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DERBY DELUGE. Nearly 8in. Recorded: Cyclone Warning. DERBY, March 18.-Heavy showers fell here yesterday and last night and for the 24 hours ended 9 a.m. today there was a rainfall registration of 776 points, bringing the total so far this month to 1,191 points. The gale bowled to a peak of 60 miles per hour at 3 a.m. to day. The velocity had fallen to 30 m.p.h. at 9 am. but the winds have since been increasing in force, although the sky is lighter and showers are less frequent The following additional rainfall reports have' been received for the 24 hours ended 9 a.m. today: Yeeda station (25 niles to the south-east), 710p oints; Mt Anderson (65 nmles south-east), 450; Fitzroy Crossing. 53; Derby Leprosarium (ten miles north-east), 470. There was no damage last night except for the flooding of homes due to the driving rain. A strong gale is now drying the ground. The barometer reading today . was 29.46in. and dropping slowly. Residents have been warned of a cyclone.reported to be approaching Derby and reckoned to reach its maximum during this afternoon. The Lockheed and Douglas planes duel yesterday and tomorrow respectively are understood to have been grounded at Port Hedland. The Derby aerodrome, however, has dried satisfactorily. The State motorship Kybra, though out of sight, is understood to be still anchored 20 miles from Derby in the vicinity of Point Tor ment.