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Family Notices

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Births and Deaths, Bereavement Notices, Marriages and In Memoriam No tices up to six lines 4/6; each suc ceeding line 9d. per line extra. Funeral Notices up to 12 lines 9/. each I succeeding line 9d. per line extra. ] In order to guard against imposition ) notices of Births. Marriages and. Deaths must be authenticated by some responsible person to ensure insertion. BIRTHS. ALLAN,-On March 19. at St. John of Clod Hospttal, Subiaco. to Isla and Jim. Of Kalgoorie--a daughter (Stephanie). Both well. BACKSHELL.-On March 16. at Ger aIdton, to Ailsa and Tom-a daughter (Lilian Say). Both well BERESFORD-MURRAY.--On March: 16. at St. John of God Hospital, Gerald ton, to Rosa and Jack-a son. Both well. CARTER (nee Watkins).-On March 18. at St. Anne's, to Roma and Colin a son (Dennis John). Both well. CHRISTMASS.---On March 16. at Fer- moy Hospital, Northam. to Mr. and Mrs.   E. A. Christmass. of Grass Valley-a daughter (Helen Lynette). Both well. DALTON (nee Qlzua).---On March 17. at Harrtsdale Hospital Como, to May and t B4id, of Edgecumbe-street, South Como e --a son. Both well. DAWSON (nee Betty Taylor).--On rch 15, at Dwellingup HospitaL to petty and Arthur-a son (Ross David). I Both well FRASER (nee Pat O'Brlen).--On March 17, at Armadale Hospital, to Pat and Relth-a son (Kim Henderson). FRENCH (nee Porter).---On March 19, at Devonleigh Hospital, to Kath and Bob —a son (Robert Shenton). GLOSSOP (nee Mary Stewart).-On March 1- , at (KE.sL-, to Mary and lan--a son (Eric Peter). Both well. GOBRAN (nee Variao).-On March a 7. at Hawthorn Hospital, to Ethel and J Basl-a daughter (eay Lynn). Both 5 well. a De EVELYNNES.-At Stirlin Hospital, ounbury. on March 16. to Alice and Alex--a son (Russell). A brother for Heather. Both well. HOWARD (nee Isbel O'Brlen).--On erch 18 at S. dAnne's. Mt. LIwley, to sobel Ba r Syd--a son. Both well. E HUDSON (nee June Cook).-On March a 1, at Valilma Hospital Narrogin. to a ll and June- son (Robert William). Both well. It HUNTER.-To Mr. and Mrs. ion Bon ter-a daughter (Althea Lorraine). Both d well JACKSON.-On March 16, at tar 1ves ospit l, Victoria Park, to Nell and ter (torraine Mary). JAMES (nee Connle Stripe).-At St. Anne's, Mt. Lawale, to Can and Mery a daughter (stillborn). EWELL.--On March 19. at Hllcrest orth Fremantle, to Dot and Al--s on L (Thomas Alfred). Both well. L JOHNSON.-To Lew and Lsybeth, of l f6 Anzac-terracea ~ endean, at Beau ft Ho??ital on March 17--a n (Doug LOVEGROVE (nee Betty Fry).—On     March 19, at Devonleigh Hospital,     Betty and Dudley—a aon (Vincent James). Both well. No visitors for five days. MeINTOSH (nee Stewsri).-.On March c , atFPermoy HospitaL Northam.. to rothy and Sinclair-a daughter. NEGUS.-On March 19, 1947, at St Lohs of God, to Mr. and Mrs. Alen egas-a son (eofrey North). Both I FITTER (nee Howlett).-On March 16, to Joan (ex-A.W.A..), and Bob, of Clarence-road Indooroopflly. Queensland -a son (Williamn Rhodes). Both well. HIDLEt (nee Walsh).-To Bay and Joa, on March 12-a oveir daoughter (heni Suzanne). Both well. TURNER (nee Alerieh))--eOn March 16. at St. Andrew's, Midland Junction, to Mary and Len--a daughter (Beverly Robin). Both well. Port Hedland District HospDtal. on March 2, to Phyl and Allan-a son (Brian llan). Both well. WILKUIB (nee Elate Laarlasesn.-Onl March 1. at St. Andrew'l Midland Junction, to Esie and ErI, of Darling ton-- son. Both well. WLLCOCK (unee Wrib?t).-On March 18, at K.E.M.H. (intermediate) to Shirley and Jack-a daughter (iSeene Shirley). Both well WILSON.--On March 18. 'at Devon eih Hospital, Cotteslot. to Joan and 1 GDdler-- daughter (Lynette Kaye). Both WEIGHT.-On March 19. at Devon leigh Hospital. to Ruby and Ped, of Moaman Park--t daughter (Jeanette I Irene). Both well. MARRIAGES. COEN-GREENFEiD.-mThe ceremony took place between Ettle and Sydney an March 12, at Providence. lRhode Island. HUNDLEY—SHENTON.