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PERTH'S STRENGTH. South Fremantle Outclassed. Perth revealed all round strength to defeat south Fremantle by 20 points at the Premantle Oval on Saturday. South Fre??antle failed to settle down and al though leading at half-time could not matjei Perth's pace ip the second half. Perth was well served In the key positions and the players showed great deterinlp tiot, particularly In the third quarter when a match-winning lead was estab lished. Soth Premantle had weaknes sea in defence and Its forward play lacked sting. At the end of the third quarter Perth was 3.10 In front, but South Fremantle had the advantage of a fairly strong wind in the last quarter and it looked as though it woul be a close finish. However, Perth outplaved South Fremantle In the last quarter and won decisively. The teams were: PERTn.--Backs? F:Pltsrd Robertson. L . Haf-backs: Mllt .bale De, Cts. Cntres: Davey. Puddey. Lewis. 4a-forwrds: R? son. Henr McKenzie., Forwards: ther leiton. Gook. Grids. Ruek: Oliphant. Saddle ton. eightey (rover). inetaenath man: Run deli (replaced Hetherlegton. inJured lea, in third quarter). BOOTH YBlb aWITLIR-.acks: Renfrey. Doi Centres: . Lewlntton. . Maoews. Half-forwards: Reynolds Burkett. A. Richardson. Forwards: Relly. C. Iawin-e tt Poole. s: L. ldk P HaskLc. True cot derl. Neteent : .t Richardson (rep lacedb ske. infnred hind. in second quarter). uldP m: It. Doosbue. Perth had the wind In the first quarter but several scoring opportunities were mieaed. Perth bad most of the play but the outh F?remantle defence was in good form early and the visitors found it herd to score goal. Valuable minutes went by and still Perth could not get a goal. Twards the end of the quarter Perth infused more dash nto its play and long kicks yielded two gpals.' At quarter-time Perth led 3.5 to 1I. South Fremantle scored several iucky goals In the second uuarter but Bailey was in fine form at centre-half-tac4 and the home team found it hard to get the ball down to the forward lines. The pace was fast and despite the fact that South Fremantle scored 8.4 the honours of the quarter were with Perth. At half-time iouth Fremantle was 9.6 and Perth 7.9. With Henfry playing cleverly at centre Half-forward, Perth soon regained the lead in the third quarter. Perth bad the call aecros the centre and the forwards Were gethng plenty of tpport South remantle was struggling ard but there was Uttle stem in It. attacks.a On the other hand Perth was playing smoothly and intelligent forward play gave it a handy lead at three-quarter time when the scores were:--Perth, 14.16; South Fremantle, 11.6. Although South Fremantle had the wind in the last quarter Perth main tained, its speed and did most of the attacking. There was little cohesion in south Premantle's play and although Chandler left the goals and went into the ruck he could not steady his aide. The visitors were unruffled and a gol from Gook sealed the une. The inal screa were: PERTH ........ 16.19 (Us pts.) SOUTH FREXANTLE 1411 (95 pt.) J Scorers:-Perth: Grigg, 4.2; Gook, 3.4; Henfry, 3.2; Oliphant, 2.3: McKensIe litherirington. each 2.1; Ransom, 0.,? Keightley, Haddleton, each 0.1. South Fremantle: Truscott, 3.3: R. Richardson, 3.0; Reilly, 2.2; C. Lewington 2.1; Chand ler, Burkett, each 1.1; Mathews, Poole, each 1.0; Reynolds. 0.2; Golding, 0.1. Perth was a well balanced side and each player contributed to the victory. When Hetherington had to leave the ground because of a leg injury most of the ruck work fell upon Ollphant and he played solidly throughout. Henfry was a most effective half-forward and hei was instrumental in placing Perth in. attack on many occasions. In the first half there was no better player on the I

ground than Bailey, while Grlgg. whether roving or in a forward pocket, was al ways dangerous. Puddey did many fine things at the centre, while others above the average were Davey, Lewis, Hatton and Seightley. South Fremantle had a number of players below form. Renfrey had plenty of work to do in a back pocket and he was rarely faulted. Truscott roved cleverly and kicked three valuable goals., Mills was another called upon to do a lot of work and he played ruggedly throughout Chandler had the task of watching Gook and he kept him fairly subdued. Others to show form were N. Lewington, Reilly, Mathews and Haskell (until injured.)