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ACCURATt.SHOOTING. South Fremantle's Success. Beaten convincingly in most depart ments East Fremantle offered little re sistance to South Fremantle at Pre mantle Oval on Saturday and lost easily, the final scores being 21.12 to 11.13. East Fremantle started well but faded away and although a brief rally was made in the third quarter, when it had the ad vantage of the wind. it could not with stand South Fremantle's strong final quarter. There were plenty of loop-holes in East Fremantle's defence and when South Fremantle attacked it found little difficulty in breaking through. South Fremantle included D. Doig, Reynolds and Coleman in place of Higham, Gorn and Western. In East Fremantle's side Taylor and Gabrielson took the places of Casserly and Soltoggio. The teams were: SOUTH PREMANTLE.-Backs: J. Mills, Chandler, Renfrey. Half-backs: Dodd. White, D. Dolg. Centres: N. Lewington. Jenkins, Mathews. Half-forwards: Reynolds, Burkett, Coleman. Forwards: Reilly,. C. Lewington, Poole. Rucks: Haskell. A. Richardson. Trus cott (rover). Nineteenth man: Gorn (replaced Haskell in last Quarter). EAST FREMA-NTLE.-Backs: Young, Hun. ter. McKay. Half-backs: C. Doig, Wendt, Clark. Centres: Eddy, Seubert. Taylor. Half. forwards: Gabrielson. McPharlin. Strana. For wards: Ebbs. Metherell, Donegan. Rucks: Brigs, Sandford. McGllnn (rover). Nineteenth man: Micro (did not play). UMPIRE.--. Black. The pace was fairly fast from the out set and although South Fremantle goaled early East Fremantle scored three goals in quick time. East Fremantle was attempting a short-passing game but South Fremantle opened up the play and scored two more goals. The play was even for the first quarter, when the scores were 5.3 to 5.1 in East Fremantle's favour. In the second quarter South Fre mantle took complete charge of the game. Breaking away from the centre South Fremantle scored goals with ease. Bur kett, at centre-half-forward, repeatedly put the forwards in motion and at half time South Fremantle led, 14.3 to 6.6. McPharlin took over the goalsneak's position in the third quarter and C. Doig went to centre-half-forward. East Fre mantle opened the play up and that game was more to its liking. C. Doig scored two goals and at three-quarter time East Fremantle was in a better position, the scores being South Fre mantle 15.7; East Fremantle, 10.12. In the last quarter, however, South Fre mantle left East Fremantle standing, adding 6.5 to East Fremantle's 1.1. East Fremantle lacked determination. and South Fremantle met with little opposi tion. The final scores were: STH. FREMANTLE 21.12 (138pts.) E. FREANTLE . . 1113 (79pts.) Scorers.-South Fremantle: C. Lewing ton, 63; Reynolds, 4.3; Burkett, 4.1; Truscott, 3.0; Reilly, 2.0; Gorn, 1.1; Jen kins, 1.0; A. Richardson, Mathews, Cole man, each 0.1. One point forced through. East Fremantle: Ebbs, 4.1; Gabrielson, 3.2; McGlinn, 23; 0. DoIg, 2.0; McPhar in, 0.3; Sandford, 0.1. Three points forced through. South Fremantle fielded a well bal anced side, with Burkett outstanding at centre-half-forward. He played dash ingly until he twisted his knee in the final quarter and left the ground. Ren frey gave a fine display in a back poc ket. Truscott roved in his usual efficient style and received good support from Reynolds, playing his first game with South Fremantle. The Lewington bro thers, White, Jenkins and Reilly were above the average. Strang was East Fremantle's best man. Stationed for most of the game either on the ball or on the half-back line he struggled hard with little support. Gab rieison kicked three goals and did many good things while the best of the others were C. Doig, Seubert and Ebbs. Briggs was useful.