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Family Notices

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Births and Deaths. Bereavement Notices, Marriages and In Memorlam No tices, up to six lines 4/6; each suc ceeding line 9d. per line extra. Funeral Notices up to 12 lines 9/. each succeeding line 9d. per line extra in order to guard against imposition notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths must be authenticated b some responsible person to ensure insertion. BIRTHS. ASHWORTH.--On October 19, at R.E.M.H. (private ward), to Gladys and Vlc--a son (Richard Kingsly). Both Well BAILEY (nee Winnie Bader).-A1 Bethesda Hospital, Melbourne, on Octo ber 18. to Win and George-a son (Neil Ronald). Both well. BEADSWORTH (Kathleen O'Connor). -To Joe and Kathleen, at K.E.M.H., on October 20--s son (Gene Everitt), prema ture, Caesarean. Both welL BONE (nee Ritehle).-On October 21, at K.E.M.H., to Bett and Roland, of East Cannington-a daughter (Cherryl Ann). Both well. BOURNE (nee Betty Thomson A.W.A.S.).-To Betty and North. of Brisbane-a son (Peter George), born October 15, 1946. Both well. CAPLE.-On October 17, at Bundi Kudja, to Wally and Ada-a daughter (Sandra Rae). Both well. CASEY (nee Smit).-At Mt. Hawthorn Hospital. on October 20, to Mr. and Mrs. Pat Casey. of Osborne Park--a daughter (Carol Patricia), Both well. CONWAY.-At Mt. Hawthorn Hos pital, on October 17, to Phyl and Jim -a daughter (Barbara Anne?. Both well. CORBY (nee Marie Irvine).-On Octo ber 21, at St. David's, to Marie and Bill-a son (Robert John). Both well. DAWSON.-On October 18, at K.E.M.H., to Elvie and Peter-a son (Robert Edward). Both well. DOWN.-To Ruth and Syd. 61 Bishopsgate-street, Carlisle, on October 19-a daughter (Sherry Eve). Both well. EMERY.-On October 17, at Ken sington, Subiaco, to Margery and Doug las-a son (David John). Both well. EWART.---On October 20. at St. John or God Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Ewart, of Leedervllle-a daughter (Margaret). Both well. FLOCKTON (nee Molly Lange).-On October 19, at K.E.M.H. (Intermediate), to Molly and Alf-a son (Barry Thomas). Both well. HARDING.-On October 20. at KE.M.H. to Jean and Lea-a daughter. Both well. IHAUDMAN (nee Thompsen).-On October 19, at K.E.M.H., to Joan and Wal-a daughter. Both well. BHIGGINS (nee Doreen Legan).-On October 18, at K.EM.H., to Norm and Doreen-a son (Brian John). Both well. HOWATT (nee Flnlayson).-On Octo ber 21, at K.E.M.H.. to Isabel and Alex -a son. Both well. HUNT.---On October 18. at St. John of God Hospital. to Violet and Nelson unt of East Kirup-a son (Kenneth Winston). JACKS.--On October 20, at St. John of God Hospital, Bubiaco, to Ethel and Les-a daughter. JEFFERY.-On October 18, at K.E.M.., to Al and Joe---a son (Joal Lndsay). KING (nee Bradshaw).-On October 20, at K.E.M.H. to Florence and Harold -a daughter (Fay Loralne). Both well. LIMPU·S (nee Betty Benett).--On Pri day October 18, at St. Helens Hospital. East Fremantle. to Betty and Sep.-a daughter (Christine Faye). Both well. MeCABTUY (nee Irene Harrison).--On October 20, at St. Andrew's. Midland Junction, to Irene and Tom-a daughter (Susan Joe). Both well. MCGRATH.-On October 19. at Haw thorn Hospital, to Mollie and Pranfk son (David Francis). Both well. MERRYWEATHER.--On October 18. at Carrum. Victoria, to Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Merryweather-a daughter. MITCHELL (nee RBwe).-On October 18. at St. Andrew's HospitaL Midland Junction. to Dorothy and Jim-a daugh ter (Anne Dorothy). Both well NEESON.--At Parkvlew Hospital. Subisco. on October 19, to Jean and Wally--s daughter (Pay Lynette). Both well., NICOLLS.-On October 20. stat Albany Hospital to Daphne and e l--a son. NOELL - At Beaufort Hospital, West Midland. to Olive and Len. on October 21 - a daughter (Carol Margaret). Both well. O'DONNELL-On October 2. at Tre sillian Hospital, Tyrell-street, Nedlands, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur O'Donnell of Fremantle-a son (Barry Arthur). EARCE.-On October 19, at Tresil lan Hospital. to Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Pearce. of Nedlands-a daughter. Beth well. PETRIC.--On October 16, at K.E.M.H., Subiaco, to D. and 2 e.-a daughter (Lena). Both well. PIrrT,-on October 8, at Bundi Kudoa, Beaconsfield, to Din and Tom a daughter (Laurine Margaret). Both well. RYAN.-On October 20, at St. Anne's, to Allan and Anne-a? son (Bernard Allan). Both well. STOCKDALE (nee Mary BatOer).-At K.E.M.H.. on October 19. to Bob and Mary. of Perth- son '(Barry John). Both well. TEMBRY (nee Browne).