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SEASONAL CONDITIONS Harvest Practically Ended. BINDI BINDL Jan. 22.-We had. a total of 81 points of rain on Thursday and Friday last. The rain was very patchy, only 31 points being registered five miles away.-Harvesting with one or two exceptions Is now complete and farmers are taking advantage of the cool weather to do their stone picking and grad ing. BALSIDU, Jan. 23.-The week's deliveries have brought the total of wheat up to 244.449 bushels for the season. It is estimated that the final total will be in the vicinity of 250.000 bushels as there is still a good deal of the harvest to come in. BEVERLEY, Jan. 23.-Wheat deliveries to the local silo ceased on Saturday last. A total of 269.305 bushels have been delivered this season, compared with 127.389 bushels in 1936-37 and 234.136 bushels In 1937-38. Other silos in the district also handled much more wheat than usual this year and there seems no doubt that the Beverley district has experienced a record season so far as wheat production is concerned. Cool and unseason able weather has prevailed, but the district has not experienced any storms, although on occasion these have threatened. Rain on the evening of Jan. 20 resulted in a registration of 46 points. BOWGADA, Jan. 23.-Exceptionally cool weather conditions have prevailed during the Past fortnight, strong south to south-west winds keeping the mercury well down during the day, with some very cold nights. On January 19 very unpleasant conditions de veloped about 10 a.m.. with a strong west erly wind, driving heavy clouds of dust, which terminated in the afternoon in a light fall of rain, followed by a bitterly cold night. Commencing at 8 a.m. on January 20 steady rain fell for about an hour, a total of 15 Points being registered. Conditions are still cool and pleasant with a light westerly breeze. Rainfall for 1938 was 838 points, of which only 589 points fell during the growing period -the lowest on record.-The local bulk wheat bin closed on January 21, the total deliveries being 110.000 bushels, a good deal more than was at first estimated. but it is doubtful if the district will average more than eight bushels.-The bad season, coupled with low prlces and uncertainty as to the future. is causing farmers much concern. Already two families have left the district and others are likely to follow shortly. BUNTINE. Jan. 23.-Weather conditions during the past week continued unfavourable for harvesting. Strong north-west winds with a minor duststorm on Wednesday were fol lowed by several showers of rain on Thursday -and Friday Altogether. registrations of up to 40 points were made on some farms.-This rain was useful only to benefit domestic sup plies, as it was insufficient to commence run ning into dams. As was the case here last year, much boring for water is being carried out, both privately and by contract. Some excellent results are being obtained, several farmers having found good stock water at suitable depth. This will eliminate much cartage of water.-With stubble paddocks available, stock generally is in good condition. -Rabbits appear to be dwindling in number. while foxes are on the increase and reported appDDearances near homesteads are frequent. Given favourable weather. harvesting opera tions in this district should be completed this week.