—On February       11, 1947, at St. Patrick's Church of England, Mt. Lawley, by Rev. James Paice, Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. and the late Mrs. E.G. Shenton, of Quai-     rading, to Walter, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. O. Hundley, of Noggerup. RUBY WEDDING. MR. and MRS. FRANK POTTER. Alicia-street, Albany. have much pleas ure in announcing the Anniversary of their Wedding solemnised at Broome on March 20, 1907, by the late Archdeacon Brooks. DEATHS. Sawdea. 0. MeCsraeas. I. Basnett. H. P. Mort. M. D. Cassidy, E. Norris, J.W.   Cerickahsns. S. Partridrlg F. C. Cerrell. L. epares H. Darery, G. . Roberts. - fenton. R. B. Rosea C. e. be , rt, W R 6aeor. G. CUBEELL.--On March 14, accidenbt alr L/fled, ten. cousin of Humble famil. of E. B. r de. of 36 Blnacowe-reet, hWest Leederie, lovin mother of Phyl res (Mrs. & Leman) and liau mother k-law of Mr. A ILm?mn; ns 49 mrs Peacefultl seepieg. BWEN.-In loving memor of Oer-1 urade. dear stepmother of Dud and Emil. of 72 Kalgoorie-ateret. Mtr. Hawthorn. Iovnga ran of Irene, heanrye and Ted. As tong as life and memmoy lasts Yoh will live for ever in our hearts. of Mr. and Mrs. Menmhrst 12 Dover etreet, Ml. Hawthorn Till we meet eagin. BAWDEN.-A Sneer tribte t to then memory of Mrs. Bswdeas who psedI swa on March 18. 1947. mother off MaT Odgaard. and member of the WA.r Timlber Industry Indstrial Union ofa Workers. Inserted b executive, mem ers and wormtmrs. BAWDEN.-rt At Suhiaco. Mareh 18, Gertrude, very dear friend of ena. SteMs. Gwen. Harold. BENNETT.---On March19 194, 1947 at his ate residence. 33 Greory-street. Wemob , Henry Psao, dearo r loved husbaend of the late losins Maria Beinett, dearly loved father of Harry (Mel bourne) Ida (Mrs. Dave) Hida (Mrs. -ENNE--On Marih 1i. at JWmb ey, HEnry Pascoe. loved father of Doris eni Oswald Ls?y. gandfather of Bob, f Bar View Mansion. Caremont; In BENNETT,-,-In resapected maner of our fellow trustee and church member. e Benett. of Cregorr-st.eet. Wombay. caled to hi etern rewrd, Wednesday, March 19. Inserted by his fellow trus tees and the members of the Wmbia Park Methodist Church. CASSIDY-On March 19, 1947. at his residence. 375 Canning highway Pal myra, Edward Cassidy, dearly beloved husband of Mrs. Ellen Cassdy and de voted father of John, Kathleen (Mrs. K. J. Brewer). Edward, Thomas, Mary, Eileen (Mrs. E. Kenny). euleseat in Pac. CASSIDY.--On March 19. Edward Cassidy of 375 Canning-highway Palmyra, loving father of Tom Cassidy, Yarloop), father-in-law of Peggy; grandfather of Nolan and Frances. Rest in peace. CASSIDY..--On March 19 (suddenly). at Canning-highway, Palmyra, Edward dearly beloved father of Edward, father in-law of Aida, grandfather of Anne. RIP. dearly loved father of Eileen and father in-law of Tom Kenny. -acred heart of Jmans have mercy on his soul CASSIDY..--On March 19. 1947. Edward. dearLr beloved father of _ath. father-in-law of All, grandfather of Pay, Maureen and Tony Brewer. CIUCKSHAN --t Hamilton,,ie- - onsla, Susan, mother of the late Archis Crc hank, mother-in-law of Jessie. grandmother of George and Jean Mrs. Lay), gr-at-grandmother of Sandra and Ian of 79 RHuert-Street. Subiaco. DAVE! (Grace Emeline).--On March' 27, 1947. at Perth, loving mother of Yhtbel and grandmother of Asley,. Sleeping peacefully. DAVET (Grace Emeline).--O March 17. at Perth. loving mother-in-laws of lm a and grandmother of Bett?. George. Mabel and Jo. Peacefully sleeping. DAVEY.--A tribute to the memory of' cur friend. Mrs. Grace Dave,. Inserted hi Mr. and Mrs. Cee. Hnxtable. FENTON.-In loving memory of dear little Robert Brooke. Doreen. Bill and A little bud in heaven. FO?PdHAM (Joy Clarke).-A trlbnte to the temory of our late Member Joy Ciarte. who parsed away Marih 16,1 1947. A Memorial Service will be held in-Perth College Chapel. Sunday. March 23. at 7.30 prm.. for members and friends. Inserted bh Perth College Old Girls Association. I FREIND (Ellen).--On March 1It 1947. at 52 Hawkestone-street, Cottesloe. be loved grandmother of Don and Beth. , great-grandmother of tare. GII?ERT.--On March 10 (cremated). Wlliam (Uncle), lifelong friend of law Trees.and Mrs. MS. G. Colouhoun (use R'ern). Yort-road. Midland Junction, At rest.