--On October 18. at Waaln. to Shrley and Arthur -a son (Richard Desmond). Both well SWOODHOUSE (nee Doemlle Bmlth).-On ctober 21, at St. Anne's, Mt. Lawley, to Dorothy and Harold, of 24 Megalong road, Nedlandsa-a son (Philip Michael). MAR'RIAGES. VER VALIN--HAUGHEY.-On Octo ber 19, at o hicago. Gwendoline, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Haughey, of Carlisle, to Charles, eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ver Valln. New York. US.A. WHI'FIELD--VIYW.-.-On September 7, 1946, at Ross Memorial Church, Colin street, by Rev. J. Altken, Shirley June. only daughter of Mr. . and Mrs L. Viian. of 11 Wilberforce-street, M t. Hawthorn. to eRonald Philip, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. T. Whltfleld, of 146 Wltte noom-street, Perth. 2nd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. MT and MRS. . BILLORN. 14 Fith avenue, Me. Lawley have pleasure in announcing the 2nd Annlversary of their Wedding which was solemnised at St. George's Cathedral Perth. on October 21. 1944, Dean Moore offciating. SILVER WEDDINGS. ELEANO Gr T and BILL OOE have very mlch pleasure in amnounclng the 25th AnnIversary of their parentsW Mar rnage which was solemnised by the Rev. J. H. M. Dabb. at St. Andrew's Presby terian Church, Perth. on October 22, 1921. Present address, 3 ~sances street,. Mt. Lawley. THE SONS and DAUGHTERS of MR. and MRS. C. E. MUMME, of 73 Sixth avenue, Maylands. have pleasure In an nfouncing the 25th Annlversary of their parents' Wedding, which was solemnised at St. Andrew's Church, Glen Forrest, on October 22, 1921. the Rev. Olley. M.A., ofliciating. MR. and MRS. SMITHe 9 Rudwick street. Mosman Park, have pleasure in asnnouncing the 25th Anniversary of their Wedding, which took place at St. Thomas's Church, Regent streetLondon, on October 22. 1921. by MR. and MS. L. L. VIVTIAN, of 11 Wilberforce-street. Mt. Hawthorn, take pleasure in announcing the 25th Anni versary of their Marriage which was solemnised at Wesley Church, Perth, by the Rev. H. Groves on October 22, 1921. RUBY WEDDING. THE FAMILY o MR. asnd MRS. c. A. SPARK, of Hamilton-street. Queen's Park. have much pleasure in announc oing the 40th Anniversary of their parents' Wedding which was solemnAsed at St. Patrick's Church. Fremantle, on October 22, 1906., 43rd WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. TeE DAubdGHTE and SON of MR. and MRS. JOHN ELLIB have ple sure in announcin the 43rd Anniversary of their parents' Wedding which was solemnised on October 22, 1903, at the Methodtst Church, Gingin. Present sd dress 1064 Hay-straeet, West Perth. DEATHS. On Sevice. ALLISON (V507626 Cpl. PF. W.).-At Greta Military Hospital, N..W on Sep tember 28, 1946, Frank, belo2ve brother of Elsie; brother-in-law of John; dearly loved uncle of Claire, Keith. Shirley Treasured memories. GILLESPIE. Barre William (Flying Officer. R.A.A.F.), reported missing July 24. 1943. following raid on Arm IsTlnds? now officially presumed dead, beloved eldest son of William Gllespie, Bever leiy; brother of In. Allson and Gun; aged 21 years., GILLESPIE, Barrie William (Flying Officer. R.A.F.F.).-In proud memory of my big brother, reported missing July 24 1943. Inserted by his only sister Alison. GILLESPIE. B. W. (Flying Officer, R.A.A.F.).--In loving memory of my dear grandson, Barrie, previously re ported missing, now presumed killed in air operations over Aru Islands. July '.4, 1943; aged 21 years. Our Barrie. GILLESPIE. B. W. (Flying Officer, E.A.A.F.).--In loving memory of Barrie, previously reported missing, now pre sumed killed in air operations over Aru Islands, July 24. 1943, loving nephew of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Oillesple and cousin of Lynn and Elizabeth. Vale, Barrio. GILLESPIE. Barrle (F./O.. R.A.A?P.F. --In fond remembrance of Barrie, re ported missing on operational flight over Aru Island. July 24, 1943, now pre sumed dead: aged 21 years. Inserted by Uncle Stewart, Aunty COres and Betty. We will always remember you. ADAMS. Stan (ez-R.A.A.F.).-Acci dentallY. at Merredin, October 20. dearly beloved husband of Ruth: son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Barker. 94 Chester-street, licton. and brother-in-law of Ted and Rona. Some day we will understand. ADAMS.-On October 20, at Merredin, result of an accident, Stanley Adams. lnvILg nephew of Mr. and Mrs. R1. H Bennetts (Palmyra). Until the dawn breaks. ADAMS.--On October 20, at Merre nis, result of an accident, Stanley Adams, loving cousin of Russell and Nell Ben netts (palmr a).

