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SEVEN POINTS TO SPARE. East Perth's Tussle at Subiaco. Apparently never sure of itself, East Perth beat Subiaco by seven points after an exciting struggle at Subiaco Oval yes terday. The football generally was not of a high standard, there being too many errors, but the game was always inter esting. Every now and then the play opened out into scientific combination, lending a sparkle to a match character Ised mainly by vigour and keen man-to man tussles. With a fairly strong wind blowing, each team had excellent chances of gaining victory but time after time failed near the goal. East Perth's fot ward work was superior to that of Su biaco apd in the last quarter this was particularly noticeable, the East Perth forwards fanning out and leading cleverly. In the ruck Subiaco had a clearcut ad vantage. The last quarter was strenu ous, Subiaco, with the wind in its favour, steadily reduced its deficit and looked likely to win. Then East Perth made a brilliant burst to add two valuable goals. Subiaco attacked hard but could not break through. Following were the teams: EAST PERTH.-Backs: L. Graham. Lockyer. O'Donoghoe. Half-backs: H. Smith. Start, Thomas. Centres: Miller. Cronin, Sweet. Half forwards: Broom. Rowland. J. Campbell. F.'r wards: Skahill. Gardiner. H. Screaigh. Ruck R. Graham. Fogerty. F. Patterson Crover) Nineteenth man: Argent (replaced R. Graham cramps. in last quarter). SUBIACO.--Bcks: Fisher. Toll. Strack Half-backs: Williams. Brewer. Roe. Centres 0. Ryan. Bowe. Allen. Half-forwards: Shea Hardiman. L. Mills. Forwards" Peers. Cobby, NMcNaughton. Ruck: B. Smith. McCallum Bunton (rover . Nineteenth man: K Hunt (replaced Williams. injured ankle. in lase euarter I. UMPIRE.-G. Owens. In the first quarter East Perth .was In danger of losing the advantage of kick ing with the wind, for Subiaco played

strongly. There was much poor kicking and easy marks were missed. East Perth repeatedly kiqked the ball out of bounds It had to thnk H. Smith for effective defence. Bowe, at Subiaco's centre, was in good form and his passes to Mill? were accurate. Neither side's full for. wards were effective and long snap shots scored East Perth's goals. At quar. ter-time East Perth led with 3.3 to 0.1. A quick goal gave Sublaco conflidence but it too had difficulty in getting the ball to the scoring wing. Two opposing half-backs--Williams and H. Smith were playing solidly. Subiaco played on but still could not be sure of giving the ball to Hardiman, who was having a keen struggle in the air with Starr. Thomas was leech-like in his guarding of Shea and the Subiaco attack was de pendent mainly on Mills. Bowe was giv ing the team plenty of opportunities and as a result Cronin changed with the heady Miller. At half-time Subiaco was only two points in arrears--5.4 to 5.6. H. Smith was in the centre for East Perth and Cronin became a loose man, Subiaco having decided to sacrifice a forward. The play was extremely vigor ous and even. Screaigh, who made a brilliant run from the back pocket along the edge of the boundary, showed marked improvement. East Perth could not score appreciably and Subiaco played system. atically to add a goal Tol was upset ting most East Perth moves and East Perth tried Rowlands as goal-sneak. Broom and Skahill were playing at their top and at the bell East Perth led with 9.13 to 6.5. Mills was sent to Subiaco's half-back tline with Williams in attack. Two long shots gave Subiaco goals and the mar gin was only 13 points. Then East Perth played the best football of the match to add two goals. The play was even and Lockyer, in goal, became a menace to Subiaco. Repeatedly Subiaco was in scor ing range but could not make headway. Short passinw by the. East Perth backs gave Subiaco a chance to break through. The play was confined mainly to the wings and the ball went out of bounds frequently. A goal to Bunton made the margin seven points with four minutes to go. Scresigh seemed to be everywhere and the East Perth ruck, mainly through Graham, improved. Another goal to East Perth practically settled the issue. Final scores: EAST PERTH . . 12.15 (S7pts.) SUBIACO . ..... 12.8 (80pts.) Scorers.--East Perth: Skahill, 3.3; F. Patterson, 2.2; H. Screaigh, 2.1; Rowland, 1.2; Cronin, 1.1; Pogarty, 1.1; Campbell, 1.0; Graham, 1.0; Gardiner, 0.4 (one point forced through). Sublaco: Bunton, 3.2; Hardiman, 2.1; Shea, 2.1; Peers, 2.0; Mills, 1.2; Cobby, 1.0; Williams, 1.0; McCal lum, 0.1 (one point forced through). For East Perth no player gave stronger all-round effort than Skahill, who sup piled extra pace when it was necessary. Miller beat his opponent pointless on the wing and frequently sent his team into attack. H. Smith, except for the quarter when he played in the centre, was out standing, basing his game on anticipa tion and sure handling of the bal. Row land was the main player in the forward area, where he showed determination and unselfishness. Thomas did his side great service by keeping Shea down to a few kicks. Broom's display was most encour aging and at one stage he dominated the play. Scresigh began poorly but worked up to fine form in the second half. R. Graham played effectively1 Starr's effort, particularly in the first half, was valuable, especially as he was opposed to Hardiman. In the last quar ter Lockyer ruck his best form and saved repeatedly. Cronin disposed of the ball well, and O'onoghue battled hard. Sublaco's best player was Bowe. In the centre he played attractively and effec tively, his marking was sure and he passed the ball accurately. Toll did good work in goal and seldom kicked poorly. Ex cept for the third quarter when he al lowed his man a little latitude, Williams played strongly. Mills, apart from some misdirected kicking, worked hard and well, leading cleverly in the forward lines. Hardiman did some nice things but did not have a great deal of support. Mc Callum played well in the ruck. Bunton, B. Smith, McNaughton and strack were the best of the others.