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THIRD QUARTER RALLY. South Fremantle s Success. Although Swan Districts drew close to South Fremantle at half-time at Pie mantle Oval on Saturday the home team made a brilliant rally to score 7.8 in the third quarter and pave the way for victory. The wind favoured the town end of the ground and South Fremantle established a handy lead in the first quar ter, after beginning slowly. In the sec ond quarter Swan Districts pulled up to within seven points but South Fre mantle was too strong in the third quar ter. Swan Districts fought back well in the final quarter but its forward work colapsed near the goat The experiment ofp g Krepp in front of goals proved a Killre. Ditchburn went to the goal sneak position himself in the closin stages but It was too late and. apart from that, Chandler struck his best form In the last ouarter. Swan Districts had the call in the ruck but was beaten across the centre. As the game advanced players on both sides fell the effect of the fast pace but South Fremantle fin ished much better. The teams were as follows: SOUTH PREMANTLE.-Backs: J. Mills. Chandler. Burkett. Nalf-backs: Dodd. White, Righam. Centres: Western. N. LewIntonI. Mathews. HN f-forwards: Reilly. Jenkins. Oorno Forwards: enfr~ C. Le nn. Poole. Ruck: Waskel. A. Richardson. Trus-j cott (rover). Nineteenth man: R. Richardson (did not play). - SWANi DISTRICS.-Bacsks: Zilko. Maynard, Mosey. Half-backs: Andrews, Sinclair. Ran dali. Centres: Moiler. T. Darmody. Morgan. Walf-forwards: Arkley. Rosewarne. Ditchburn. Forwards: Todd. Breav, Park. Buck: Murray. Gray. Sweetialse (rover). Nine teenth man: Williams (replaced Randall. In Jured ankle, in setond quarter). UIMPIRBE:V. Sparrow. Swan Districts was soon into its stride, but although the rucks were able to knock the ball out South Fremantle generally managed to pick up the crumbs. Swan Districts tried hard to pierce the half back line, but White was in good form early and stopped several promising moves. South Fremantle also found a similar diffculty in passing Sinclair. However, attacking around the wings the home 'team scored goals freely. C. Lewington, playing his first league game, scored two goals with his first two kicks. At quarter-time South Fremantle led, 5.5 to 02. Within a minute of the secnA quarter Swan Districts had two goals on the board, both being kicked by Krepp after being freed. Rosewarne added another goal and the game became more. interest ina. South Fremantle rallied and goals came to Jenkins and C. Lewington but the honours of the quarter were with Swan Districts. At half-time,' the ksores were:-South Fremantle, 8.7; Swan Dis tricts, 6.6. Jenkins, who had been overshadowed by Sinclair in the first half, went to the centre In the second half, with N. Lewington on the rigft wing. That move further established South Fremantle's supremacy across the centre and, with Truscott roving cleverly, goals came eas ily. Swan Districts became rattled and the back men allowed their opponents to wander at large. South FPremantle had a handy lead at three-quarter time, the scores being 15.15 to 8.8. Although Swan Districts struggled hard for goals in the final quarter it found it hard to pass Chandler, who cleared brilliantly on several occasions. Dodd and White, too, gave valuable assistance and South Fremantle ran out a com fortable winner. The final scores were: SOUTH IREMANTLE 15.19 (109pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS 1.12 (84pts) Scorers.--South remantle: C. Lewing ton. 5.1; Truscott, 2.6; Poole, 2.2; Ren frey, 2.1; Jenkins, 11; Matthews, 1.1; Burkett, 1.1; N. Lewington, 1.0; ReIlly, 0.2:; askell, 0.2; or, 0.1; A. Richard son, 0.1. Swan Districts: Rosewarne, 5.1; arepp, 4.3; Sweetapple, 1.2; Ditchburn, 1.0;: Maynard, 1.0; Todd, 0.2; Mobey, 0.1; Arkley, 0.1; Park, 0.1; Murray, 0.. For South Fremantle few did better than N. Lewington. Whether at the pivot or on a wing he was rarely beaten and he fed the forwards with accurate passes. Chandler was steady throughout, reaching brilliance in the last quarter, while Truscott, when he warmed up, roved Intelligently. Reilly. White, Dodd and A. Richardson were prominent among the older players while C. Lewington and Burkett did well. for. their first appear ance. Lewington looks like developing into a first-class goalsneak while Burkett, whether on the ball or in defence, did many fine things. But for Rosewarne Swan Districts would have been beaten much more de cisively. He gave many fine leads and his accurate passing frequently paved the way for a goal. Andrews was out standing on a half-back line which had a lot of work to do. Murray and Sweet apple battled hard, while Sinclair, par ticularly in the first half, stopped many South Premantle attacks.