DEATHS. ADAMS.-On October 20, at Merre din, result of an accident, Stanley Adams, loving cousin of Harry and Ethel (Parry-street, Fremantle). ASHFOLD.-In memory of Jean, taken away, suddenly, October 15, 1946. Inserted by members, Carlisle Sub Branch RS.L. BEVERIDGE.-Passed peacefully away on October 9. Mr. J. P. Beveridge, dearly loved friend of Sally. RJ-P. BOULTON (Robert Louis).---On 8ep tember 22, at Hyden, as the result of on accident. Louis, the beloved son of my good friends, Jack and Mrs. Boulton, of Lake/ Carmody. Inserted by J. Rath bone. BROOKER (Charles).--On October 17, at Perth, loving brother of Laura and Jess Reader, Katanning. He sleepeth where no shadows fail. Dear old Fat. COPE.--In loving memory of our cousin, Brian. passed away at Katannlng,. October 19. fond cousin of Ross, Russell. Inserted by Uncle Ted. Aunty Pat, 18 Toorak-road, Rivervale. We'll always remember you smiling, Brian. DAVIES.-On October 19, 1946, at Merredin, accidentally killed, Mervyn Douglas, the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Davies. loving brother of Cyril, Bill and Margaret, and brother-In law of Mollie; aged 21 years. DAVIES.-In sad but loving memory of our loved brother Mervyn Douglas, accidentally killed at IMerredin. on Octo ber 19, 1946. Inserted by Mollie, Cyril and Bill. AVIES.--In loving memory of a true friend, Mervyn, who was accidentally killed at Merredin on October 19, 1946. Jean and John Kendall. He has passed on in Higher Services. DAVIES.-In loving memory of dear Merv, accidentally killed October 19. Will always be remembered by Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas. Betty and Alice. FARROW (Allen).-At The Mount Hos pital, Perth, on October 9, 1946, loved brother of Crawford, brother-in-law of Maud and uncle of Eric. God Himself the soul will keep, Giving His beloved sleep. GIBBS.--On October 20, 1946 at   Perth Frederick William, dearly beloved husband of Evelyn Gibbs, of Dinninup; loving father of May (Mrs. L. J. Piper), Bill, Walter and Eric; aged 66 years. GORTON.-On October 17. 1946, at Pinjarra, Patricia Dawne, dearly beloved daughter of Daddy John and loving sis ter of Kaye; aged 13 months. GORTON.-At PinJarra, on October 17 1946, Patricia Dawne, dearly beloved granddaughter of Gran and Granddad Parkhlill; loving niece of June. Evelyn. Arnold and Bob; aged 13 months. GUTHRIE (Alex).--On October 13, 1946. in fond memory of a dear friend Inserted by Dorrie and Bill Parks (York). HALL, P. T. A. (Jack),-Beloved bro ther of Dot and brother-in-law of Ron Hoskin. Memories. HALL-On October 20, as result of an accident, Prank Thomas Arthur (Jack) Hall, of 33 Mary-street Fremantle, very dear friend of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan and Mr. Heal. HAMPSON.-Loving memories of our dear mother who passed away October 18. 1946. Arthur and Emmie, grandchild ien. Claude. Brian,. Richard. Margaret. A wonderful mother laid to rest, For each and all she did her best: Her life was great, her heart was kind. A better mother no one could find. HAMPSON.-On October 18, Clara, very dear and loved friend of Rumbold family, 25 Clayton-road, Narrogin. Thy Will be done. HARGRAVES.--On October 17, 1946, at Premantle Hospital, passed away, sud denly, Colin, dear little nephew of All and Harriet Wenn: loved cousin of Bill, Betty and Jim (Bunbury); aged 5 years 3 months. HAWKINS.-On October 2L 1946. at her residece. 59 Brown-street East Perth. Jane, loved mother of iegineld (deceased) and Norman. loving grand mother of Dulee (Mrs. A Zanetti), Les and Wilfred Walpole; aged 85 years. HOWIE.--On October 19, at 1946 at Wagin Hospital, Elizabeth. widow of the late Robert Howle:; dearly beloved mother of Mary (Sublaco), Nellie (Wagin) Bob (Wagin), Willie (deceased), Sam (Dbum blevung); aged 72 years. We will always remember you, dear mother. HOWIE.--On October 19. 1946, at Wagi.n Hospital, Elizabeth. dearly be loved mother of Sam and Chriss: loving grandmother of Betty and Graham; aged 72 years. Peacefully sleepIng. HOWIE.-At Wagin Hospital. on Oc tober 19, Elisabeth, dearly loved mother of Bob and Nana; loving grandmother of Bobble. Allan, In and Blair. In God's safe keeping. HOWIE.--On October 19 1946, at Wagin Hospital. Elizabeth. dearly beloved mother of Nell; fond mother-in-law of Tom (Ceylon): loving grandmother of David, Robin and Heather; aged 72 years. fe in the Arms of Jesus. HOWIL-on October 19 1946, at Wagin Hospital, Elizabeth, dearly mother of Mary and Bob; darling grand mother of Willlamina and Muriel, and on-in-lsw- Gerry (Batavia); aged 72 Till we meet again. KEENUTT.