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UNITED ARTISTS. A Comprehensive Schedule. EIGHT companies are combining to produce the 1938-39 programme of releases through United Artists whose films are screened in Perth by theatres controlled by Hoyts. Theatres, Ltd. The line-up includes a number of promising films that will pass through the hands of such people as Samuel Goldwyn, Alexan der Korda, David O. Selznick, Walter Wanger, Edward Small and Hal Roach. In addition it has been announced that Charles Chaplin will return to active pro duction with a picture starring himself; and Douglas Fairbanks, sen., will make, but not appear in, a new series of pro ductions. Samuel Goldwyn. The first of the Goldwyn releases in Perth will probably be "The Cowboy and the Lady," which will star Gary Cooper and Merle Oberon. Goldwyn also has in preparation "Wuthering Heights." which will have Merle Oberon, Laurence Oli vier and Flora Robson in the cast. Some thought and care is being given in the faithful reproduction of this Emily Bronte classic. A story of the American foreign legion "'The Last Frontier," is also on the Goldwyn list, and the selected play ers Include Gary Cooper, Andrea Leeds and Walter Brennan. Scenes in which the eminent violinist Jascha Heifetz will appear in "The Restless Age" have al ready been taken and this production,. in which Adolphe Menjou, Sigrid Gurie and Joel McCrea are starred, will soon be completed by the Goldwyn cameras. Alexander Korda. On Alexander Korda's list there are six subjects in technicolour and one in black and white. These comprise: "Over the Moon" (Merle Oberon), in colour. "Four Feathers" (June Duprez, John Clements and C. Aubrey Smith), the screen version of the A. E. W. Mason story, in colour. "The Thief of Baghdad" (Sabu. Vivien Leigh and Conrad Veidt), in colour. "Jungle Brook" (Sabu), another pic turised Kipling story, in colour. "Burmese Silver" (Conrad Veidt), in colour. "Pocahontas" (Merle Oberon), black and white. Selznick InternationaL The Selznick International schedule is headed by "The Young in Heart," a romantic comedy starring Janet Gaynor, Douglas Fairbanks, jun., and Paulette Goddard. Next on the list is "Made for Each Other," which marks the return of Carole Lombard to a serious role after a spell at crazy comedy. Other pictures in preparation include 'Titanic," "Re becca," "The Married Life of Helen and Warren" and "Second Meeting." Walter Wanger. Walter Wanger has lined up a com prehensive series which includes I'rade

Winds" (Fredric March and Joan Ben nett); "Stagecoach" (Claire Trevor and John Wayne); "A Man and His Women" (Charles Boyer), and "Winter Carnival." Edward Small Edward Small returns to the United Artists' fold with a comprehensive pro gramme of subjects. "The Duke of West Point" stars Louis Hayward in the title role of this romantic drama of America's famous military academy. Romance is supplied by Joan Fontaine, and the rest of the cast includes Richard Carlson, Tom Brown and Alan Curtis. "The Man in the Iron Mask" is a Dumas sequel to the "Three Musketeers." With James Whale assigned to director, Small is en gaged on assembling a cast. "King of the Turf" is a drama of the turf which casts Adolphe Menjou as a "small-time" barber who, by uncanny luck, becomes a big shot gambler. Frankie Thomas has been signed to support. "Kit Carson, Avenger" dramatises one of the most ad venturous characters in American pioneer history. Kit Carson, frontiersman, scout, guide and finally, brigadier-general in the United States Army, was one of the most daringly dramatic figures of the Western Frontier. "South of Pago Pago" is a ro mantic South Sea story, starring Jon Hall and Sigrid Gurie. Hal Roach. Making his debut under the United Artists' banner, Hal Roach is preparing a list of releases for the coming year. In addition to the comedy element-four Langdon-Hardy subjects are promised the programme also includes two striking subjects. "Topper Takes a Trip" will again see Roland Young playing the title role in support of Constance Bennett, who is starred. Other supporting players in clude Billie Burke, Alan Mowbray, Verree Teasdale and "Asta," the dog. "Captain Midnight" is an adventure of the settling of Australia in the 1870's. The title role of this legendary figure will be played by Brian Aherne, who is co-starred with Vic tor McLaglen. Francine Bordeaux is playing the feminine lead. "The Water Gypsies" stars Jean Arthur in an adapta tion of A. P. Herbert's best seller, a wo man who tragioally thwarted twice in her quest for happiness, courageously makes a third and successful bid. "It's Spring' Again" is first of the new Hardy-Lang don series, Langdon returning to screen stardom after an absence of five years, replacing Stan Laurel. The film, a de parture from the old slapstick type of comedy popularised by Laurel and Hardy, relates the adventures of a country prac tit'oner who loses caste with his patients through his ministrations to an elephant burned in a circus fire. Other principals in the cast include Alice Brady, Billie Burke, Jean Parker, June Lang and James Ellison. Gordon Douglas is direct ing. This is the first of four Hardy and Langdon subjects, titles of the other to be announced in the near future. Fairbanks International. Douglas Fairbanks, senr., recently an nounced the formation of his new pro duction company, Fairbanks Interna tional. Productions scheduled are "The Californian," with Raoul Walsh as direc tor; "The Tenth Woman" (technicolour) will be a story based on an episode in the life of Lord Byron, and "The Three Musketeers" (technicolour), one of Mr. Fairbanks's early successes.