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CLAREMONT'S STRENGTH. East Fremantle Well Beaten. East Premantle showed in being beaten by 38 points by Claremont at Claremont Oval on aturday that it has a lot of team-building before it to reach the standard attained last year. With many new players in the side, its main fault was- lack of cohesion, but it also had weak links in most departments and had none of the traditional smoothness that one has come to expect in East Pre" mantle methods. Claremont was sound in most parts of the field, except for un. evenness in front of goal It marred its play by becoming slack when it was in front and this might easily have proved its undoing against a team with greater striking force. The crucial point was when, with 15 minutes to play, Clare mont a bare five points in the lead, was reduced to only 17 players, of whom one was disabled, with a useless shoulder and two others had injured legs. Claremont sprang into action, G. Moloney driving it from. midfield, and it showed its capa bilities by going to a lead of 23 points in four minutes with a reduced attack and continuing to increase the margin in crisp, workmanlike style. The teams were: CLAREMONT.-Backs: Sutherland. Grieve. S. Moloner. Half-backs: Headon, S. Clarke. Hunt. Centres: Reid. G. Moloney. Lovegrove. Half-forwards: Edmeades, Hensler. Gibson. Forwards: SerJeant. Compton, Oath. Ruck: Reeves. O'Neill. Hooper (rover). Nineteenth man: Boys (replaced Heusler, knee injury, In first uarter). EAST PREMANTLE.-Backs: Young. Hun ter. McKay. Half-backs: C. Dolg, Wendt. .. Clark. Centres: Casserley. Seubert. Eddy. Ralf-forwards: Sandford. McPharlin. Strang. Forwards: Donegan, MetherelL Soltoggio. Ruck: Ebbs. Brlggs. MeOlnn (rover). Nine teenth man: Gabrelson (did not play). MPIRE.--G. Owens. Assisted by a strong breeze, East Fre mantle scored eight points in the first five minutes of play, but it was not- com bining well. Claremont's backs were solid and soon this team asserted its rnck and centre-line strength and swung into a smart, non-stop style of play which gave It the ascendancy. Wendt, C. Doig and McKay played strongly in defence for East Fremantle, while Grieve was pro minent in Claremont's defence. East Fre mantle was held down to 1.5, against 2.5 at auarter time. Playing a faster and shorter game against the wind, East Fremantle was more effective, with Seubert leading it from the centre. Claremont's ruck and centre-line put it in attack, but it found East Fremantle's half-back line working

exceptionally welL Then Compton found touch and with smart combination it built up its lead to 7.10 against 4.8 at balf-time. With the strong backing of its half backs, and its ruck more effective, East Premantle pressed into attack and, now using Strang on the wind-favoured wing. took the lead after ten minutes, for the first time since the first ten minutes of play. Claremont's ruck sent it forward to regain the lead straight away with a doubtfully awarded goal. Hunt (injured shoulder) went forward, the 19th man having been used to replace Heusler in the first quarter, and -Edmeades moved to half-back. East Fremantle unwound a fast burst just before three-quarter time to make its score 9.11 to Claremont's 10.11. After ten minutes of desultory play in the last quarter with East" Fremantle making the greater effort but unable to make headway, S. Clarke, who had been injured in the knee earlier, was carried off the ground. With only 17 men, one of whom (Hunt) was badly hurt, Clare mont was only five points in front. Throwing off its lethargy, it was sent into attack by G. Moloney and strong forward work gave it three goals in four minutes. It was clearly the superior side and continued to increase its lead. Final scores: CLAREMONT . . . 17.15 (117pts.) EAST FREMANTLE 11.13 (79pt.) Scorers.-Claremont: Compton, 7.2; Serjeant, 3.5; Hooper, 2.1; Reeves. 2.1; Gibson. 1.1; Edmeades, 1.0; G. Moloney, 1.0; Hunt, Gath, Reid, Lovegrove and Heusler, 0.1 each. East Fremantle: San ford, 4.3; Metherell, 3.2; Ebbs, 2.1; Bol toggio, 1.2; Strang, Li; Donegan, 0.2; McKay, 0.1. (One behind forced through). For Claremont, Lovegrove played bril liantly on a 'centre-wing and Serjeant was invaluable in carrying the play for ward from the ruck. Grieve was in fine form in goal .Reeves bore the brunt of the rack work effectively, although tired towards the end, and Hooper roved ex cellenty. Reid dominated his centre wing and whiren necessary 4. Moloney exerted a strong influence on the team from the centre. Gibson, Headon and Hunt were good team-men always re liable, and S. Moloney was a prominent defender. Clarke was unlucky to be in jured when working into form. O'Neill, after being patchy in ruck, struck form when relieving at centre-half-back, and Compton showed his ability when playing seriously. For East Fremantle, Wendt played an outstanding game at centre-half-back, often being the fount of the team's at tacking moves. Seubert did well in the centre, although having a despairing job with Claremont holding the flanks, and C. Doig was a strong, dependable half back. Sandford worked effectively in at tack. Soltoggio made a good impression roving and Ebbs was solid in ruck. Mc ray attracted notice with his play in ruck and a back pocket. McGlinn (rov ing) and Strang (half-forward) did some good work without being at their top. Although Eddy, on a centre-wing, was overshadowed by Lovegrove, he showed good promise.