-On October 20. at reside nee, Wa ,o -W , Isaac John,. dearly loved husband of the late Adsh. Elizasbeth Kernutt and loved father of Plorrie (Wagin). Herbert (Dumbleyng), Leonard (deceased). Jessie (England), Percy (Gnowangerup), Horace WIl s) and Nora (Mrs. K. Hadlow, Kwolyln). passed peacefully away; aged 84 ears 11 months. To be interred in the Metho dist Portlon of the Wagin Cemetery, 3 o'clock today (Tuesday) afternoon. by Mezrs. C. E. Courtis and Co., Wagin And if our fellowship below in Jesus be so sweet. What height of rapture shall we know when round His throne we meet. MAY.-At Sublaco, on October 18, 1946, passed away peacefully, Isabella Christina May (nee Hubbe) widow of Francis Coleman May; loved mother of Henry F. May; aged 92 years and 10 months. Her remains were laid to rest privately in the Presbyterian Cemetery, Karrakatta. on October 21. the Rev. A. E. Jones officiating. C. H. Smith and Co. B8008 carrying out all arrangments   South Australian papers please copy. MeGL.LIVRAY.--On October 21, 1946, at Victoria Park. Rodney John, dearly loved infant son of Malcolm and Alvina McGllivray, of 958 Alban-road, Vic toria Park; aged 3 weeks. :'Privately in terred. McGbI IVBRAY.--On October 21, Rod ney John, darling baby of Vena and Mick; loving little grandson of M. Mc Gilliray: nephew of Janet. Edle and Bob: aged 3 weeks. McLEOD.--On October 21. 1946, at Premantle, Jane Mc£dod, of ii Portescue Donald, and fond aunt of Annie, Jim, Mary, Jean (Mrs. B. Minchin), Plora (Mrs. M. Smith) and Frank McDonald. The Rev. A. J. C. Tebbit will conduct a Private Service in the Presbyterian portion of the Fremantle Cemetery, this (Tuesday) morning at 1L30 o'clock. Arthur E. Davies and Company. MULCAHY.-In affectionate remem brance of our esteemed member, Mrs. Muleahy, who passed away on October 18. 1946. Inserted by the President and members of Queen's Park Branch Red Cross MURPHY. .-On October 21, 1946, Cor rnelius Murphy. formerly of Kilmarray, Lisard, County Cork. Ireland. and late of Southern Cross, dearly loved brother of Ellen Murphy, of New Zealand, and fond cousin of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Mann and family, of 16 Walcott-street, Mt. Lawley; aged 86 years. Funeral Wed nesday. Details will be advertised later. Reoulescat in pace. PLUMMER.-On October 19, atPre mantle, Doris May dearly loved niece of Lizzie and Bert 'Lynn. Some day we will understand. PLUMMEB .(Dorts May).-In sad but loving memory of our dear niece and cousin, who passed away October 19, 1946. Ever remembered by Aunty Bid. Mervyn and Bob. Resting where no shadows fall, In perfect peace she awaits us al. PLUMMER (Doris May).--On October 19 1946, at Premantle Hospital, dearly beloved cousin of Gwen. John, and loved aunty of Kenneth and LYnette. Life is eternal, love will remain, In God's own time we shall all meet again. PLreUMMER--On October 19, 1946, at rmante, Doris, fond sster-in-law of iA and -Jack Cook. devoted aunty of Ian and Sandra. For you, sweet rest. For us. Just memories. PLUIMME--On October 19, 1946, at Premantle, Doris. beloved friend of Mr. and Mrs. Rujic and family. Peacefully sleeping. PLUER.--In loving memory of our dear friend. Doris, who passed away on Saturday. October 19. at Fremantle. Will always be remembered by her friends, Queenie Kennington and E. Wilson. Loved in life, treasured in death. A beautiful memory is all we have left. My paL PLU ,-IE.-A tribute to the memory of Mrs. Dorothy Plummer, from members of St. Paul's Fellowship of Marriage, Beaconsfield. BEDMAN.--On October 19, 1946, at her residence, 115 Tower-street, Leeder vile. Sarah Jane. beloved mother of George, mother-in-law of Olivia and grandmother of Bob and Paul. Peacefully sleeping. BEDAN.---On October 19. 1946, at her residence, Sarab Jane, dearly be loved grandmother of Wilfred and Daphne. great-grandmother of Graeme. Always in our memory. REDMAN (Mrs. S J.).-A token of esteem to a grand old lady. From the Ladies' Guild, also members and ad herents of West Leederville Methodist Church. Rev. H. Farman, Minister; B. J. Clarkson, Secretary. REILLY.--In fond memory of my dear brother, Thomas Reilly, who passed away October 20. Inserted by Mother Prioress, Convent of Good shepherd. Lshfield. Sydney. REILLY.--In loving remembrance of our dear uncle, Tom, who passed away October 20. Inserted by Min and Noble Campbell of Roebourne. RICHARDSON.--On October 17. Alick Spog) Richardson, loved son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Richardson, of Cilaremont and BroomehlL gOGEE.--Passed ipeacefully away on October 19, 1946, at Royal Perth Hos pital, Mrs. Rogers, beloved mother of our esteemed fellow-member, Shells-Me nitght. Inserted by the Lady Gowrie Mothers' Tennis Club, Victoria Park. SCOREI--On October 19, 1946, at Premantle. Prances Georgina. widow of the late Harry Scorer, dearly loved mcther of Wiliam, Vinnie (Mrs. H. J. Simper), Percy and Arthur: aged 90 years 8 months. The Rev. W. E. Free man conducted a Private Methodist Ser vice in the Crematorium Chapel, Karra kstta. on October 21, 1946. Arthur E. )avies and Company. At the going down of the sun and in the morning We wil remember. .