DEATHS. GIOVINAZZO.-On March 18. 1947. at Royal Perth Hospital. Francesca, be loved wife of the late Michele Giovin azzo, loving mother of Lsna. Jim and Ida (Mrs. G. Maio), fond mother-in-law I of Girolamo, loving daughter of Rosa Agostino and loving sister of AntonioI Agostino. and Elena (Mrs. Po?sIuale Bel- I castro); aged 45 years. Requiescat in pace, GIOVINAZZO.--On March 18. 1947 Francesc. loving sister of Elena. fond sister-In-law of Posouale Belcastro, lov ing aunty of Antonio. Albert. Clemy and Vincenzo. R.I.P. GIOVINAZZO (Prancesa).--On March 18 1947. passed peacefully away, dearly beloved aunty of Nancy and Tony Scarpo. great-aunty of Pasquale and Rosina, dearly beloved godmother of Stella and Gulseppe Scarpo. God saw. the road was weary. The hill too steeP to climb. So He closed her weary eyes And whispered, peace be thine GIOVINAZZO.-On March 18. 1947, Francesca. fond sister-in-law of Luigi and Rosa Glovlnazzo, loved aunty of La voia., Stella and Lina. R.IaP. GIOVINAZZO.--On March 18. 1947. Prancesca. fond dister-in-law of Salva tore and the late Stella Rao, loved a unty of Annuziata (Mrs. A. Scarfo). Florrie tMrs. D. Furfaro). Line and Lugi. RI.P. GIOVINAZZO.---On March 18. 1947. Francesca, fond sister-in-law of Gulseppe . and Angeltna Giovin?zzo. loved aunty of Luigi. Michele, Francesco and Aide. R.LP. JEFFERY (Ian Charles).-Suddenly. at Perth, March 18, darling twin son of Peggy and Bill of Donnybrook; aged nine weeks. Our darling. 1 JEFFERY.--On March 18. 1947. at k Perth, called suddenly from loved ones. tan Charles. dearly loved twin-son of Mr. and Mrs. Wllliam Charles Bennett Jeffery. loving brother of Brian and Barry loving nephew of Nora, Doreen and Addle; aged 9 weeks. God has a wonderful garde. He chooses the most beaotiful and sweetest buds. God is ove. JEFFERY (Ian Charles).--At Perth.,0 on March 18, loved grandson of Mrs. J. H. Jeffery, of Donnybrook, nephew of Sophie and Albert, Eric and Ellen, Pearl and Jaek, Henry George, Mervyn, cousin of Josephine., 0l( anr Bob Jeffery. Doreen, Ron. Norman and Raymond Has luck, a JEFFERY.--On March 18. 1947. and- U denly. at Perth, an Charles. beloved twin son of BIll and Peggy, of Donny brook, loved nephew of Doree and Norah Shield Treasured memories. JEFFERY (Ian Charlee).--Suddenly at Perth March 1. darling baby brther of Brian, twin brother of Barry. God knows best. LEAN.—Passed peacefully away st Shenton Park, March 19, 1947. Barry Lean, husband of the late Ivy Irene Lean Inserted by his loving sons and da?uhte@r and familes. LEAN.-On March 19. at Shenton Park. Albert (Harry) Lean, loved bro ther-in-law and uncle of olet. Wll and Gwen Crulkshank (Bsasendeen). McCORMACK.--On March 17. at his residencee Wimbledon-street. Cannington. James, dearly beloved brother of Sarahnd (Mrs. hladden, deceased), brother-In-law of At and (duecese), uncle of Hoy. CIr once and A Dla. McCORMACK- -OnT Mearch 17. at his   residence. Wimbledon-street. James dearly beloved ncle of Mr. nd Mrs. a. Gladden and family. of Clare mont. McCORMACK- On March 17. at his residene. Wimbledon-street. Canni ngt I James. dearly beloved uncle of Mr. and Mrs. C. Sladden and family. of Victoria Parr. MORT (Marie Delores). On March io. suddenly, at Midland Junction. dearl loved daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Mort. sister-in-law of Vet. Heg. Bernie. : Harry. Iris and Dot. Those who loved you mcs you must. MORT.--Suddenly. on March 18. Marle Delores. devoted sister-In-law of Iris and Hary. fond aunty of Lend. One of God's best. MORT (Marie Dolores).-A tribute to the memory of Marie, wife of our sincere friend. Roy. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Cann, Marjorie and Kathleen. MORT.-On March 18. at Midland Jncton.are, dear frend and ousin of Mrs. Tomlinson and ?family. Always remembered. NORRIS. -- On March 19, 1947, at Perth, John Walter, the dearly loved husband of the late Winifred Norris, de- voted father of John, father-in-law of Elsie, and loved grandfather of Patricia and Bob; aged 70 years. R.I.P. To be privately interred in the Roman Catholic portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery to- day. Arthur J. Purslowe and Co.   