambelL Forwards: Shuttleworth, Tyson. Pola. Ruck: O'Keefe. Goldng, Ratnoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: N. Cook (did not play). UMPIRE.-C. Black. Claremont was slow to start and, win ning in the rack, West Perth took the initiative. It held Claremont in general play for the first part of the quarter, doing better in the air and backing up well, but its work was not crisp enough to enable it to establish a lead. Clare mont had better understanding and, moving forward with nice combination, it scored steadily, though not accurately, to lead with 3.6 to.2.1 at quarter-time. West Perth was put into attack by its ruck again in the second quarter, con tinuing to play an attractive open game. Claremont provided some neat passages of accurate teamwork, but its passing was short and, playing well within it self, it was not really aggressive. West Perth seized the opportunity offered and vigour carried the day. Taking the of fensive, West Perth kept the ball in its scoring area and, although too many shots yielded only behinds, it took the lead with 6.8 to Clasemont's 5.8 at half time. Claremont put Heusler at centre-half forward, where P. Walsh had been dam aging. Twice in the first four minutes of the third quarter. West Perth took the ball around Heal's wing and goaled through Tyson. Claremont was now strenuously in earnest, but it found West Perth at the top of its game and not yielding ground easily. G. Moloney Ini tiated a determined offensive from the centre and, with Reeves now swaying the rack and Heusler stiffening the at tack, Claremont made a fast, exhilarat ing burst which gave it the lead with 9.14 to West Perth's 910 at three-quarter time. Attacking strongly from the rack, West Perth went straight down the field for a nine-point lead. Claremont had to fight and its centre players sent it forward in a smart counter-offensive which quickly regained it the lead by four points. West Perth gradually forced the ball down for Tyson to sneak a goal, but immediately afterwards Compton snapped a goal for Claremont. The game was hard and fast with little between the teams and there was ten minutes of fierce striving between the two defence lines before

L Sttack (Snbiaco) taking the ball over the head of G. Prince (East Fremantle), while A. Fisher (Sublaco) backs him up during the match at Fremantle Oval on Saturday.

Claremonl managed to make the margin ten points with a goal through Serjeant. There was still six minmtes to play and West Perth attacked again, but two dif ficult shots went out of bounds. Then Tyson goaled 1* minutes from time. Clarke sent back another attack and Gibson kicked a behind just before the siren went, making the final scores: CLA? EMONT ...... 1316 (94 pts.) WEST PERTH ...... 13.11 (89 pta.) Scorers.--Claremont: Compton. 6.4: Heusler, 2.2; Boys, 2.0; Serjeant, 12; G. Moloney, L1; Reeves, 1.0; Gibson, 0.4; Hooper, 0.3. West Perth: Tyson, 7.1; Pola, 2.1; Campbell, 2.0; Rainoldi, 1.3; Golding, 1.1; O'Keefe, 0.3; Shuttleworth, 0.2. For Claremont, Headon was solid from start to finish on a half-back wing. Much of the credit for the victory went to G. Moloney for co-ordinating the team and thrusting it from the centre when the pinch came. S. Moloney and Guthrie were prominent in defence and Suther land gave good service in rack. Reid was in form on a centre-wing and Comp ton led and marked well. Heusler, Clarke, Lovegrove and Gibson were the best of the others. For West Perth, P. Walsh was out standing at centre-half-back. Heal played excellently on a centre-wing and O'Keefe was in fine form in ruck. Shuttleworth was a strong influence in ruck and Jeavons and L. V. Walsh were prominent in defence. Golding was an other ruckman to do well, with Rainoldi roving in good style. Tyson was an ef fective centre-forward and Kingsbury. a valuable type of player, acquitted him self well at centre, with Bridges active on a centre-wing. McDiarmid and Canmpbell were useful in attack.