DEATHS. SCORER.-On October 19, 1946, at Fremantle Frances Georgina Scorer. loved mother and mother-in-law of Vin nie and Harry. and grandma of Vinnie. Max and Jack. The long day closes. SCORER (Frances) --On October 19. at Fremantle Hospital dearly beloved mother of Arthur and loved grand mother of Arthur, Harold, William, George, Walter, Ernie and Keith. A wonderful mother peacefully sleep ing. With memories, dear mother, of you. SCORER,-Passed to higher service on October 19, 1946, Frances, beloved mother of Perce and Daphne; grandmother of Faye, Betty. Perce; great-grandmother of Garry Marion, Robin, Lesley, Richard and Judith; aged 90 years. To live in the hearts of those we love, is not to die. SCOBER (Frances).--On October 19 1946, at Fremantle Hospital. loved grandmother of Perce and Jean; aged 90 years. Peacefully sleeping. SCOREB (Frances).-Passed to higher service October 19, 1946; aged 90 years. Always remembered by Mrs. Nestor and Mrs. Leigh. For you sweet rest, for us, Just mem ories. SHAFFREY.--On October 18, 1946. at Royal Perth Hospital, passed to peace ful rest. Thomas, dearly loved father of Mary Josephine (Sister Brendan, Con vent of Mercy, York), Lilly (deceased ); sincere friend of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Rannagan, of 57 F?tzgerald-street, West Perth; aged 75 years. Requiescat in pace. SIMPSON.--Ded. result of accident. October 18. 1946. George, dear friend and workmate of Len Johnson. I will always remember your s~nle. SIMPSON.--On October 18., 1946, re sult of an accident. George, beloved friend of not Hale. We who loved you will never forget. SIMPSON (George).-On October 18, 1946. at Fremantle, result of an acci dent, dear friend of Mr. and Mrs., Lomax. SIMPSON.-A tribute to the memory of George. Always remembered by Bob and Jim Paton. STIMSON (Clive), sincere and loved pal of all league members, who passed away October 17, at Melbourne. Inserted by Executive Council and Officers of Young Australia League, STRANGE.-On October 20, at his late residence, Piawaning, Dennis Walter, dearly beloved husband of the late Ellen Strange; loved father and father-in-law of Will and Daphne (Boddington). United in death. STRANGE-On October 20, 1946, at Piawaning, Dennis Walter, dearly loved husband of the late Ellen Loretta: fond father of Gwen and Ernest, and grand father of Nita, Dennis. Mervyn and Jan Ever remembered. TAYLOR (Ada).--On October 19, at Geelong, loving mother-in-law of Marie Taylor and sincere friend of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wycher, Mr. and Mrs. P. Synnot, Jarrad-street, Cottesloe. Sadly missed TURKINGTON (Dick).-On October 19, at his residence, 37 Gallop-road. Dalkeith. Will for ever be remembered by his loving sister and brother-In law. Margaret and All Downins and little nephew Andy. TURKINGTON.-On October 19, 1946, at his residence, 37 Gallop-road. Deal keith, passed to his rest, Richard, fond nephew of Jessle and Jack Hewitt. TURg INGTON (Richard).-A sincere tribute to a dear pal. Ever remembered by his old staff at King Edward Hotel. WILLUGHBY.--On October 21. 1946. suddenly, at her residence, 62 John street, Cottealoe. Ellen Louise, beloved wife of the late Albert John Willoughby (A.L, 1914-18), and loving mother of William Edward, fond mother-in-law of Eileen and loved grandmother of Alison and Lynley; aged 7r4 Years,. At rest IN MEMORIAM. On saewle CLIFFOIRD.--In mud and loarlng memory of Betle killed in action Octo ber 18, 1943. Inserted by his loving father, brothers and sister. MANNING.-.I fond and loving mem ory of Don, dies whils P.O.W. in Thal land October 22. 1943. Inserted by his loving Uncle Tom. Aunty Pheni, cousins, Harry (R.A.AF., Japan). Dot, Pat, His duty nobly done, oNrONNING Don (f/4th Machine Gun attalion).--vesr-loang memory of Don, died of iline October 22 1943, whilst P.O.W., Thailand, dear cousin of Paddle and George Barnes (Collie). NLonR (F/Set, RA .). memoriesn of our beloved son other, father. David land Muriel, brother-in-law er Hwy and Muriel. fond uncle of Peter and Margaret, PIOTENHDIGL-dIn everlasting mem ory of Don (Gus) Pitteni died of tbr 1944. Remembered . Johnne best and shpmate, Ronnie (Joe) rpe who gave his life aboard HM.As. Australia Leyte Gulf, October 21, 1944. Inserted by Johunne Wallis. The best. SIMMONS.--In sad but loving memor es of my dear son. Laurie, kiled in action N.G., October 22, 1943. Mrs. Simmons. Time passes but memories stay As near and dear as yesterday. SIMMONS.-Treasured memories of my   dear brother, Laurie, killed in action N.G. October 22, 1943. Always remembered by Ron Simmons. SIMMONS.--Loving memories of my grandson, Laurie killed in action N.G.on October 22. 1943. Mrs. Hubert. ADDICOAT.-.In loving memory of our ear father, who passed away October 22, 1944. Ever remembered 'by his loving aughters. Alma. Jean and MarJorie. BeLL.~-I loving meory of our dear mother. who passed way October 22, 1t941. Ever remembered by her loving son Jack (Big Bell). daughter Aileen and sona-in-law Bill (Vctori Park). BCIRNGE.--In loving memory of my dearly beloved wife. rihsa Margaret erlnger. who passed away October 22. 1945. Inserted by her lovin husband Nicholas and son Bauest Harold. Lionel daughter-in-law Jean and lov hD grandma of Marie and Stephen. BOOTH (Maude Ellen).--On October 22. 194 In loving memory of my dear wife, and mother of Eva (Mrs. Higgs), Phyllis (Mrs. Martin), Dorothy (Mrs. Scott), Harvey, Elsie. Ever remembered. BROTHERTON.