PARTRDGE.--On March 14, at Cue.' Florence Caroline. dearly loved mother of Mary (Mrs. Mezrke), loved mother-in law of Tom, loved Gran of Betty, Loerns Bruce and Judy PEARCE,--On Masrch 18. 1947. t Perth. Edith. widow of Hubert James Pearce, of 9 South-terrace, Como, loved mother of Clyde (Adelade) and Mollie (Mrs T Clarke), gban ther Tf Mnar years, A PrIvate ServIce wao held In the Crebutoribm Chiapel Karrakatta. on, March 19. D. 3. Chipper nd Son rOBlTn .-Oa Mardeh 1ci dearly loved graindma oef Eein and hy Prior. Picton Junc b greatsrandma of Ln, Alano Safe in Gods keeping. BOS.--On March 18. 1947. at Wlcke p, late of Bummers-street. Pert Charles Edgar, dearly beloved husband of Eveline Grace Rose. loved father of Irene (Mrrs. H. Heley. eWickepin). Roy (Narambeen). Claude (Kellerberrin), Clarsbel (Mrs. MeVelgh. Wlckeplnt). Ruby (Mrs. Young. Bullfinch). Pearl (Mrs. Doncan, Wickepin). Dulcie (Mrs. Jose. Summers-street). Charles (Wicke?pn). Daphne (Mrs. yall. Ridgedale). Resting where no shadows fall. 3S0g-On March 186 1947 at WIcke pIn, late of tnmmers-sreet, Charles Edgar. fond brother-In-law of Ms. Hughe. Summers-street. Mrs. Rankin. oa and-Mr. oa VIctoria. • is artient suferer at rest. BOE.--On March 14.947. at Mul .lew, MinnIe Teresa (Matron) Hose. be loved mother of Mena. loving grand mother of Edna and Alan and Pat and Cliff. and fond great-grandmothe of -ltabeth and David. HOSE (Mignon Theresa).-ln fond and lovrin memory of our dear mother and grandmother, who passmd sway March 14. Always remembered by her daughters sad eon, Hiab, Leens. Mena. Ben her -mandchildren. ClIff, Pat and oss VL and old friend Claude. his hearibroken manna and granddad, Sherratt. God needed one more angel To loin His lttle band. 8o He looked at little Kenn And took him by the hand, sCOr (eeMe?? ehlm).- tribute to the loving memory of our dear friend. Gladys. who passed away March 12, :1947. Ever remembered by the li sallon fnlly (Cowaramnu). SNITE--.Ou March 18. 1947. at Bro -ken Hil Bertram John. loved eldest son of the ate Thomas and Annie Smith. and loving brother of Poet (deceased) 'and Stls (.r. H. Hebbr). fond brother-In-law of Bells (Mrs. Smith) axnd Beg. THORPE.-A tribute to the inmoe-v of 1 a away March 14, slncere ifiend of Molly. Gordon and famil (Bruce Hock). One of the best. TOEPE.-... tribute to the memory of Mrs. Thoroe. who passed away March A fred to all March 19. 194 dear friend of Iv. Neville and Shirlrer damus Dear Dad, One of Natures entlemen. WADDEL. (,. E).-.A token of re membranee of Jerry. passed away March 18. at Premantlse WA., dear pal of !Belle and Hobble, of Texa U.S.A. IN MUMORIAM. darlng husband, Daddy of Roy. lynette aLd Keith, who died 2 illness m, Marh 20, 1945. Inserted b his lovIng wifell A beauttfal memory, so fond and tMns. To show, dear All. we thInk of you. Time pass and shadows fall But loving memories out-last all. BOER,- (AIl).-ln loving memory of our son and brother, deported this life March 20. 1946, at 110 P.M.H. Always Iremembered by his loving mother and ather,sister Flora and brother Ross. Peacefully sleeplng. BOXER--In loving memory of A£1. in-law nd sister-in-law Dawn. Always happy. smlling and kind, What a lovely memory to leave behind. CARTER (Onr. D.).--Lovng memories o Dudley and his Ial, Peter, both scci dentaly killed, Hockingha.s March 20. 1944. Long ed for always by his loving sisters, Audrey and Peg, brother Lea. Happy days we once enjoyed When we were all together Happy thooghta of you. deag bndle. Will stay with us for ever. CARTER (onr. D.).--On March 20. 1944. at Rockinsham accidentally killed, Drudley. loving brother and brother-in law of Stals and Bob, dear uncle of R,,aymond. Brian. Peter and Pal. Always remembered. CARTER (Onr. D.)J--Lovlng memories of DudleYt accidentally killed March 20, 1944. Always remembered by Aunty CIarice Uncle Jack, cousins, Nell, Kevin and Joy. CARTER (Onr. Dudley).-ln memory of a gallant lad. accdentally killed March 20. 1944. Inserted by Pauline Olsen and children. The passing years shall leave him ageless, loved and remembered, CARTER-OLSEN.