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AN IMPROVED SHOWING. East Fremantle's First Success. Showing more dash and determination than in its two previous matches East Fremantle scored its first win for the season at Fremantle Oval on Saturday at the expense of Swan Districts. The visitors set a fast pace from the outset but East Fremantle made excellent Use of a fairly strong wind and in the final quarter gave Swan Districts no chance, eventually winning by 50 points. Once East Frematle got into its stride it played forceful football and although Swan Dis tricts struggled hard-it was only 13

points behind at three-quarter time-it could not withstand East Fremantle's rally in the final quarter. East Fre mantle included Hutchinson, Kingsbury, Prince, G. Doig and Migro, while Park, Sweetapple and Chester replaced symonds, Todd and J. Clarke for Swan Districts. East Fremantle was unfor tunate in losing the services of Kingsbury early in the game. Within the first two minutes he received a corked leg and although he stayed on the ground until half-time he was of little use. Swan Districts had its share of bad luck as T. Darmody had to leave the ground at the end of the first quarter with an injured leg. The teams were:- - EAST FREMANTLE.-Backs: Strang. Clark. Prince. Half-backs: Hutchinson. Kingsbury, Ebbs. Centres: Migro. Seebert. Donegan. Half-forwards: Gabrielson, McPharlln. Band ford. Forwards: G. Dole. C. Dolg. Becearia. Rucks: Wendt. Briggs, McGinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Eddy (replaced Kingsbury, corked leg, at half-time.) SWAN DISTRICTS.--Backs: Zilko, Hilton. Maynard. Half-backs: Williams, Sinclair, Andrews Centres: Krepp, T. Darmodr. Mosey. Half-forwards: Pearce, Rosewarne. Dltchburn. Forwards: Bastow, Moller, Park. Rucks: Murray, Chester. Sweetapple (rover). Nineteenth man: Avery (replaced Darmody, injured leg, in second cuarter). UMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Swan Districts made the most of its opportunities and with Krepp in fine form on his wing the visitors soon set up a handy lead. East Fremantle was beaten for pace and when it did go into attack it had to struggle every inch of the way. On the other hand Swan Dis tricts seemed to find the way to the goalmouth very easy and at quarter time the scores were 7.2 to 3.3 in favour of Swan Districts. Darmody left the field at the end of the first quarter and Rosewarne took his place in the centre, Avery going to the centre-half-forward position. With the wind in its favour East Fremantle set tied down to brlght football. Seubert was in brilliant form at the pivot and he often put the forwards in attack. C. and G. Doig made the most of the opportuni ties given to them and goals came freely. More accurate kicking for goal would have given East FPremantle a greater lead than 11.12 to 7f- at half-time. Swan Districts made a rally in the third quarter but with players like Hut chinson, Strang, Briggs and Seubert doing things correctly East Premantle held Its advantage. In contrast to its first quarter display Swan Districts was weak in attack and only four goals were added, making the three-quarter time scores:-East Fremantle, 11.17; Swan Districts, 11.4. A quick goal to Swan Districts gave an Indicatidn of a close finish. Seubert, however, put East Fremantle into attack and one goal led to another. Swan Dis tricts fought hard but the home team, scenting its first victory for the season, went further ahead. The final scores were: EAST FPEIANTLE .. 1820 (128pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS .. 12.6 (78pts.) scores:--East Fremantle: C. Doig, 6.4; Sandford, 4.6; G. DoIg, 3.2; Beccarla. 2.5; McGlinn, 1.1; Donegan, Strang, 1.0 each; Eddy, Ebbs, 0.1 each. Swan Dis tricts:: Moller, 4.2; Park, 3.0; Ditchburn, 2.0; Rosewarne, Chester, 1.1 each; May nard, 1.0; Murray, Avery, 01 each. For East Fremantle few did better than Seubert. Stationed at the centre he was the foundation of many East Fremantle attacks. He maintained his speed throughout and was rarely beaten. Little behind him in efficiency were Strang and Briggs. Both had plenty of work to do and they stuck to their tasks well. Sand ford proved a clever half-forward while others above the average were C. Doig, Hutchinson, Donegan and Seccaria. Krepp was outstanding for Swan Dis tricts. His speed and accurate disposal of the ball were contributing factors to his team's early lead and when defeat seemed ominous he fought hard to regain the advantage. Andrews gave another fine display of half-back play and Mur ray worked hard In the ruck. Park and Moller were often under notice for clever forward play, while Ditchburn and Wil liams were best of the remainder.