-T dao brings sad thoughts, but treacred memories of our dear dag hter and sister, Josiae, who passed away October 22, 1944. Re membered always by her loving mother, sisters. Olga. Ruby and Bill brother in-law Phlo and Dudley. BROWN,--Lovins thoughts of our dear sister-in-law and aunty. Rose. who nsssed awayt, mddenly. on Oetober 21 1945. loved and remembered by Con and Harry West and family, Kalgoorlie. BROWN.-In fond memory of -dear Rose, who passed away? soddenly, on October l, 1945. Insered byEve and Edsar Bbrwn, Doris and John Boston. BUMSTEAD (Stephen)-In loving   memory of our dear husband and father, passed away October 19, 1944. Always remembered by his loving wife Marorie. children. Alice, Joyce, Sheila and Stephen. CHISHOLM (Charlotte).--In loving memory of my dear sister who passed awar at Clsremont on October 21 1945.i nserted by her loving sister Margret Bnuckiand (Jarrahdale). Time passes but memories stay As near and dear as yesterday. CLARKE-In loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother. Annie Ades?s. who Passed away October 22, 1945. Inserted by father, dsoughter Grace. son-in-law Ceci. grandchildren. Vlma. Bryce and Aver-l Day. Deep in our hearts memories are kept Of one we loved and will never forget. CONGEAR--In loving memory of our dear wife and mother, who passed away on October 18, 1943. Inserted by her loving husband. John and son Bll. Always thoughtful, loving and kind. Wthat beautiful memories ou left behind. CONNAUGHTON .-inm lovin re mem brance of our dear father, who passed away October 22 1945. Alwa9s remem bered by his ds tera. Bellv, Annie, son In-law Bll loving granddsd of Peter. Pegg. Michael and .Jenny. A wonderful father only lent One of the best God ever sent. His life was great, his heart was kind A better father no one can find. CONNAUGHTON.-Fond memories of Dad, who passed away October 22. 1945. bver remembered by Jack and Winnle. CONSTANTINE (John) .-In loving memory of our dear husband and father, who passed away October 22, 1944, His wife Elizabeth and family. Fond memories. CRAWFORD (Babs).-Lovlng mem ories of our dearest daughter, who fell asleep October 22. 1943. From mother and father and sister of John Grace. Always in our thoughts. CRAWFORD (Babs).--reaesured mem ories of my dearest sister, who passed away October 22. 1943. Badly missed by her sister Doris, brother-in-law Gor don, nephews. Peter and Barry. Loving memories. ory of my sister Babs. who passed away October 22. Inserted by her sister Con ole and brother-in-law Jack. Always remembered, CRONIN.-Treaarre d memories of our dear mother. Sarah Blanche, who passed away on October 22, 1933; also our dea father, James. who passed away on November 18, 1945. IYnserted by their loving family. We grieved to see them sUffer, And did all to soothe their pain, With the dear Lord walting for them. All our efforts were in vain. CRONIN.-In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away October 22. 1933. Ever remembered by her lov ing son Jack and daughter-in-law Jess and grandchildren. John and Blanche. DE BANKS (Clarence).--In loving memory of my dear husband and loving father who passed away October 22, 1938. Inserted by his loving wile and daughters. Today in memory's garden We all walk side by side. DE BANKS (Clarence).-In lovinu memory of dear Dad who passed away October 22, 1938. Inserted by his daughter Clarice. son-in-law Larry, grandchildren, Ronald and Marie. Years pass on but memories stay As near and dear as yesterday. DELANEY.-In loving memory of our dear son end father, who departed this life five years ago on October 22. Inserted by his mother and little son. Gone but not forgetton

IN MEMORIAM. ELLINGWORTH.-In loving memory of my beloved father, who died at Cape Town, South Africa, October 22, 1942. Always remembered by his daughter and son-in-law Agnes and Tom Hatton. FENNER (Mary Ann).-In loving mem ory of our dear mother who passed away October 22, 1939. Enid and Roy. Ever remembered. GOODMAN (nee Beynon).-In loving memory of Beatle, who left us six years ago today. Ever remembered by her lov ing mother. sisters and brother. Although her voice is silent And her smile we see no more; In our hearts her memory lingers Just as fondly as before. GRAHAM.-To the memory of our dearest father and granddad, who passed away peacefully at Narrogin, October 22, 1945. Sadly missed by his loving chil dren. Marjory, Bill (deceased) and Jean, grandchildren, Graham. Leslie and Jean nette Johns (Big Bell). A wonderful father laid to rest. For each and all he did his best; His life was great, his heart was kind; A better Dad no one could find. HARGRAVE (Patricia).-Loving mem ories always of our dear little girl, who left us three years ago. Fondly remem bered by Daddy, Muommy, Norma, Brian, Alan. Rita, and Nanna. Our darling. HARGRAVE.-In loving memory of little Pat. passed away October 22, 1943. Always remembered by Nanna, Pop and Aunty Maud. A tender chord of memory. Is sadly touched today. HILL (John).-In loving memory of our dear father, who passed away on October 20. 1942. Inserted by his son., Ronald. daughter-in-law Lucy and grandchildren. Peter and Jim. For ever in our thoughts. HINGE.-In loving memory of our dear little mother and Granny, Mary Jane, who passed aay at Claremont, October 22. 1944. Inserted by her lov ing daughter and soni-in-law, May and Bert and grandchildren, Max and Phyl and John Darby. Remembered always. HINGE.-In loving memory of dear little mother and Gran, who passed away at Claremont, two years ago to day. Inserted by her daughter and son-in-law Fan and Bill and grandsons, Graham and Peter Young. Today in memory's garden, We walk side by side. JEFFERY (Lil).--In loving memory of my dear pal, who passed away October 22. 