--In memory of my two pals, accidentally killed March 20. 1914. Inserted by T. Be-ne. EDWAHIIS. 0. H. (W7X266. 1/4th M.G. Batt).--In l memory of Georg died at Sendakan. Borneo. on March 20, 1945. dear friead ad Pal of Mrs. Gray )lc. Steve, Norm, Joy. Roy Betty and Laurie. MOSS. Alex. (W/O., E.LA..).-Cher ished memories of a loved brother and, uncle, who paid the supreme sacrlnce on March 19, 194. Ever remembered byoI Millie and Bob (died P.O.W.). nepnhews, Robert and Kevin. OLSEN (Gnr. Peter Prance).--Tn lov ing memory of my dear husband and our darling Daddy acidentally killed March 20. 1944. sadly missed by his loving wie Paullne, children. Peter., Janice and baby JilL. We were so happy darling. y On, ur babes and 1, Life was so wonderful, you did not wish to di. It was God's wb. so it had to be. Yon went to prepare a home fo me.

IN MEMORIAM. On Service. OLSEN (Gnr. Peter Frances).-Tlme I can do nothing to lessen the sorrow or I OdLm the loving memories we have of our dear son and his pal. Dudley Car ter, accidentally called away while on service at Rocklinham, March 20, 1944. Sadly missed by his loving Mum, Dtad and brother Jack. OLSEN (Gunner).-In loving memory [of Pete. who passed away March 20, 1 1944. Inserted by his sisater and brother- m in-law, Alan, Lynda and chlldren. Always in our hearts. OLSEN.--In loving memory of our I dear nephew and cousin. Peter. who) passed away March 20. 1944. Inserted by his loving Aunt Lue. We'll never forget you. Peter. OLSEN. Peter (Gunner. A.I.F).-IIn loving memory of our dear son-in-law, who was accidentally killed at Rocking ham on March 20. 1944. Inserted by his loving father and mother-In-law. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. oHtchcock. Thoughts for today. fond memories for always. OLSEN (Peter).-In loving memory of our brother-in-law, who lost his life on March 20. 1944. Always remembered by Eric and Alice (Mornington). Gone, but not forgotten. SA ,GSTER. M. J. (W125973:.- n loving memory of our dear son and brother. Murray. who died of wounds, New Guinea. March 20. 1945. Ever re- 0 membered by his loving mother, sister I and brothers. Two sad years have passed away, Yet love and grief remain, In life you were so dear to us, In death you are the same. BSTEWAET.-In loving memory of Cpl. Archibald Stewart 2/16th. killed N.G.. I 1942; also brother Cpl. Alex Stewart. killed In action. .G March 24. 1943. Inserted by brother lIohn and family (Jardee). For ever remembered. ASWOETH.-Pleasant thoughts trea sured of our dear Uncle Pop. Prom Hlld, Hamilton. and chidren. Margaret. Douglas and Walter Blackwood. BANNISTER.--In loving memory of our dear son and brother, John. ps ssed away. March 19. 1940. result of acedent. Always remembered by Mum. Dad. Bob. Isabel (U.S.A.), Betty. Ida and John. Some day we will understand. BIRD (J.ohn Henry).-In loving mem ory of my beloved husband, who passed away March 20, 1946: Inserted by his loving wife. I have lost my life companion. A life linked with my own. No one knows how I miss you. Jack, As I Journey through life alone. Sadly missed. IRD.Treaured memories of aar dear father, who passed away March 20. 1946. Ever remembered by his loving Aon, Harold and Albert, and grandson Always in our hearts? Dad. B?DeD-In loving memory of my dear father, who passed away March 20. 1946. Inserted by his loving son Jack, daugbter-in-law Joan and baby Brian. We nwere not there at the hour of death To hear your last faint ight, To whisper just a loving word. Or even say good-bye, March 20 194~. Inserted by his loving - son Claude, daughter-in-law Nell and grandchildren. Valime. Lola. Claudette, Fawe and Kevin. We will always remember you. Dad, When the rest of the world forgets BILD.-In loving memory of my dear Dad, who passed a March 20. 1946. Inserted by his loving daughter Rita son-in-law A. -grandchildren. Joansa a Awonderful father laid to rest. For each of-us he did his best. His love was great, his heart was kind, A better father no one could inad. . OUSFIELD.-In fond memory of Doris. who passed away March 20. 1942. Inserted by her loving mother and brother Elizabeth and Hartley Ella BROWN.