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SUBIACO'S NARROW WIN. Several Promising New Players. Faster to theball in the final quarter, and with the team as a 'whole showing more steadiness in the critical last min ute, Sublaco gained a narrow victory by six points from West Perth at Leeder ville Oval on Saturday afternoon. For an opening match, the .standard of foot ball was good, the pace being on through out. A notable feature was the success of several new men on both sides. At half-time, when leading by nine points, West Perth appeared a likely winner, and this belief was strengthened in the third quarter when Subiaco, although assisted by the breeze, was unable to make much impression oh the hard-working West Perth backs. Just before the end of the quarter, however, Sublaco broke through for two goals, and in the final term it played with renewed rest, Its condition telling in-its favour. With six minutes to go, Subiaco was three goals ahead, but. West Perth threw everything into a final effrt, and was only a goal behind with about 50 seconds to go. Lack of steadiness in the forward lines told against West Perth when it launched another at tack, nd .though twice a score appeared likely, the Sublaco backs were able to clear. The teams were: W aBT oTH.--BackEs Jeavon, ck O'Ksefe. Half-backs: Tetler, P. rWlseBntrl Centres: Bridges. Caddy. Heal. alf- orwards: Capbenl, Davies. Cornellus. orard Bs: t inll. Tyson. Kingsbury. Buck: hMeDlarmid Shuttleworth, Brady (rover). ineteenth mane: ilamoldi (did not ilas). BIBIACO.-D--Bks: Snmonda ToIil, Hali-backs: Williama Brewer, Fisher. Centres: . Rean. Bowe. Hunt. Half-forwards: Shea aobby. Roe. Porwards: Allen. Hardiman. L. Mills. Ruock Bunton. B. Smith. MeNaughton (rover). Nineteenth man: Cumming (replaced Roe. eye injury, at three-quarter time). UMPIaE.---Donohue. With its half-back line hard to pass, West Perth prevented Sublaco from mak ing the best use of the wind. Its ruck was playing strongly, and Cornelius and Tyson goaled with good shots. Several changes in placings were made, and in quick succession Hardiman (twice) and Smith scored goals to give Subiaco the lead.' West Perth 'was at this stage a little faster, and after being 14 points -43Jn-tab . a±at,.quarer-time, soonj gained the lead in the second quarter. Its rucks and rovers were making open ings, and it was not until midway through the quarter, when Hardiman was brought into the nick, that Subiaco improved. Goals by Bunton and Mills were scored in the closing stages, but West Perth led i at half-time with 7.13 to 7.4. Though having most of the play, Su blaco showed lack of cohesion in the forward lines in the third quarter, and nine behinds in succession were kicked before Bunton levelled the scores at 8.13. Goals from Hardiman and McNaughton gave Sublaco the lead, 10.14 to 8.13. at three-quarter time, and in the final quar ter West Perth missed chances through a tendency to crowd the play in'the for ward lines. Subiaco's pace was now supe rior, and it ran to a three-goal lead with six minutes to go. West Perth then made a belated bid, but Subiaco held it off, the final scores being: SUmIACO .... .. 12.17 (s9pts.) WEST PERTH .. .. 11.17 (83pts.) Scorers:-.-ublaco: Hardiman, 4.3; Bun tons, Mills, McNaughton, 2.0: Shea, 1.5; Smith, 1.3;: Allen, 0.3; Cobby, 0.2; Roe, 0.1. West Perth: Tyson, 22: Brady, Shut tleworth, Cornelius, 2.1: Kingsbury, 1.6; Bunting, Davies, 1.1; Campbell, 0.2; Heal, 0.1: one behind forced through. MarkiLng cleanly and kicking over long 'distanes. Hardmsan was Subiaco's best player, whether full-forward, half-for ward, in the ruck or in a back pocket. Toll gave one of his best displays in gpal, while Strack and Brewer did well in the back lines. Mills worked hard in the ruck, while the rovers, McNaughton and Allen, did better as the game went on. The best of the others were Bunton, Ryan and oWIIliams. For West Perth, McDiarmld followed strongly, marked well and made many openings with his long kicking. W. Kingsbury roved tigerishly, hand ling the ball well, while Heal, who at times revealed great dash, gave an impressive display on a wing. Shuttleworth did well in the ruck, while Hill and Walsh were the best of the back men. Others who did their share were Cornelius, Brady, Campbell, Tetley and Bridges.