1941, loved pal of Doris Kemp. Years roll on, but memories stay. As near and dear as yesterday. KNOX (W. D.).--A tribute to the me mory of William, a friend and pal. F. Austerberry. McPHERSON (Lena) .-In lowing mem ory of our dear ,lece, who passed away on October 21, 1944. Inserted by Aunts Jess, Uncle Jack. cousin Jackie, friend Harry Martin. Always deep down in our hearts Where love burnt bright and true, There is a light that will burn for ever With memories, dear Lena, of you. MORGAN (Douglas John).-Loving memories always of our dear son and brother, who died suddenly at Mere-r din, October 22, 1940. Inserted by his loving mother, father, sister and brother-, in-law. NELLIGAN (Emma Janet).--In sad bhot loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away October 22, 1944. Always in the thoughts of her loving daughter Doreen (Nob), son-in-law Allen and grandchildren, Iyn and Allen. She never failed to do her part, Her heart was kind and tender; She toiled so hard for those she loved, And left us to remember. O'LOUGHLIN (Thomas).--n loving mednory of my dear husband, Tom, who passed away October 22. 1942. Inserted by his loving wife. Mary. O'LOUGHLIN (Thomas).-In loving memory of my dear brother, who passed away October 22. 1942. nserted by hit loving sister Margaret, Steve and nephew Years pass by but me-onries stay As near and dear as yesterday. O'LOUGHLIN.-In loving memory of our dear uncle, who passed away October 22, 1942, Inserted by his niece Norab and Harry and family. Always remembered. PETTIT (Victor Donald).-In loving memory of my dear son and dearly loved brother, who passed away Octo ber 2L 1945. Ever remembered by his mother and brother Arthur. Gone from us a ray of sunshine, . Gone, those gentle hands: A charming way, a dear kind face, A wonderful son and brother full of grace. To have, to love, and then to part, Is the bitterest blow to human heart. Our darling Vie. PETTIT (Victor Donald).-In loving memory of our dear brother and uncle. Victor. who passed away October 21, 1945. Always remembered by Eughle, Barbara. Neville Ellen Marorie and PETTIT.-In loving memory of Victor, who passfld away on October 21, 1945. Ever remembered by sister and brother in-law, Jean and Lloyd Oxbrow. POWELL.-In loving memory of my dear brother Edward, also dear uncle of Henry Richards and great-uncle of 01 won Lechmere. who paried away Octo bekr 22. 1945, Always remembered?? r s ster, Susanna Powell. mnebew Henry Richards and great-niece Olwen Lechmere. of Mt. Lawley. For ever in our thoughts: ROGERSON Treasured memories of our dear mother end ans? who left us October 22, 194. Inserted by by her loving daughter laura, son-in law Walter and andson red So sadly missed ROGERSON.-In memory of our dear Nan, who left us of October 22, 1945. Inserted by R-th and Prank Kenneally and great-grandsons, Denis and Kevin. Always remembered. SCHUNKE.-Tn loving memory of our dear friend, Mrs. shunke. who died mon October 22. 1944. dly issed by Mr. and Mrs. Watts and family, Dwellingup May the winds of heaven blow softly O'er that sweet and hallowed spot, Where sleeping without dreaming Lies the one we will never forget. SHARPE, Emeline (Eme).-A- grate ful tribute to the memory of a slen did friend, who passed to her Heavenly Father's keeping October 20, 1943. At the rising of the sun and at the setting thereof, you are Iovingly re membered, LaL SIMMONS.--In loving memory of my dear brother, George, passed away at St. John of God Hospitl, Bunbury on October 22, 1943; also my dear nerphew Laurie, killed in action the same day, also my dear brother Jack, passed away at District Hospitel, Bunbury, on October 10, 1946. Lovingly remem bered by their sister and aunt.Emma Peak (Boyanup). SMITH---n loving memory of our dear mother and grandmother, who passed away October 22. 1944. remem bered by her loved ones, Ruth and Cslar ie, grandchldren Doris and Neil (Bunbury). A patient sufferer in God's keeping. SMITH-In loving memory of mother, who .assed sway October 22, 1944. Ever r eed by her daughter Ann, son in-law Jack, grandchlldren, Kevin and Noel (Bunbury). Always in our memory. SUMMERS (John).-In loving memory of John saccidentally killed October 22. Always remembered by his loving wife SUMMERS.In loving memory of John, youngest son of rank and Dora BSummers,. of Latham, accidentally killed at Fremantle, October 22, 1944. SUMMERS (John).--In loving me ory of our dear brother, John, accide tally killed October 22, 1944. Inserted by his sister Dora nd brother-int-law Archie. Years pass on but memories stay As near and dear as yesterday. SUMMERS.-In fond memory of John.   who passed away October 2,1944. A ways remembered by Peg and Charles. SWIFT.---In loving memory of our dear mother, who passed away on October 20. 1945. Always remembered by Amy, Albert and grandchildren, Laurance, Joyce and Kevin Sumner. I miss her, for I loved her, Her memories I recall; For parting with our dear mother Was the saddest day of all. TANIAN.--In loving memory of our dear mother, JessIe, who Passed away October 21. 1940. Always remembere by her loving daughter Molly, sen-in-law Dave. THOMPSON (William Percival). loving memory of our beloved father and grandfather, who passed away Octo ber 22. 1945. Inserted by Edna, Wally and family. At rest. TURNER--In loving memory of our dear grandfather, who passed away Oc tober 20, 1945. Bill and Joy Jacks. Time pases by. but memories last. WILLIAMS.-In fond memory of Mrs williams (Milie). who died at Subiaeco October 22, 1944. aged 7"4 years. Inser ted by Mrs. Brittain and daughter. She stands in a land of roses. WILLIAMS.