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EAST PERTH UNTROUBLED Winning Lead in First Term Although winning by over six goals, East Perth did not score for 13 minutes of the first quarter of the match against West Perth at the Perth Oval. West Perth. depleted by injuries, and with a number of young players, failed to settle down, and, despite East Perth's failure to get going early, was 37 points behind at the end of the first quarter. Neither B. Ryan nor L. and R. Graham was available for East Perth, and a new player in the West Perth side was Robinson, who gained the opportunity to play in the match when one of those originally selected was not present when the team took the field. He had been selected as 19th man. Neither P. Walsh nor Kingsbury stripped for West Perth. The game was not particu larly interesting; with the exception of a couple of bursts, the football was gen erally of a dull nature. East Perth seemed content to hang on to the lead gained in the first quarter, and won by a com fortable margin. The teams were: EAST PERT.--Backs: O'Donohoe, Ward. Thomas. Half-backs: S. Smith, Starr. Argent. Centres: Miller, cronin, Sweet. aIlf-forwards:

Skahill, Rowland, J. Campbell Forwards: Broom. Gardiner. P. Pastteron. Ruck: Lock Ver Pogarty. H. Screaigh (rover). Nineteenth loan: A Donague (relaced Patterson. in Sured leg. in third quarter). WEST PERTRL-Backs: Jeavons, L. V. Walsh. Caplifne Half-batks: Tetley, O'Keee Bunting. Centres: Turner, ridses, Heal Hal-for wards: Robinson, Davies. Golding. Forwsrds: Baker. Tyson, Brady. back: McDiarmid. Lemon. Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man: Cook (did not play). UMPRa--R. Donoghue. There was no scoring in the first few minutes. Although East Perth seemed faster and surer, fumbling at essential moments kept the team from scoring. and the West Perth backs and rack kept the ball out of danger with robust, It mis-directed, kicks. Cronin, playing in the centre, was largely responsible for a series of goals by East Perth, and Lock yer, playing vigorously in the ruck, as sisted to keep the play among the East Perth forwards for the second half of the quarter. At the end of the first quar ter East Perth led by 6.4 to 03. East Perth's centre line was dominat ing in the second quarter. Cronin con tinued in good form, sending the ball well forward with well-directed drop kicks, and the wingmen fed in repeat edly. Lockyer was still a powerful force, whether in the ruck or in a position, and West Perth, stir seeming a trifle bewild ered, indulged in inopportune short passing. At half-time East Perth's lead had been increased, the scores being 10.5 to 2.7. In the third quarter West Perth im proved. Several changes were made, Rob inson going to the centre and Bridges to a wing. East Perth, however, had scored two goals before West Perth got going, and, although the latter team scored four goals during the quarter, it was still over six goals behind at three-quarter time, when the scores were:-East Perth. 13.8: West Perth, 6.10. West Perth played a little better in the last quarter, but East Perth had the game won, and had little trouble in maintaining the lead. Towards the end of the game West Perth kicked a couple of goals, and gave the impression that it was capable of better football than it had shown in the early part of the game. The final scores were: EAST PERTH .. 16.9 (105 points). WEST PERTH .. 9.15 (69 points). Goal-kickers:--East Perth: Gardiner (5), Patterson (4), Broom (3), Screaigh (2), Lockyer and Miller. West Perth: Tyson (5), Heal (2), Brady and Golding. Thomas was probably East Perth's best man. He played dashingly on the back line, and cleared judiciously. Lock yer was particularly effective, marking spectacularly and kicking long distances.

Rowland was iseful at centre-half-for ward until hurt, and Ptterson, until he retired with an injured leg in the third quarter, played well either as rover or in a forward pocket. Miller did well on a centre wing, and Smith, until he hurt a leg, was a useful wing half-back. Ward? was an effective goalkeeper and Fogarty, despite an early injury which closed one eye, was a useful ruckman. Cronin almost achieved his best form, and Sweet (wing) and Starr (half-back) played well. Gar diner was surer than on Monday. In a team which was disjointed. Rain oldi played busily for West Perth, par ticularly in the first half. N. McDarnid started fairly well, but did not maintain his form throughout the game. Robin-I son, whose inclusion in the team was more or less accidental, played well as a half-forward in the early stages, and was

not disgraced when shifted to the centre later in the game. Jeavons played fairly well, and Heal, after being transferred from a wing, was useful In the later part of the game as a rover and pocket for ward. Tyson showed improved form.