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SUPERIOR FORWARD PLAY. Perth Narrowly Defeats Subiaco. Better served in the forward lines, and with the side as a whole showing a little more pace, particularly in the early stages, Perth defeated Sublaco by ten points in a hard-fought and interesting game at the W.A.C.A. ground on Satur day. Subliaco lost its chance in the first quarter when, despite the advantage of the breeze, its forwards played raggedly and kicked inaccurately, only two goals coming from 12 scoring shots. Perth, by contrast, kept the play open and made the most of its opportunities. Radical changes in the placings of the Subiaco team lad the desired effect of giving it more steadiness, and gradually it wore down Perth's earlier lead by fast, syste matic football, but in a thrilling last quarter, in which the lead'changed four times, Perth finished a little the better to win by ten points. The teams were: PERT, -Backs: Fit?gerald. Robertson. Love. Half-backs: Hflsz. Bailey Hatton. Cen tres: Davey. Puddey, Lewis. Half-forwards: Ransom. Henfry. McKenzie. Forwards: He therington, Gook, Grigg. Ruck: Ollhant, HBad dleton, Keightley (rover). Nineteenth man: Rundell (did not Dlay). SIBIA.CO.-Backs: Fisher. L. Toll. -trae.. Hslf-backs: MeCallum, Hardiman. Cumming. Cfentres: Brewer, Shea, Bowe. Half-forwards: Roe Williams. Bennett. Forwards: Gilbert, L. Mills, Allen. Ruck: Bunton, B. Smith, Mc Naughton (rover). Nineteenth man: Peers (did not lay). UMPIP.--C. Black. Perth began smartly against the breeze, Gook kieldng three goals in quick time, before Hadliman was deputed to watch him. Subiaco steadied, but though hav ing most of the play, hurried and in accurate kicking brought only points un til Bunton (following strongly) snap ped a clever goal. Perth was the faster side, with its back lines very solid, and it led at quarter-time with 5.2 to 2.10. For a time there was no score in the second quarter, until Subiaco an swered a goal from Gook with goals from Williams and Bunton. Subiaco was holding Perth in the ruck and now had a call across the centre, Shea having been a little slow to strike form against' Puddey. Perth's forward work, however, was still superior, though Gook was being closely watched by Hardiman; it did not fall into Subiaco's error of overdoing the short pass, and still led at half time--8.4 to 5.10. Sublaco used Hardiman at full-for ward in the third quarter, but the Perth backs, with Hilsz, Fitzgerald and Rebert son outstanding, were hard to pass, and it was not until the closing stages that two goals were quickly scored, leaving Subiaco only three points behind (8.17 to 10.8) at three-quarter time. Subiaco gained the lead for the first time when Allen goaled, and then Robertson twice had to get Perth out of a tight corner. A punted goal by Gook from 50 yards out regained the lead for Perth, and for several minutes play swung up and down,

After a scramble in the Claremaet forward lines, J. Hooper, the Claremont rover, breaks away from three South Fremantle players, with Compton waiting for a handpas, during the match at Claremont Oval on Saturday.

with back men on both sides predomin ant. Shea put Sublaco in front again with a goal, but soon afterwards Gook kicked his seventh goal to give Perth a five-point lead. Perth was pressing the attacks but its forwards, in their anxiety were giving frees to the Sublaco backs, Bugton scored a behind for.Subiaco, and in the Jast minute Keightley made the game cfe for Perth with a goal, the final scores being: PERTH .... .... 13.12 (9opts.) SUBACO .... .. 10.20 (80pts.) Scorers:-Perth: Gook, 7.4; Heightley, 2.1; Grigg, 1.3; McKenzie, 1.2; Henfry, 1.2; Oliphant, 1.0. Subiaco: Bunton, 5.3; Shea, 13; Mills, 1.3; Hardiman, 13; Allen, 12; Williams, 1.0; Roe, 0.2; Smith, 0.1; Bowe, 0.1; two behinds forced through. Perth received best service from its back men, among whom Hilsz, on a half back flank, was outstanding, showing plenty of dash and clearing well; Fitz gerald and Robertson were always solid, the latter's kicking being a feature. Kreightley roved cleverly. Henfry at half forward started a number of moves, and Gook, despite close attention, marked well and kicked accurately. Oliphant was the best of the rucks, Bailey did well at half-back, the best of the others being Love and McKenzie. Subiaco's supremacy in the ruck was almost entirely due to Bunton, who fol lowed strongly throughout. His mark ing in the bunches was brilliant, and he was one of the few whose disposal could not be faulted; he kicked five goals. Bowe, Shea and Brewer (in the second half) comprised a 'winning centre line, Williams played his best football in the back lines, where Cumming was promin ent in the first half, Hardiman did well in several positions, especially -at full back, others to shape well being Fisher, Allen, Smith and Mills.