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SEASONAL CONDITIONS. Heavy Deliveries Continue. ARDAT., Jan. 12.-The bulk wheat bin at Ardath was opened on Dec. 1 and last season's total delivery was reached on Decem ber 9. Up to December 10, 203.648 bushels had been delivered. The biggest single day was December 5 when 242 tons were receivd. BALLIDU. Jan. 13.-Wheat harvesting and carting are still the chief operations of the district, and already over 250.000 bushels have been delivered, the chief varieties be ing Beneubbin and Gluclub. The delivery exceeds last year's total, and it is estimated that over 300.000 bushels will be brought to the bins this season.-As it is more than eight weeks since any rain of sufficient quan tity to benefit water supplies has fallen, some farms are very low in stocks, necessitating water carting. COERIGIN, Jan. 12.-It is now anticipated that wheat deliveries at the Corrigin bulk bins will equal the yield of last season. as already the two silos and the largest bulk head bin are filled, and there is yet a great quantity of wheat bagged on the fields and some stripping untouched. KUNUNOPPIN. Jan. 12.-Harvesting and wheat carting are proceeding and some farmers have completed operations. The sllos contain about 180.000 bushels. which is about double last season's total. AIORAWA. Jan. 11.--Hot oppressive wea ther has been experienced for the past week. Highest temperature for season was on Janu ary 10 when 1l0deg. was recorded. Wheat carting is starting to slacken off. It is estimated that there is about 100.000 bushels yet to be delivered. The open bin was com pletely filled early in the week. Fortunately to date good numbers of railway trucks have been available. It is understood that a second open bin will be built agaInst the bulk bin. Good averages have been ob tained by many farmers and those who have finished estimate their averages better than they had expected. All types of country have shown good results. TAMMIN. Jan. 12.-Both wheat silos have been filled also one bulk-head. A gang of men is employed extending the other bulk head to cope with the quantity of wheat in the district. The yield this year is expected to be a record.