--In loving memory of Edward, died March 20, 1946, loving son of Mr. and Mrs. Brown. dear brother of Vera and Ron, brother-in-law of Jim and Doris, auntie of Reg, Lyn, Dorothy, Margaret, Don, Ron and Colin. Lest we forget.   DAVIS-PAYNE.- Treasured memories of our darling mother, who passed away on March 20, 1946; also our dear father on February 11, 1947. Ever remembered by their loving daughter May, son-in law Jack and granddaughter Enid T Simonds, of Narrogin. In our hearts and minds you are ever near. DAVIS-PAYNE. Treasured memories   today and always of our dear mother and father, who passed away on March 20, 1946. and February 11, 1947, re- spectively. Remembered always by their loving daughter Vera; son-in-law Herbert Chandler. DYMOND.-In fond and loving meom   - cry of our dear Dad William Francis, who passed away March 19 1941. In sarted by his loving damngter Norm (Sugar Grove Ohio. U.S.A.), and his loving son Harry (Kure. Japan). This is a day of remembrance. One we will never forget, We will always remember you. ad. - Wlamlthe restt 'oM ther sd forgets eABYN(-Eizn loving mb o serf oinr edear mother, who went to rest Mareh 19, . ,Aws remembered by Noel ! s BunnyB . t O BARNET (Patriek Jhon).-In loving memory of our dear husband and father, ho passed away March 20. 1944. . ways remembered b arhis loving vie nnie. sons. daughters and grand HANr ( atrick John),- loving Smemory of oar dear father, who de r parted this life March 20. 1944. . serted by his loving son Jack. daughter Sin-law Bub. grandchildren, Pat Jan and sJust a token, fond and true From ones that thought the world of you HEIWELL.n.In loving memory of our darling daughter and aister. Zelma ar mother, whasd March 20. 1936 Longed Irir al sed bwy h lovn mothe arnd brother Arthur. EEILIWELL.-In losn memmry of my dear little granddaughter. Zema who passed away March 20 1936 Always - remembered by her loving n and - Bower, Sarah and Harold Armstrong. E HOI.AN , May (.L1.A.).--In lvn Smemmoy of our loved sister. Ma also my mother, who passed away on March 20. 1939 and 1935. respectively. d Always remembered. HOLM*N.-In loving memory of dear May. who died March 20. 1939. Evr remembered by Molly Holmes L HEDE (Rev. Willlam Oeorg).-. ins memories of our dear husband and father. who passed away on March 19. 1941 Always remembered by his lovin wife and son. L LENNY.--In fond memory of our darl Ing Bernie. pased away March 20. 1942, Always remembered by Mummy adv There's a gift gold cannot buy. A blessing most rare and true; And that gift is a baby Like the baby we had in y.o LESTE, . J. EE.(Mck).--4n li5 memory of my dear husb?nd and Daddy. accidentally killed March 20. 1945. Al ways remembered by his loving wife Jean and daushter Maureen. Your absence does not take away AYo still are ours in thought end love A it dan the second rea. Blanche and the late Dave Lester. who was accidentally killed March 20. 1945. Inserted by his sorrowing mother. I will meet you one bright morning Watching on the other side. f Will ee your dear face beaming Not changed but giorided. I will strew with loving memories The path that once roe trod. mine F And leave the rest to God Dear Is the spot where ymo lie. Manr a visit in sadness p ay To place a flower in remembrance of Never forgotten and never iE be, f fSzwru-Iu fond remembrancse f our brother-in-law. MlWk who died, as result -of accident, two years ago today. In serted by VI and Jack Bleskley Dee in our hearts a memory is kept Of one we loved and will never forget God bless ron. dear Mick. LOGAN (Dr. Cedric Jans).-Tres Vared memories of our dear huaban 5 and father, passed away in Sydney two I rears ago today. Always remembered 5 by Flo and Iamily. A page in the hook of memories I. gentry turned toda. METH.--In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on March 19, 1946. Inserted by her lovin dah Ste Norma and son-in-law Jack. Just a memory fond and true. To chow, dear Mum, we think of you. PAEEEB.