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Today's Shows A WIDE variety of screen entertain ment will be available in Perth this week, when new programmes will be screened at five city theatres. MutMic, drama, comedy and spectacle all have their place in the new productions. At the Plaza Theatre there will be screened "The Lion Has Wings," the frst of three productions known as "the big three." In this, the first, Ralph Richard son, Merle Oberon, Flora Robson and Anthony Bushell are cast in a story that shows in an impressive manner the air strength of Great Britain. A highlight is the raid on the Kiel Canal undertaken by units of the Royal Air Force shortly after the commencement of the war. The supporting film is "The Challenge" which is notable for the Alpine scenery and mountaineering feats. Luis Trenker and Robert Young head the cast. Gloria Jean. who is eight years old but sings with charm and ability, has 1he leading role in "The Underpup" which will be the star attraction at the Picca dilly Theatre. The story revolves around 'an "under privileged" girl who has to fight her way to recognition by showing initiative and capacity. Virginia Weidler. Ann Gillis, Shirley Mills. Dickie Moore. Robert Cummings and Nan Grey head the supporting cast. "Strange Faces" (Dorothy Kent and Frank Jenks) is the supporting film. A comedy and a historical drama share the new programme at the Ambassadors Theatre. The drama is "Young Mr. Liin coln." a new story of some of the life of Abraham Lincoln with Henry Fonda in the main role. The story is mainly con cerned with Lincoln's work as a young

Ralph Richardson and Merle Oberon in a scene from "The Lion Has Wings," which will be shown in Perth today.

lawyer. Also prominently cast are Alice Brady, Marjorie Weaver and Arleen Whelan. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy are the main players in "A Chump at Oxford." From street cleaners they be come undergraduates without any edu cational qualifications and with the in evitable comic results. A double feature programme will also be shown at the Royal Theatre where "Rio" (Basil Rathbone and Victor Mc Laglen) and "Hawaiian Nights" (Johny Downs and Constance Moore) will share the bilL The former is a drama of finance and forgery with a strong element of mature romance. Ted Hartley (Johnny Downs) is a somewhat difficult son to manage his attention focussing too often on music instead of business. There are many tuneful interludes as well as bright dialogue. Action is the keynote of the new pro gramme at the Grand Theatre which comprises "Tropic Fury" and "Mystery of the White Room." Richard Arlen heads the cast of the former, the plot of which tells of adventures in the smashing of a worldwide rubber ring. Associated artists ae Lou Merrill. Leonard Mudie

Gloria Jean in "The Underpup," which will begin a Perth season today.

Iand Noble Johnson. Bruce Cabot and Joan Woodbury are the leading players in "Mystery of the White Room" whlch re veals the extraordinary circumstances at tending the death of a surgeon. At the Metro Theatre "On Borrowed Time" (Lionel Barrymore and Sir Cedric Hardwicke) and "Bridal Suite" (Anna bella and Robert Young) will en*t their second week. War Inspired pERTH audiences will see today the first wartime British propaganda film to be shown in Perth-"The Lion Has Wings." It is the first but it is cer tainly not the last war-inspired film juaging by forward notices of projected releases. Included among fihns now in produc tion or planned depending upon warlike activities for their central interest are: "Contraband" uConrad Veldt and Valerie Hobson). "Freedom Radio" (Clive Brook and Diana Wynyard). "Pack Up Your Troubles" (an all vaudeville cast). "The Fighting 69th" (James Cagney, Pat O'Brien and George Brent). "Middle Watch" (Jack Buchanan, Fred Emney and Leslie Fuller). "Let George Do It" )Georgce Formby). 'Spy for a Day" tDugie Wakefield!. It is worthy of note that the pre dominating feature is comedy, a factor that is likely largely to influence future productions both in England and America. because such productions will require to be topical yet supply light entertainment for war-weary people. British Favourites THE "Motion Picture Herald's all British box office poll for the past year resulted:--George Formby, first: Gracie Fields, second; Robert Donal, third; Will Hay, fourth; Anna Neagle, fifth:; Leslie Howard, sixth; Charles Laughton, seventh; Gordon Harker. eighth; Ralph Richardson, ninth; Will Fyffe, tenth. The all-films poll, undertaken by the "Motion Picture Herald" in Britain, and "covering the whole box-office territory of Great Britain and Ireland." resulted: Deanna Durbin. 1; Mickey Rooney, 2: Shirley Temple, 3; Robert Taylor, 4: Jeanette MacDonald, 5; Spencer Tracy, 6; Errol Flynn, 7; George rtormbv, 8; Nelson Eddy, 9; Garry Coo err, 10.

Nforms Srvycj arc r g ; W m "The Women," 10o be seen IIn Perth next week.