-In memory of Dot (Mrs. Wiliams), who Passed away October 22, 1944. Inserted by Mr. and Mrs. Watson and family. We miss you yet. BEREAVEMENT NOTICES. MR. GUY ASHFOLD wishes to THANK: all friends and relatives for all expres-i sions of sympathy in his recent loss. Please accept this as an expression of sincere thanks and gratitude. Hoden, desire to express their sincere THANKS to many relatives and friends for floral tributes. telegrams. letters and personal expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Will all please accept this as a personal token of their appreciation. MR. and MRS. NORMAN PHILLIPs, 255 Walcott-street, North Perth. wish to THANK all relatives and friends for telegrams. letters, cards. etc., received during their recent sad bereavement. MRS. JOSEPHINE MARCHESE and Family, of 31 Howard-street, Fremantle, wish to THANK all kind friends and re latives for letters, telegrams, cards and personal expressions of sympathy In their recent sad suadden loss of Slvo. Will all please accept this as a Personal ex pression of heartfelt thajks. i THE HUSBRN). SONS and DAUGR. TElS of the late MRS. C. HUNT, of 8 Bakdf-street. Beaconsfield, wish to ex friends for floral tributes, cards and tele grams in their recent sad bereavement: especially thanking Dr. Bean and Sister Morrison for their kind attention. Will all please accept this as a personal ex pression of gratitude. FUNERAL NOTICES. GIBBS.--The Friends of the late Mr. Frederick William Gibbs, of Dinninup. are respectfully informed that his re mains will be interred in the Church of England portion of the BOYUP BROOK Cemetery at 3.30 o'clock TOMORROW Wednesday) AFTERNOON. The Cortege will move from the Church of England, Boyup Brook, at the conclusion of a Ser vice which will ccmmence at 3 o'clock, DONALD J. CHIPPER AND SON. B3232, in conjunction with W. MOYES AND SON, Funeral Directors, Bridgetown,

FUNERAL NOTICES. HAWKINS.--The Friends of the late Mrs. Jane Hawkins, of 59 Brown-street, East Perth. are respectfully informed that her remains will be interred in the Church of England portion of the Karra katta Cemetery at 2.45 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON. The Cortege will move from her late residence. 59 Brown-street. East Perth. at 2.10 o'clcck. DONALD J. CHIPPER AND SON. B3232 and B3772. REILLY.-The Friends of the late Mr. Thomas John Reilly, of 209 Adelaide terrace. Perth. are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the Dlace of interment, the Roman Catholic Ceme tery, Harrakatta. The Funeral is ap pointed to leave St. Marys Cathedral. Victoria-square, Perth, at 9.30 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) MORNING arriving at the Cemetery at 10 o'clock. Requiem Mass will be celebrated in St. Mary's Cathedral at 9 o'clock this (Tuesday) morning. BOWRA AND O'DEA, 195 Pier street, Perth. TeL B4308. Private B3376. REILLY.-Mt. Lawley Bowling Club. Members of the above are respectfully requested to attend the Funeral of their late Member, Mr. T. J. Reilly., which will take Place in the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Karrakatta, at 10 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) MORNING. Members may proceed by the 9.35 o'clock train leaving Perth. J. DORAN. President; L. FAWCETT, Secretary. SHAFFREY.--The Friends of the late Thomas Shaffrey, late of Boulder, Boulder City, formerly cab proprietor. Sydney, New South Wales, loving father of Mary Josephine (Sister Brendan. Con vent of Mercy. South-street, York), and Lilly (deceased), are respectfully in formed that his remains will be laid to rest in the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Karrakatta, at 10. o'clock THIS (Tues day) MORNING. The Funeral is ap pointed to leave our Chapel. 281 New castle-street, Perth. at 9.40 o'clock. Friends attending may proceed by the 9.35 a.m. train leaving Perth. C. H. SMITH AND CO., Tel. B8008 and M1346. STRANGE.-The Friends of the late Mr. Dennis W. Strange, of Piawanning, are respectfully Invited to follow his re mains to the Place of interment, the Methodist Cenetery, Fremantle. The Cortege is appointed to leave our Private Mortuary 203 Guildford-road, Maylands, at 1 o'cncEk THIS (Tuesday) AFrER NOON. arriving at the Cemetery at 2 o'clock. J. L. WATKINS AND SONS, Maylands. Tel. U1277, UL264. TURNER.--The Friends of the late Mrs. Jessie Turnr. of 11 King George street. Victoria Park, are respectfully in formed that a Service will be held in the Crematorium Chapel, Earrakatta. at 1L20 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) MORNING. The Cortege will movo from our Chapel, Hay-street. Perth at 11 o'clock. DON ALDJ. CHIPPER AND SON. B3232 and 63772. TURNER.-Fellowship of Australian riters, West Australian Section.-The Members of the above Fellowship are respectfully invited to attend the Fune ral of the late Mrs. Jesse Turner, mother of our esteemed Honorary See retar, Miss Eileen Turner, which will leave from the Chapel of Donald J. Chipper and Son, Hay-street, Perth. at 11 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) MORNING. A Service will be held in the Cremator ium Chapel, Karrakatta, at 11.20 o'clock. WILLOUGHBY.-The Friends of the late Mrs. Ellen Loulse Willoughby of 62 John-street, Cottesloe, are respectfullh Informed that a Church of Englsnd Ser vice will be held in the Crematorium Chapel. Karrakatta. at 4 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) AFTERNOON. The Cortege will move from the Funeral Parlour of Horace L. Green, Stirling-highway Cot tesloe. at 3.40 o'clock. HORACdE L. GREEN, Stirllng-highway, Cottesloe and Claremont. Tel, FI68L