-In lovlng memory of our dear dauchter end sister. Hazel. who pained away March 19 1944. Inserted L by her loving mother, father, brother Nevme, isters Thelma, Alphes. Evelyn. Years pass by. but memories stay As near and dear as yesterday. L FPAgKER-In fond and loving memory of my dear sister and aunty. Harel. who Passed away three rears ago today. In erted by her loving sister Stela. Jim and family. also ilLie. Lyla and family and Uncle Jack Gray. Just a token. fond and true, From ones who thought the world of ron. PABKER (David and Alan) .-Ael dentally drowned March 20. 1942. In Ssertd bh their loving mother and Years roll on. but memories stay As near and dear as resterday. ROBSON (Elizabeth Rose)--In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away March 20, 1945. Inserted by her loving son Bill and daughter-in-law rJessie. ROBSON (Elizabeth Rose).-In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed awa March 20_ 1945. Inserted by her loving daughter Win and son-in-law Len; darling Oar of Maxine, Robin and Susan. ROBSON (Elizabeth Rose).-In loving memory of my dear mother who passed away March 20. 1945. Inseted by her Sloving daughter Phil and son-in-law Garry; dearest Gay of R.aymond, Revln Lorraine and Murray. ROOSE In lovlig memory of my dea Shusbiand. EUgene Alfred. who passed away 1 March 20. 1946. Ever remembered by 1 his loving wife Gertrude. Tho' death divides, fond memories cling. EOO9E.-?nlovi memory oor dear Dad and srandda4 who passed away March 20. 1946. Inserted byhis loving daughter Clsrice. son-in-law Will and grandchildren. We still remember the way you looked, The war you spoke and rmiled. The little things you said and did Are with ug all the while. ROSEN.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away March 20, 1937. Inserted br son Jack and grand children. Anniee and Fred. HOSE?N.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed sway March 0, 1937. Inserted by her fond daughter irenee and son-la-law Beg,

IN MEMORIAM. ROSEN (Rebecce).-In loving remem brance of our dear mother and grand ma who passed sway March 20. 1937. Inserted by her daughter Sara and family. ROSEIN.-In lovin memory of our dear   mother, Rebecca, who passed away on March 20. 1937. Remembered always by her children. SHEWRING.—In loving memory of Blanche Mary, loved mother of Mary and Jack, dear Nanna of Jack, Joe, Fred. SINCLAIR.—In fond and loving mem- ory of my darling daughter Dulce. who passed away March 20. 1946. Inserted by her loving mother. You are always in my thoughts. And for ever in my heart. My Chic. SINCLAEI.-In loving memory of our darling sister, Dulce, who passed away on March 20, 1946. Inserted by her lov Ing brother .Jack and sister-in-law Pem. SINCLAIR.-Treasured memories of my dear sister, who passed away March 20. 1946. Inserted by her loving sister Rube. A wonderful sister only lent. One of the best God ever sent: A smiling face, a heart of gold, The dearest sister the world could hold. Our family chain is broken. SINCLAI .-In sad and loving mem ery of Aunty Dulcie. who passed away March 20. 1946. Inserted by Mrs. B. Oresty. Peacefully saleeping. SINCLAIR.-In fond and loving mem ory of our darling Aunty D)lce, who passed away March 20, 1946. Inserted by her loving nephew and niece. Bert and Olive. Her thoughts were all so full of s, She never did forget. And so we thingr wherever she is. She still Is watching yet. SINCLAI.--Fondest memories of our darling Aunty Dulce. who passed away March 20. 1946. Znserted by her loving niece and nephew. Dulce and Lou. We miss you for we loved you. As memories we recall. For parting with our loved one Was the saddest day of all. Our darling Aunty Dulce. SINCLAIR.-Treasured memories of my dear Aunty Dulc, who assed away Msrch 20, 1946. Inserted by her loving niece Bess. If I could kiss our dear, sweet fac And see your own deer smile And put my arms around you.a darling. Just for a little while. God aloe knows how we miss you SMINCLAIRn sad and loving mem ory of Aunty Dulcie. who passed away rch 20. 1946. Inserted by Bert. Paddyl and Maureen OB•rien As long as life and memory lasts, o will live for ever in our hearts. dSCAIR..In on memor of our deariy loved cousin. Duluds, amssed away at Mt. awthorn. March 20.9 e 1946. In serted by Theo and Rath. Gone from our midst. but In our hearts you are with us always. SINCLAN-OIn loviang memory of Dule. who passed away n Marh 20. 