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A RUNAWAY VICTORY. East Fremantl's Attractive Display. Playing with more d and system. ast Fremantle had little dimculty in beating West Perth by 62 points at Lee derville Oval on Saturday afternoon in a game which rarely aroused enthusiasm among the small crowd. With the re turn to the team of several prominent players, it was thought that West Perth would at least press East Premanti~ closely, but, except for brief flashes, its play was devoid of system; many ele mentary mistakes were made, and the aide was beaten for pace all day. East Fremantle at times played attractive com bined football, its players backing each other up well, and the forwards making

the most of their opportunities. The only quarter in which West Perth out-scored its opponent was the last, when East Fre mantle, with the game won, was Inclined to belackadaiica The teams were: WEST PERT-H.- cks: Jeavons. Tetler. Cook. Half-backs: Caddy. P. Walsh. O'Keefe. Cen tres: Turner. Bridges, Heal. Half-iorwards: Campbell; Robinson. Davies. Forwards: Gold Ing. Tyson. Ralnoldi. Rack: McDlarmid. Lemon. W. Kinsbury (rover). Nineteenth man: L. V. Walsh (did not play). EAST PREMANTIE&-sBacka: Entcbinson. Hunter. McKay. Half-backs: Gabrielson. Clark. Briss. Centres: Misnr Seabert. Storer. Half-forwards: Doneaan. Sandford. Beccaris. Forwards: . Dols,. C. Dol. Prines. Ruck: Ebbs. Strang. Meoltnn (rover). Nine teenth man: Taylor (replaced C. Doli in Jured hand. in the last quarter). Umpire: 0. Owens. East Fremantle was quickly into its stride, Beccarla goaling early. Its ruck was making many openings, and its for wards, in contrast to those of West Perth, were keeping the game open and were nmshing off their work well Prince, In a pocket, was showing good form, kicking four goals in the first quarter, at the end of which East Fremantle led by 7.6 to 2.2. Play was of a scrambling nature in the second quarter, one bright feature being the strong defence work of P. Walsh and Gabrielson for their respective teams. Bridges was beating Seubert in the centre, and W. Kingsbury was roving well, but West Perth was making misttkes and was able to break through only on rare occasions. East Fremantle had a winning lead (1010 to 4.6) at half-time. East Fremantle went further ahead in the third. quarter, despite West Perth's changes in placingsa made with a view to blocking its in key positions. Ebbs was playing r tly in the ruck and was well supported by the rovers, Mc Glinn and Beccarla. With a lead of 63 points (16.16 to 7.7) at three-quarter time, East Premantle did not bustle it self unduly in the last quarter to run out an easy winner, the final scores be ing: EAST FREMANTLE 20.20 (140pts) WEST PERTH ... 1112 (78pts.) Scorers:-East Fremantle: Prince, 6.3; Beccaria, 3.4; C. 1Doi. 32; Ebbs, 2.3; Mlgro, 2.0; McOltan, 1.4; Sandford, 1.1; G. DoIg. 1.1; Strang, 11; McKay, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 54; Golding, 2.1; Kingsbury, 2.0; Lemon, 1.2; pavies, 1.0; O'Keefe, 0.1: Rainoldi, 0.1; Robinson, o0. (two behinda forced through). . o strongly throughout and at times marki brill ntly. Ebbs was the best of a S -balanced east Freisantle throughout on a half-back flank hadl ing the ball well and clearing with lons kicks. Beccaria and McGlnn roved cleverly, the former also kicking three goals, while Strang was frequently under notice in the ruck. Prince shaped prom isingly in a forward pocket in the firt half, and Storer did best of the centre line, others who were prominent being Seubert. Hutchinson and C. Doig. Watching his man closely, marking weD and disposing of the ball to advantage, P. Walsh gave West Perth good service at centre half -back. Kingsbury's roving was one of the features of the match, his well. directed kicks creating opportunities which were not ully availed of. Bridges won in the centre except in the last quarter, and Heal started a number of moves from his wing, both men using their pace to advantage. Jeavons was always solid In a back pocket,. Davies played better when shifted to the half back line in the aeeond ball, the best of the others being O'Keefe, McDiarmld, Cook, Ratnoldi and Tryson.