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EAST PERTH'S GOOD FORM. Swan Districts Fights Hard. Although East Perth beat Swan Dis tricts by the big margin of 61 points at Beasendean on Saturday, Swan Districts was dangerous up to the closing stages of play, when it had exhausted its strength trying to overcome weakness in the forward area. Taking the honours across the centre and, on the whole, more forceful in ruek, it was the more aggres sive side, but it broke down repeatedly in front of goal and was thus deprived of a winning chance. Kicking longer and truer and supreme In the air, East Perth finished off its play better. Against the backing of a strong defence it had a more Incisive attack and when its midfield players became smooth in the third quar ter it produced the best football of the match, sure and systemati. A quick succession of successful snapshots had enab'ed it to break away from Swan Dis tricts in the second quarter, but the home team did not let up for a moment and not until it had worn itself with wasted effort was East Perth able to secure a irm hold on the game. It scored rapidly In the last 15 minutes. The teams were: EAST PSRTH.-Escks: Musman Ward. Thomas. aMf-bae: N. Smith. Starr, R. Ora hsm. Cenntres: Sweet Cronin. Mier. Half ward: Brom. aobell. Skahill For wards: Lacker. ardiner. F. Paterson. Ruck: Ryan. Fogs?_ H. Acr ? (rover_). N,? Jury, at three-enarter time). swal DISTRZCI5.--Backr: ltf. Avery, nard. Centres: Brev%. it cllr. Jones Blt forwards: Mosey. Darmods. Chester. For wards: Pearce. Moler. Park. Buck: Murray. Ditchburn. Sweetauple (rover). Nineteenth mn-: O''n (raed Sweetappl le Injury. At the start of play, East Perth made advances through the centre, but its for wards were squeezed by the rugged Swan Districts defenders and it was beatu for pace. Maing quick rtck changes, with three rover alternating, Swan Districts maintained its speed and, advancing around repp' wing, was in attack most. Flurried forward work against a solid back line limited its scoring, but it led with .5 to .2 st quarter-time. Sinclair took control in the centre in the second quarter and sent Swan Dis tricts forward a number of times, but fumbling and hesitance in front of goal spoilt excellent chances. Driven forward from the backs, i with Screaigh active, East Perth made use of its kicking and marking ability and countered the smart ground play of Swan Districts by lifting the ball straight down the field. Half-way through the quarter it took the lead for the first time, three goals by Lockyer and goals each by Screalh and Gsrdiner- five snaps in quick time-producing a sudden change in the soores. D)thbu n and Murray stiffened the Swan Istricts rack and, with Krepp, Sinclair and Dar mody again in the van, this team re sumed the initiative. Although taking the honours in general play, it was still very weak in attack. In contrast, East Perth gained two more goals in two for ward moves and led with 9.1 to 5.6 at half-time. Its centre-line more potent, East Perth swung into its best form in the third quarter, achieving balance and system, and attacked strongly. Murray made a fine individual effort at eentre-half-back which steadied Swan Districts and, by dint of pace and strong backing up, the home team moved forward again. Al though it could not break down East

Perth's rock-like defence, it lost no fur ther ground, being 7.9 to East Perth's 11.8 at three-quarter time. Sweeping down from midfield, Swan Districts strove furiously to overcome a strenuous defence. It had the opportuni ties, but it lacked power of penetration. East Perth had more men effective and, keeping steady, it forced home a com manding lead as its opponent became spent. Final scores: EAST PERTH .. .. .. 1.13 (121ptsa) SWAN DISTRICTS .. .12 (60pts.) Scorers.East Perth: Gardiner, 10.1; Lockyer, 4.0; Paterson, 2.0; Argent, 1.2; Screalgh, 1.2; Campbell, 0.3; Cronin, 0.1; Broom, 0.1; Graham, 0.1; Skahill, 0.1. (One behind forced thtough.) Swan Dis tricts: Moiler, 2.4; Park, 2.4; Sweetapple, 2.0; Darmody, L1; Sinclair, 1.0; Mosey, 0.1; Krepp, 0.1; Chester, 0.1. For East Perth, Screaigh, roving cleverly and following up the play well, was the chief Instrument in minimising the midfield unevenness and keeping the team moving. Thomas and Mtusman were invaluable in back pockets, and Broom and Lockyer gave good service in ruck and attack. Gardiner kept position well as .gdal-sneak, with fine marking and kicking, and showed his worth when given help from the players further out. Starr was spectacular at half-back, with H. Smith dependable alongside him. Ward and P. Paterson played well and Cronin did good work in the centre in the first and third quarters. Argent was prominent in runick when he took the field in the last quarter. For Swan Districts, Krepp, unbeaten on a centre-wing, was the most effective medium of attack. After a quiet start. Sinclalr was a strong force in the centre. At centre-half-back and in ruck, Andrews was always prominent and, changing with him, Murray struck his best form for the season. Ditchburn strongly in fluenced the team from the ruck, with Sweetapple (rover) giving good support. and Williams was steady. at half-back. Darmody made a powerful centre-half forward and Jones won on his centre wing.