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NO WIND; NO WATER Agnew Township's Supply Fails AGNEW, July 18.-After six days of calm weather, during which there has been no wind to move the vanes of the windmill, on which the town depends for the raising of water from the bore, the town's water supply has failed. Nearly all householders' tanks are empty. Agnew has a population of 200. of whom 33 are children. "The water supply position here is intolerable," the secretary of the Agnew Water Board (Mr. Jack Scott) said today. 'The town sup ply tank is empty. If we do not get a heavy wind tonight the town will have to get water from the mine tomorrow. The mine can supply us with water for drinking pur poses only, as it has barely enough for its own needs." Mr. Scott said that the Under Secretary for Water Supply had in formed them that the department was prepared to install an engine and shed at the bore to ensure a constant flow of water without having to depend on the wind. That had been six weeks ago, but to date no one in Agnew has heard anything further about the depart ment's proposal. In addition the Under-Secretary had said that Mr. G. Hammond, chief engineer, would visit Agnew shortly to investigate the position, but the board had no information concerning the date of his arrival. Referring to the decision of Agnew residents to strike against the payment of rates, a decision made in the middle of May, Mr Scott said he had not collected one penny in rates since the strike be came effective on June 1. Residents appeared firm in their intention to maintain the strike.