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CLAREMONT WINS EASILY. Subiaco's Lost Chances. Claremont played high-class football (although lapsing at times into errors in passing) to beat Sublaco by 45 points at Subaco Oval on Saturday. stlln unde feated this season, Claremont bears the stamp of a team well drilled in the es sential of intelligent. effective play, and on Saturday when it moved into attack its purposeful, swift combination over whelmed the opposition. IL Bunton, the Sublaco leader, could not remain in the ruck because of a painful leg injury, but he gave notable service to the team by playing at ful forward and scoring seven goals. In the third quarter Shea was Injured and took no further part in the ame. The teams were: CLAREEps.tBT.cke Sutherland. Grieve. S. Maloney. Half-backa' Headon. Clarke. Gnthrie Centres: Reid. . Maloney. Ed Bom. gRu Rgeeves HSmt. Hoover (rover). Nineteenth man: Baker (did not plavl. Mills.cNaehton. aRuk: Bunton. B.- Smith. Allen (rover). Nineteenth man: Doherty (replaed She. Injured chest, In the third quarter). umpE:- V. Sparrow. Although kicking with the wind, Clare mont made little progress until Comp ton scored the first goal with a splendid kick, deep in a pocket. Subaco was the faster and its back-lune, particularly Roe and Williams, overshadowed the Clare mont forwards. Reeves played brilliantly on the ball to force Claremont into at tack, but solid defensive work prevented scoring and Claremont's shooting was at fault Late in the quarter Claremont became steadier and hammered the goal to make the quarter-time scores-Clare mont, 3.6; Sublaco, 1.3. Claremont showed its real worth in the second quarter. Reeves dominated the ruck (and much of the open play), Reid outclassed his opponent and Edmeades held Bowe. 0. Moloney was effective in the centre and the team-work was a model of precision. Three goals were scored in quick succession. Subiaco lacked cohesion and its "key" men, such as Shea and Hardiman, were subdued, although Shea weaved through the backs to score a spectacular goal. Suddenly Claremont's short-passing game collapsed and Subisco, playing to Claremont's mistakes, twice broke hrough. erjeant held Claremont together and at half-time the scores were -Claremont, 8.7; Subiaco ,55. Sweeping through the ruck and pass ing well, Claremont scored five goals in the first seven minutes of the third quar ter, Reeves, Serjeant and eunder com bining brilliantly. Hardiman was sent to centre half-back (a sound, but belated move) and Subiaco went into attack to score two goals, but then it resorted to foolish short passing in the forward lines and lost several chances of scoring. Had the work of the attack been at a1 eft. cent, Sublaco, whose ruck was winning at this stage, could have swung the game in its favour. Shea fell heavily under neath a falling pack of players and was assisted from the ground apparently badly hurt. Bowe replaced him at centre. Three-quarter time scores were--Clare mont, 15.10; Subtsco, 8.6. Pacing a hopeless task in the last quarter, Sublaco fought on well but Claremont had a firm grip of the game and won without difficulty. Hardtman played excellent football, and Bunton, al though limping badly, scouted cleverly and added to his goal total. The final scores were:- LARE?ONT . . . 19.11 (9ISpts . SIUIBIACO ....... 1u.8 (sopts.) BSorers:-Claremont: Compton, 4.3; leusler, 4.1: Boys, 3.3; Serjeant, 3.1: Ber mingham, 2.0; Reeves, 1.1; Gibson, 1.1; Hunt, 1.0; -Hooper, 0.1. Sublaeo: Bunton. 7.2; Hardiman, 1.1; B. Smith, 1.1; shea, 1.0; Mills, 1.0; Roe, 1.0; Doherty, 0.2; Leitch, 0.2. T. Serjeant, Clsremont's second rover, was the best player in the game. Again Beeves was a dominant figure in the rack and at half-forward. ed was the out standilg player in the first half and, de spite a kick in the leg, played exellently in the second half to give Claremont an advantage across the centre. Headon rarely made a mistake. Heusler, G. Molo ney, GObson (although somewhat uncer tain at times), and Sutherland were prom inent in a strong all-round team. L. Tll's marking and kicting-In from the goal spade lima Subiaso's best player. He frequently drove the ball on to the centre line, and he kept Compton in sub ject on. Hardiman was outstanding in the second half, and B. Smith was prom inent throughout: unfortunately he spoilt his play by spasmodic wildness and un nece__I7 roughness. Bunton proved his versatilty by becoming a dangerous "one; legged" forward, and Roe was brilliant in patches. ,umming, Williams, Shea and Rowe were prominent at various stages of the game.