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SIXTEEN GOALS TO GOOK. West Perth Severely Beaten by Perth. Against West Perth at Leederville on Saturday, Perth showed a tremendous improvement on its form of last year. With a strong goal-to-goal line and an effective ruck. it swept the field with West Perth. which began poorly and, after a spasm in attack in the third quarter. faded out with an air of gentle resignation. not scoring at all in the last quarter. The teams were: E PRT-Bekac: Fitrserald. Robertson. Saunders. Hl-backs: Hstton. Baisey. Hlls. Centres: Daves, Pudde, Rundell. Half-for wards: Ransom. Henfar. Hetherinston. For wards: McKenzie. Oook. Grigg. Ruck: 011 phant. Haddleton, Reightley (rover). Nine teenth man: Dewar (did not playn. WET PERIT.-Backs: L. V. Walsh. Dick sonl Bunting. Half-backs: Jeavon, Tetley, Sampson. Centres: Bridges, Caddy. ceaL Half-forwards: Shuttleworth. Davies Corne lius. Forwards: Brady, Tyson. Baker. Ruc: O'Keefe. Campbell. Ralnoldl (rover). Nine teenth man: sucrealgh (did not play). rrUMPIRE.-V. Sparrow. Playing a hard game, fast and with long, accurate kicking, Perth had a clear advantage in the general play from the start. West Perth was on the defensive under a sustained attack made in direct line to the goal and the few advances it made were around the wings from the back lines. Its forwards, however, were completely subjugated and its only scores were from the roves. Perth well deserv ing its lead of .5 to 12 at uarter-time. West Perth (for whom L. V. Walab had replaced Dickson in goal) quickened its pace in the second quarter and did better in nuck, but Perth's general strength reasierted itself and this team steadily went further ahead, leading at half-time with 13.11 to .5. After half-time. West Perth had Caddy at centre half-forward. Davies in the centre and Dickson back in goal. It at tacked from the rnck and. backing up more. had Perth on the defensive for the first time. but lost chances through hurried kicking and lack of cohesion in front of goal Perth steadied and re turned the attack, leading with -15.13 to 7.8 at three-quarter time. Perth was in complete command in the last quarter. Faster than West Perth and stronger in all departments, it fin ished hard and won in hollow fashion. West Perth failing to add to its score. Final scores: PERTH ........ 22.17 (149 pts.) WEST PERTH ... 7. (56 pts.) Scorers.-Perth. Gock, 16.6; Henfry, 2.2; Grigg, 1.2; Hetherington, 1.1; Mc Kenzie, 1.0; Davey, 1.0; Haddleton. 0.2; Ransom, 0.2; Keightley. 0.1; Ollphant, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 3.1; Brady. 2.0; Shuttlgworth, 1.1; Campbell. 1.0; Rain oldi, 03; O'Keefe, 0.1; Baker. 0.1; Caddy, 0.1. Gook was brilliant for Perth. showing an excellent ball sense and flair for posi tion. His effectiveness has been increased by the acquisition of a natural centre half-forward in Henfry, who was invalu able in this key position on Saturday. In goal, Robertson was in impressive form. scarcely allowing Tyson a kick, and Puddey (centre) and Bailey (centre half back) completed a victorious goal-to goal line. The other defenders were solid, with Fitzgerald outstanding, and Oliphant was a power in ruck. Hether Ington played attractively in ruck and

at half-forward and Haddleton and Mc Kenzie were solid in ruck, with Keightley roving effectively. OKeefe was in good form for West Perth, playing vigorously and well. The centre-wings were the department where this team made the best showing, Heal and Bridges making good use of their opportunities, and Jeavons was promin ent in defence, with L. V. Walsh another solid worker. In ruck, Campbell played strongly and Shuttleworth took a leading part in the third-quarter rally. Brady was the best of the others.