1946. A true friend of Mar and family. One of the best. e eer menbeed. SInCLIIR.A-Treasurd memories of our dear friend, fuIds, who pased away March 20. 1945. nseted by Marjorie and Pi Stewart. The winds of heaven blow softly. O'er that ui1et and hallowed sp But in the changing scenes of life. By us you are not forgot. SIMCLAIR (Dulud Muriel).-On March 20. 1946. Remembered always by Myrtle and Len Vvian and famely. A year has passed but memories stay. As near and dar as yesterday S -n loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away March 19 1942; arlso my dear father. November 26, 1930. nserted by their loing daghter Lillian and eon-in-law Zorman Culleton. grandsons. Ron and Stan. % Too dearly loved to be fogottea !wOMPSONa-In loing memory of our darling mother. who parted away March 20, 1936. Remembered always by Mattle Jack and children, WARD.-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandma, who passed away March 20. 1946. Always remembered bye her loving son and daughter-in-law   nZisah aMd grandehildrena WARD (Sarah Elabeth)-.-- in loving memory of our. dearu mother and Gran. passed away Marlch 2?0. 1946. Ever re membered by eons and Bert Dickson and family. 63 Hobart-street. Mt. Haw thorn. WAD-In lroving memory of our dear mother and grandma, who paed away, on March 20 1946. E oer remem bered by her loving da ghter and son in'lsw aBde and Jack Broadhurst and andobfidren Laflt, Mary. Jim and of our darling daughter. Gladys. who da remembersled by. her mother and Beautiful memories Glady. dear. WELDINSON.-Treaeaied memories of Glad, taken from us. euddilay. of Marie and tJim t ape fmn). fond austy of Wri? and ?Roawic It does rot nead thris ? elal day To bring you to our minds: The days that we dont ea of you SAre very hard to fid. en WIL?n tSON.In loving memory of our dear Glad, who passed away March ( hnd a niece of Gladys BEREAVEMENT NOTICES. ýBB Yr GRiBLU and am ey, o 239 Thom?aetrset. ? -bart, withto et press their sincere THAS to all rela tivs and friends for telegrams, cards, letters and exprmessions of sym pat in o lo i recent erd tos. Wll ail oleare agoept this as a ersorna - rsin of sincere gratitude. MRS. A. FERGUSON. of Kemp-atke knr., desires to TANE K all kin relatives and friends alfor kind expres sions of sympathy, telegrams, letters and cards received in her recent bereave DAMWDKN.-Th Friends of My. R Gr r?der , are ' O n-reet, S at w?- er .'trudce, wlln be Inaterd In the Chae. 365 Hay-street. ubiaco. at 3 ITe. Tel. 1 WISd B 99.18662, P16?6. BAN-E'?T.--Th e Fiends of the late tory-srheet W remble, are respectfully informed that his emains will be in terred In the Methodist Cemet mery Kar rakatst, THIS (Thusday) MORNING at 11.13 o'clock. The Funeral will lea menn st 10.45 oclock PR BE SCASIDT-OThe Friends of the late hig.hway Palmyra, are respectfully in foramed that a Renlem Mass wli beele bratedryor the repos of his seal tS gIanted to le av t t. Gerar' 9 _ .45 'clockarv h Roman (Catholic Cemeter.yOOmantlen at 10 Io'lock. No f?owers byospecalren uest. 1379 ay-aeet. Perth., Ted M.616. B623. of the Palmyra Branch are respct ully informed that the Frneail of their late Memer dwarestd Casstdy. nill take pace at theeRoman Catholic Cemeter Fremoctle THIS (Thursday) MORNING i at 10 o'lock. Mr. WADD LL. Presi GIOYIN. --Th e Friends of the late Mr. Frneesca, of Goern e ordCemetery K a a. The Fuerlis appointeto le aveoSt. Kieran' e Churc od kst 145 o'clock TPU - (lWThursday) AFINOON. arriving atthe ingOattend the Fulera may tues[) br ten2.3 'clock train o mleadvtn, reh. Reuiem M~ass will be felebraow in s. Kre'.s. pChurch at 9 o'clock this _owreda) d morning. DOTWat M ar15 'De-. 195 Pier-atreet, Pt.h. Tel, B4305. Private BINGS. Je.FerI.-Te t riends of Mr. Wis 11am Charels RBnett Jefer y of the NJSZ D OEeAparmn. and Mrs. W. C. Berth. Te.4308.of Driatr respect full inrmed that the rmains of their t darly loved twin sn Ian Charles, I be laid to ret in the Chumch of eThe Funeral is appointed to nave the residence of their sle?ere friend, 15 4 'clock TAlS (Thursday)P AIT5RNOON.