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Confectioners' Wages.

Higher wages will bo paid to members of the Female Confectioners' Union as a result of a conference between nnion

delegates and the Victorian Manufactur- ing Confectioners' Association It has been agreed that 50/ a v. eck shall bo paid to female chocolate dippers, general workers, French cream dippers, bulk or novelty dippers, sales counter attendants, distributing stole attendants, and other women emplojccs Junior workers avili receive 20/ a week at l8 years and under, 25/ at 17, 31/ at l8, 37/ at 10, and 42/6 a week at 20 3ears of age The proportion of junior workers shall be three to each two or fraction of two adult employees receiving not less than 50/ a week

Higher Pay for Bricklayers.

Bricklayers anil have their wages in- creased from 17/ to 20/ a day by a new de- termination of the bricklayers' wages

board Because of the intermittent nature of the work between £4/15/ and £5 a week is the average wage earned by bricklayers at present, bat work is becoming more plentiful

Inspection of Scaffolding.

Embodying the terms of an agreement recently arrived nt between master builders and contractors and the Building Trades' Federation, a draft bil!, providing for the regulation and inspection of scaf- folding, has been prepared for introduc- tion ra the State Parliament by Mr AtcNamara, M L C Announcement to thii effect avns made at a meeting of the council of the Building Trades' Federation at the Trades Hall during the week-end

Carting »Dining Prohibited Hours.

At the Eichmond court on Monday, be- fore Mr A A Kel le}, I'M, Georgo A Janies, dairy produce dealer. Church street, Richmond, pleaded guilty to a charge of leaving unlawfully carted goods after half past 1 o'clock on the after- noon of Saturdaj, December 3 Three con- victions being admitted, a fine of £7 was imposed

Coal-mining Engineers.

SYDNEY, Mondaj - The chairman of the coal tribunal (Mr Hibhlc) lefused to grant increased wages to members of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers em- ployed in the coal mining industry, except m the case of employees encaged on after- noon and night shifts To those he granted an increase of 7J per cent